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“Like a Thief in the Night” New End Times Release Adds to the Discussion on a Literal Rapture

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – We’ve all heard about the rapture. The concept of all Christians being suddenly snapped up to meet Jesus in the clouds, just in time to escape the wrath of God on earth, is as popular a trope in secular culture as it is in the church.

A 2016 study by LifeWay research* says 36 percent of pastors claim the rapture will not be a literal event. If even pastors have their doubts, is it any wonder there is no consensus as to whether the event will happen at all, or when it will happen (pre-, mid-, or post-tribulation).

But even in these perilous days when many say that end-times prophecy is playing out before our eyes, doubt exists about the validity of the harpazo (the biblical Greek word meaning “to openly, forcefully take up” or “to openly and suddenly catch away”).

In his new book, The Late Great Secret Rapture (Redemption Press), author Dennis Farrell has assembled the research and prevailing thought on this subject. Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of dozens of pastors, authors, and scholars, Farrell has created a comprehensive study of this mysterious concept. But can readers expect to be persuaded to draw the same conclusions as the author?

“My intention,” says Farrell of his book, “was to present my thesis and hope it will inspire evangelicals to investigate these interpretations for themselves.” Farrell’s intent is not to merely give us the answers, but to guide us to study the Bible for ourselves. It’s that complexity that encourages us to ask questions and continue to study the Word, praying for Holy Spirit’s guidance.

The Late Great Secret Rapture won’t give you a day or an hour for the return of Christ, but it will help clear up some questions and help you draw your own conclusions.



Dennis Farrell was born again in 1975. After teaching for thirty-five years at Luzerne County Community College in Pennsylvania, he is now retired. A member of the Gideons, he has done missionary work with Jews for Jesus. Married for forty-seven years, he and his wife have three children and seven grandchildren. He is the author of Examples and Principles of Psychology in the Bible, Post-Trib, Is God Judging America and the World?, The Day of the Lord, and The Late Great Secret Rapture.

For interviews, contact Dennis Farrell at dnn225@gmail.com.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How important is it for believers to understand the end times?
  2. Many people have never heard the term “silent rapture.” What exactly does it mean?
  3. You did an impressive amount of research for this book, and cite many sources. Did your perspective of the rapture change, or was the view you went into it with supported?
  4. Could we discuss your personal view of whether the rapture will happen before, during, or after the seven-year tribulation?
  5. The Bible is 25 percent prophecy. What is your opinion of pastors who avoid teaching that part of scripture?
  6. What do you think 1 Thessalonians 5:9 means when it promises God has not destined us for wrath?
  7. Is your goal for this book to change minds about the rapture, or to spark an interest in personal study of Scripture?