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unknown crisis

New Movie ‘Unknown Crisis’ Available Now

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – It’s a simple case of cause and effect. Hope dies and our dreams with it! Sooner or later we resign ourselves to the situation and stop hoping for change. We embrace hopelessness.

That is Simon’s life, a long series of disappointments. Despite all his good intentions and best efforts, nothing is going right. His wife is ill and bed bound. The medical bills are crippling, and he is in debt. His son John is rebellious and hell-bent and self-destructive.

Simon’s only source of joy is Anne, his beautiful teenage daughter. One day, overwhelmed by disenchantment and depression and having reached the breaking point, Simon confides in a stranger he meets in a park.

Simon begins his journey back to hope, but nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover! The shock he will feel – when he discovers the real and unseen cause of all his troubles.

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i want out

New Movie ‘I Want Out’: Surviving Turbulence In Marriage Through Faith In God

FAITH NEWS SERVICEI Want Out is a new faith based movie that was screened on 5th December 2021 at Renaissance Studios, 10-11 Tunstall Road, London SW9 8DA as part of the British Urban Film festival.

I Want Out tells the story of a woman and mother of two who is married to a rich, powerful and oppressive property developer. She is not content with just being the wife, and is dissatisfied with the access she has to her husband’s wealth. She wants control of her husband’s money.

She is unsuccessful in her plan to kill her husband and so plots other duplicitous ways to access her husband’s wealth.  I Want Out tells the story of marital frustration, regret, greed and desperation and surviving a turbulent marriage through faith in God. .

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Zoe Records Releases Official Music Catalogue

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “Zoe Records is blessed with quality acts both nationally and internationally. Now 21 years on from our first recordings I look back with pride at all the many excellent and inspiring albums our artists have created,” said Isaac Odeniran, Director Zoe Records.

This is Zoe Records’ official catalogue including CDs by Shirley Caesar, Coko, Beverley Moore, JayEss, and Youthful Praise and DVDs for films such as Child of the Occult, I Want Out and Prophetic Prayers.

The full catalogue is available here

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