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M.King Media Anniversary Auction

YOU’RE INVITED: M.King Media’s ‘Anniversary Auction’ Has Some Wonderful Items Available

FAITH NEWS SERVICEMESA, Az. — December 21, 2023 — / If you are curious about unique items and enjoy helping a non-profit reach more people for Christ Jesus, the M.King Media Anniversary Auction is just for you.

The online silent auction, taking place December 20th (8:00 pm MST) – December 30th (8:00 pm MST) will bring some unique items to the public.

One rare item up for auction is a frame with three 5×7 slots & a white matte finish. Inside the 5×7 slots are two 5×7 Israeli flags on the sides & a beautiful silver coin (.999) honoring Israel’s 75th year (in the middle).

M.King who is looking forward to the auction had this to say, “You know I think it’s awesome the items that we have, it’s going to help make this auction a success, and it is going to be a unique way to end our 10th Anniversary Celebration,” said M.King

For more info on the M.King Media Anniversary Auction and how you can take part, head to mkingmedia.com/auction

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