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When Christian families divorce, The Mending Chronicles book offers support for children (Because they don’t bounce!)

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Malaga, Spain, 2 May 2023

Natalie Knox, the author of ‘The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily’, is happy to announce the release of the digital version of her faith focused, interactive, divorce recovery book for children.

Natalie Knox, a South African author living in Spain, has released her interactive, divorce recovery paperback book for children as an eBook for Christian families. With its focus on faith, emotional intelligence and dealing with change, Christian families will find The Mending Chronicles a helping hand during their transition. She says that people tend to think that kids just bounce back from divorce, but they don’t. They need support and a safe space to process change. Natalie’s eBook, with its downloadable activity pages, is available on most major online eBook retailers.

“With any big change in life, we need time to adjust. If this event has been as life-changing and deeply emotional as a divorce, how much longer would we need to truly recover? Possibly years? If so, surely, we should use that recovery time to help our children process their thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. We can set them up for a life of good emotional health, effective communication skills and solid emotional intelligence,” says Natalie Knox, author of The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily.

Natalie Knox is a qualified teacher and has had a career in primary school teaching. She has been a community lay counsellor for children in crisis, including general on-call trauma work and specialised divorce recovery counselling. She is currently working as a writer, taking the experiences she has had in the classroom and in the counselling room, to create stories that touch hurting children’s hearts. Her book, The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily, was a finalist in the 14th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.

Liam and Emily are the main characters in The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily. After the divorce, Liam hates feeling like his life is out of control and questions whether the whole thing was his fault. Emily feels insecure and fearful, and when her mother brings home a new boyfriend, the changes threaten to overwhelm her. Between the meaningful conversations with trusted adults and the spiritual wisdom offered by the Bible, Liam and Emily begin to adapt to the changes divorce brings. This eBook is designed for kids to reflect on their own divorce story using the fun, downloadable activity pages. These provide a safe space to process, problem-solve and reflect on their own reality.

For further information see https://mendingchronicles.com/ or contact the author on mendingchronicles@gmail.com.

The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily eBook can be purchased at most online eBook retailers. See https://books2read.com/mendingchronicles