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Amazon Best Seller, Reframing Rejection: How Looking through a Different Lens Changes Everything is Free to Download for One More Day with her print copy now available on Amazon and anywhere books are sold.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Friday, January 27, 2023

Jessica Van Roekel’s debut book, Reframing Rejection: How Looking through a Different Lens Changes Everything maintains best new release status.

Jessica wrote Reframing Rejection to equip and empower those who’ve struggled to overcome rejection.

“When I was younger, I thought it was my job to make sure everyone liked me. As a professional counselor of 20 years, I see so many clients struggle with the same desire believing it is what “good Christian’s do.” I love that in Reframing Rejection, Jessica Van Roekel provides practical biblical tools to help us manage the reality we all face and freedom from human rejection we all long for.”

Michelle Nietert, M.A., LPC-S

Author of Loved and Cherished and Make Up Your Mind


When Jessica faced multiple rejections in her life, she struggled to not let them overwhelm her—until she started viewing rejection, and how to deal with rejection, through a new lens. She’s identified four new lenses to reframe rejection and to break unhealthy cycles, like constant people pleasing or saying you’re sorry over and over. In this spiritual growth self-help book, learn to engage with God through the “Reflect,” “Reframe,” and “Renew” portions of each chapter.

Jessica Van Roekel’s Reframing Rejection is available to download for free on Amazon through Saturday, January 28, 2023. Reframing Rejection debuted to rave reviews! Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

Tiffani Grewe
5 Stars – Practical help with lifelong rejection

Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2023

Author, Jessica Van Roekel, takes you on a journey of identifying rejection and the damage done to a person’s life and then brings you along to resolving hurtful rejection. Her thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter makes you reflect and evaluate how rejection has affected your life and encourages you to view the situations reflected through God’s word. What is the truth? Christ is sufficient.

Aaron & Andrea Wenburg
5 Stars – We don’t have to fear rejection, we can reframe it and be free!

Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2023

No one wants to be rejected, but maybe we don’t have to give our fear of rejection the power it has over our energy, motivation, and decisions. In REFRAMING REJECTION, Jessica Van Roekel provides language and new lenses through which to see rejection, stripping it of its power over us. I highly recommend this book to those who feel paralyzed by potential rejection. There is another way.

For More Information: For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please email Jessica Van Roekel at jessica@welcomegrace.com.

About the Author

Jessica Van Roekel loves the upside-down life of following Jesus as she journeys to wholeness through brokenness. As an author, speaker, and worship leader, she uses her gifts and experiences to share God’s transformative power to rescue, restore, and renew. She longs for you to know that rejection doesn’t have to define or determine your future when placed in God’s healing hands. Jessica and her husband have two adult daughters spreading their wings, and two high schoolers, a son and daughter, fluttering their wings as they edge closer to the nest. Connect with her at welcomegrace.com.

Suggested Interview Questions

It sounds like you’ve had a lifelong struggle with looking to others for your worth and value. Where do you think this came from, and can you identify the first time you remember feeling like you needed someone’s approval for your self-worth?

Your book refers to two defining experiences that happened within six weeks of each other—a poor performance during a singing showcase and the loss of what you considered a dear friendship. What role did these two experiences play in helping you begin to change your perspective on your relationship with rejection?

Reframing Rejection talks about four different types of rejection. What are the various types of rejection, and briefly explain how someone can reframe their perspective on each type.

What is some practical advice and encouragement you can give to women who live with trying to get the approval of others in order to avoid rejection? What are some things we do to make others feel rejected, and what can we do instead to lift and affirm others?

I love the title of your book, Reframing Rejection: How Looking through a Different Lens Changes Everything. Can you speak to the photography references and how you relate it to rejection?

You say that God used your greatest fear to let you experience the greatest freedom. Please describe what that freedom looks like for you today.