About Us

Faith News Service is a powerful press release distribution system brought to you by Initiate Media, a leading global Christian media company.

We’re here to help Christian organizations both large and small, achieve low-cost exposure for whatever it is they are needing to promote.

Sending out a press release is one thing, but actually ensuring people actually read it is another challenge all together. Does your press release appear on key Christian news sites like My Christian Daily, Christian Post, CBN and co? These are the key Christian sites that get most of the Christian readership, so if you’re never listed on sites like these, then you need to ask yourself the question, “Who is reading my release?”

Faith News Service guarantees exposure for your press release, regardless of what media outlets do or don’t pick it up. When you publish your press release on FaithNewsService.com, we automatically feed your release on to our popular Christian news sites My Christian DailySoul Purpose and Christian Woman. Your press release will sit on the home and article pages of both websites, so you get a massive amount of guaranteed exposure.

Every day, media outlets are looking for interesting stories. Radio programs are looking for people to interview. Websites are looking for an interesting angle to a story that will increase their traffic… And you’re wanting exposure for your message, but at a low cost.

With more and more media outlets working on lower budgets, they are needing to find stories in a cost effective way. That’s where Faith News Service comes into play. If you’ve got a story to tell (or a product to sell), but you don’t have the budget for full-service PR. then Faith News Service is the perfect option.