New book helps families deal with the devastation of miscarriage

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christ's passion

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In her honest and heartfelt reminiscence, Christ’s Passion – Hope and comfort through miscarriage, Heide L. Wright bravely discloses her personal testimony of walking through the lonely heartbreak of miscarriage, reaching out and taking hold of God’s hand, learning to wholeheartedly trust in the Lord, to hand over her grief to Him, who in turn, refines her bereavement in such a way, it transforms her outlook and deepens her faith.

Heide is reminded His ways are not always our ways and His thoughts far higher than ours. She testifies to the truth, the Lord can use all things for good and He has a distinguished plan for every single one of us, including those conceived who don’t get to breathe their first breath. Her relationship with the Lord is sincerely inspiring.

Christ’s Passion – Hope and comfort through miscarriage takes us on a journey of grief, questioning and struggle, to perseverance, growth and hope, encouraging the reader to look beyond their anguish and to determine there is security and renaissance in One who is greater, who loves them (and their baby) unconditionally. Christ’s Passion imparts courage to the reader to surrender all tribulation, anxiety and fear to the Lord, who exchanges our ashes for His beauty.

Throughout her life, Heide has often found the Lord has used her writing to bring about a purposeful healing as well as a greater understanding of His love for her and her readers. Therefore, she felt it would be meaningful to include a journal and reflection space within the pages of Christ’s Passion. She anticipates as the reader pens their thoughts, their concealed pain for themselves privately, it will aid in the all-important grieving process, and with confidence, will exchange their sorrow for peace.

Released by Ark House Press, this full colour book is presented with virtue as the delightful imagery complements the gentle tone that whispers hope throughout the words that grace each sentiment. Christ’s Passion – Hope and comfort through miscarriage is sincerely a remarkable read as it shares the message of Christ’s love, His healing grace, and a strong emphasis on the significance of life within the womb.

About the author
Heide L. Wright began her writing odyssey with poetry, (not counting the numerous ‘value books’ she scribbled as a primary school student!) Her first published book, Bring Me Roses, (under the author name Heide Louise) is a collection of poetry Heide composed as the Lord assisted her to trust in Him, securing His assurance that He loves her wholeheartedly and that like each of us, she has value in the eyes of the Lord. Heide believes through the work of the Holy Spirit, God used her writing to build her self-esteem and ultimately, brought about an admirable healing as He equipped her in battle, to gain her life back from the grasp of the deceptive and harrowing illness anorexia nervosa. As she overcame; as the Lord used her agonising trial to do a work in her, He filled her heart with such an assurance that His love knows no boundaries, that He is her Prince of peace, her entire source of security, and the very foundation of her heart’s desires.

Heide is a wife to a very patient and humble, God-fearing man and a privileged mother to their nine children, (plus her three girls she miscarried.) She and her family reside in Perth, Western Australia. Heide spends her days caring for the needs of her family and maintaining their home. (Limitless loads of washing and considerable pots of cuisine for inviting dinners!)

Heide’s testimony is truly a noteworthy victory. Nothing is impossible with our God.

Final thoughts
Heide L. Wright believes the most exciting and significant moment in our lifetime is when we choose to commit our life to Christ. However, you are never truly prepared for the difficulties that are before you and you cannot anticipate the sheer loneliness and hardships you could encounter. She has discovered that often there can be a persona amongst Christian’s that life is always good and that even when you are suffering, you are meant to hide that fact, in order to prevent bringing a lesser testimony to God’s goodness. On the contrary, we live in a fallen world and pain is inevitable. God never promised life on this earth would be effortless. However, what He does promise it that He will be there for us. Heide emphasises, the longer we endure adversity, the greater we grow in strength through the Lord, and our faith in Him deepens. Our trials, trust and commitment can indeed bring glory to His name. Even though at times life can be troublesome, God can bring about distinguished beauty.

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New book helps families deal with the devastation of miscarriage

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