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Start It: What Time is Left? will motivate you to start living the life you want – now

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The dreams, ideas, Visions and goals not hatched are beginning to rot away because the bearers are habitual procrastinators. They have placed hope on a tomorrow that is far away, and forgotten about today, which is already here. They forget that very soon today will be yesterday and tomorrow will be today. How time flies.

What time is left to live the life that you have always wanted to live, and to achieve all that you have always wanted to achieve .

In Start It: What Time is Left?, this quick read by Franklin Ichella is intended to motivate you to start doing all that you have always dreamed of doing.

Through this book, you will also discover what to do to have victory over what is resisting or delaying the manifestation of your dreams and destiny.

There is greatness in you. Manifest it. Start It: What Time is Left? is available now through Amazon.

Franklin Ichella has always been passionate about individual and organizational growth. He is a motivational speaker, and also an anointed pastor with a prophetic mandate to bring restoration to God’s people.

Franklin Ichella is the president and founder of Many Thanks Church Inc. He currently resides in Florida.