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Queens, New York Pastor Offers Drive Up Church + Power Shot

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – No need to come out of your vehicle. Just drive up, pull over and enjoy a good word from Inspire NY Pastor R. Simone Lord.

Dr. Lord, an African-American doctor of naturopathy, is giving out “Power Shots” in Queens to essential workers on Sundays from her Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe. The “Power Shot” clears out mucus instantly, balances blood pressure, fights inflammation and more via her herbal blend of ginger, turmeric, honey, lemon in a proprietary blend. The Power Shot is made at Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe.

“Essential workers are getting tired now and need to rest now and take care of themselves, as other workers rejoin the workforce,” Dr. Lord said. “At Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe, we offer juices and herbs for all ailments; adrenal support, stress management herbal tonics, tea formulas, plant medicine, elixirs, naturopathic consultations, which include iridology.”

“During the week, essential workers can get a free “Power Shot” to boost their immune system  at Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe. On Sundays from 2 to 4 pm, you can get God’s message PLUS a Power Shot at Inspire NY Church & Wellness Center, located at 115-42 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11434.

“Donations are welcomed and will help us to give out free Power Shots to the community.”

Mother Earth to the Rescue: Juice Bar Launches New Anti-Viral Smoothie, Tea & Consultations

An African -American naturopathic doctor in Queens NY is seeing results from using Olive Leaf Extract to keep clients healthy in these pandemic times. Dr. R. Simone Lord is the owner of Mother Earth Juice Bar Cafe in Richmond Hill, Queens, where she also offers iridology, pH balancing, and preventative medicine.

“Iridology allows me to study the fiber patterns and markings of the irises. This tells me which organs need support. My clients are always surprised by its accuracy when the results are revealed,” said Dr. Lord.

Mother Earth Juice Bar Café offers one stop shopping for your health needs. Come in for freshly pressed juices, Power Shots, ice cold smoothies or hot foods like sautéed spinach in olive oil and garlic with basmati rice and leave healthier than before.

Mother Earth’s drinks are provocatively named: The Fight Back is a delicious new smoothie with Olive Leaf Extract that packs an anti-viral punch. The Immune Power, an old favorite; the Take Care of Me, a green wonder with wheatgrass and celery; the Digestive Delight, the Energy Booster, Liver Tonic, Toxin Free and the Conqueror all delight the taste buds and offer a healthy boost to the immune system.

Stay healthy with Dr. Lord’s Olive Leaf Tea Formula, Energy Elixir, Power Shot and Dr. Lord’s Amazing No More Joint Pain Oil, all patent pending and available at Mother Earth Juice Bar and online at www.MotherEarthJuice.com.

Live far away from Queens NY? Not to worry, get some help to take a clear snapshot of both irises and email to Dr. Lord for your personal naturopathic health consultation.


Dr. Lord is a pastor, naturopathic doctor and author of five books, on a mission to help people live healthier more prosperous lives especially those in poor, urban communities of color. She offers clients a second opinion based on alternative (plant) medicine. Email her for more information: info@motherearthjuice.com