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The Incendus Letters

St Shenouda Press is proud to present ‘The Incendus Letters’ by Joshua Karras.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – To commemorate 80 years since C.S. Lewis’ classic satirical novel The Screwtape Letters, Joshua Karras’ The Incendus Letters allows a new generation of readers a glimpse into the perspective of the demons that plague their lives.

Set in the 21st century, Karras uses Lewis’ epistolary format to explore the complexities and hidden traps of modern living. In this engaging way, Karras gives the reader a great understanding and investigation of the challenges and dangers of modern living.

Maniacus, a senior demon, gives advice when Screwtape’s son Incendus is entrusted with the conviction of human life on Earth, which makes for a fun yet wise and perceptive read. For the reader, the Incendus letters act as a mirror. A review of how they may improve their quality of life dealing with various subjects, including the internal struggles with temptation and the numerous problems encountered in modern times.

Here are some of Maniacus’ advice:

“They can be totally hypnotised and transfixed upon the desire and possibility of more in the future, that often we have found they never look up in the present to appreciate what they do have.”

“We are lucky that humans are mostly unaware of the anxiety-inducing world they have created for themselves in recent times. They engage in fanatic and sometimes desperate attempts to have things done immediately simply because it is feasible thanks to their gizmos and gadgets. We are establishing effective ways to suggest to our humans to busy themselves until they are tied so tightly in mental and emotional knots, they are in no place to complete their naturally inclined activity of praising their creator.”

Through the inverted lens of nefarious intent, readers are creatively invited to
consider both religious and secular ideologies, which aim to reduce the power of
various painful, harmful and diminishing habits, patterns and characteristics of being

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