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We have packaged together popular websites and to bring greater exposure to new book releases. With the closure of so many bookstores, and books now being predominantly purchased online, creating awareness is a major challenge. Our combined package will help you raise awareness, thus increasing sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can add one logo or image per press release. You can also submit a Youtube or Vimeo link that we can embed in your article. Please already embed this in your Word document, as you would any other link.

Faith News Service is the cheapest form of Christian press release on the market. As such, we do not receive reports on which media outlets pick up and run articles. Having said that, we offer guaranteed distribution on, and This guarantees that even if you spend just $39 on our Basic package, you can guarantee that you will get traffic to your article.

Yes. All press releases remain on our website, helping your organization receive additional search engine results.

Yes. Press releases are one of the fastest ways in which search engine rankings are improved. The more external links to your website, the more search engines reference your website. So press releases not only give you additional exposure, but are also great for search engine optimisation.

Press releases with Faith News Service start from just $39. However, each package differs in terms of features and services and clients can choose the one that best suits their requirements.

Faith News Service’s PR distribution helps businesses gain additional momentum and exposure in the Christian market. Press releases are the fastest and cheapest way to attract audience attention, as well as building a reputable brand for your businesses. Our guaranteed distribution also ensures you’ll never be wasting even a cent of your valuable marketing funds.

Getting your message to the Christian market by way of advertising is
highly expensive. Yet at the same time, all organizations have a message that they need to share. Faith News Service was set up to provide Christian organizations with a low-cost way of getting exposure.

Buying a press release means you distribute your content across various media channels, which already have a dedicated stream of readers. As a result, a high-volume PR distribution campaign is integral in the expansion of your business.