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scarred for life

New Redemption Press book shares story of self-acceptance and healing from hurts, wounds and scars

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – An astounding 71 percent percent of US women feel pressure to be physically attractive, according to a Pew Research study.* Yet only one in ten women consider themselves to be very attractive.** The result: low self-esteem, often leading to anxiety and depression.

Psychologist Neerja Birla writes, “One’s identity should never be swayed by social conventions. One’s self-esteem should never be dependent on one’s appearance.”***

Denise Goosby has struggled with society’s image of beauty since childhood. Afflicted with a disfiguring, and often painful, skin condition at the age of eight, Goosby has since struggled with her self-image and the ensuing physical and emotional wounds. She wrote Scarred like Him: Seeing Beauty in the Life You Live to share her journey to feeling loved, whole, accepted, and beautiful.

“This book examines the power of replacing the false, limiting, and negative beliefs about beauty with God’s redemptive, grace-filled, and truthful view,” Goosby said. “I hope it will help other women escape the hurtful, self lies that life often teaches and receive the truth of God’s love, favor, and acceptance.”

Goosby chronicles her experiences throughout each chapter—including her struggles with skin scarring, weight, rejection, and family dysfunction—and uses her story to tell God’s story.

“After years of suffering, I experienced an emotional healing and acceptance is an identity rooted in Christ,” Goosby said. “Offering up our vulnerable, soul-scarred selves to Him leads to finding the beauty in our lives and in ourselves.”

Through her story, and through related devotions and her personally penned songs and poems, she strives to inspire readers that healing can come only through Jesus. Young women and middle-aged women alike—with struggles over body image, self-esteem, skin color, skin ailments, or disabilities—will be blessed with Goosby’s honest and inspirational memoir.



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Denise Ann Goosby was born and raised in Compton, California, a preacher’s daughter coming to faith later in life. Her childhood love of writing led her to earn an English degree from Mount St. Mary’s College (now Mount St. Mary’s University) and a master’s degree in print journalism from the University of Southern California. After working as a newspaper reporter, Denise began a career as an educator in public and private schools for two decades. In 2018 she founded Healing Song Ministry to serve seniors, veterans, and the hurting in south Los Angeles County with music therapy for the heart and soul. She also writes and sings on her blog, “Denise’s Healing Journey,” and offers speaking and singing engagements. Denise enjoys spending time with friends, visiting museums and cultural sites, and cheering for her world-champion, childhood heroes, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Lakers. She is single and lives near Los Angeles.

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