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love never fails

New Redemption Press novel offers hope to those who feel unloved

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – According to Medical News Today, nearly 80 percent of people feel significantly unloved.*

How devastating for those who are part of this statistic. And how awful it must feel, especially for Bella Roberts, the main character in Love Never Fails, who loses her mother in a hit-and-run and experiences the death of her aunt and uncle who raised her.

Nevertheless, author J. C. Lafler encourages readers that, like Bella, “it’s going to be okay. I know that no matter what, God’s love will not fail you.”

In Love Never Fails, Bella feels alone, unworthy, and unloved because everyone she gets close to dies. But she finds sweet solace in Rosie, a stray pup, and repeating Scriptures that her uncle taught her growing up. As an adult these verses keep her going through difficult times. When she experiences severe threats from Bruce, her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Bella must cling to God’s love even more.

But after Bruce threatens to kill her beloved dog and companion, Bella can’t even imagine God’s love, because of the fear that grips her heart. If Bella can keep Bruce from harming her and her dog and accessing her money, she will escape the feeling of worthlessness that Bruce has projected onto her . . .

Readers will learn that experiencing God’s love transcends all fear and feelings of worthlessness. Love surrounds us always, even when life is tough, because God created us to love him and love each other.

* https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/alarming-covid-19-study-shows-80-of-respondents-report-significant-symptoms-of-depression

From a young age, J .C. Lafler always wanted to write, but she ended up in a government career that lasted nearly thirty-two years. Now she spends her days writing about deep faith and enjoys puzzles, painting, and traveling. She and her husband, David, have six kids and nine grandchildren. They live in Portage, Michigan, and winter in Missouri City, Texas. Her novels include Lost and Found, Amazing Grace, Hope Everlasting, Leap of Faith, and Finding Joy. Love Never Fails is J.C.’s sixth novel with Redemption Press. Visit www.jclafler.com for more information.

https://www.facebook.com/judy.lafler (under Judy C. Lafler)

For review copies and media interviews, contact jclafler@hotmail.com.