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New Redemption Press release examines famous last words of Jesus

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “Over the millennia, people have always had an interest in the last utterances of the dying,” says Marilyn Mendoza in Psychology Today.”1 She says, “The value and importance of these words are reflected in the law that admits dying declarations into hearsay evidence in criminal trials. Dying words are also of interest to us as perhaps a glimpse into the afterlife.”

The last words of the Buddha are purported to be, “Work hard to gain your own salvation.”2 Author Edgar Allan Poe said, “Lord help my poor soul.”3 But Jesus Christ said, “Father, I entrust my spirit into your hands.”4 Those words were spoken during his painful death on the cross for the sins of the world. But those were not Christ’s last words on earth. In what is known as the Great Commission, his final words were: “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”5

Hear the Savior: Readings for Lent and Easter Season Based on the Words of Jesus (Redemption Press), a new Lenten devotional features the significant words of Christ in his journey to the cross and his resurrection. Author Kristin Saatzer says, “This book is written with an Easter focus, in chronological order, with the Lenten season pointing us to Christ’s death and resurrection.” Saatzer, who came to the tradition of observing Lent in recent years, says, “There are no rules. People often fast as a time of remembrance and dependence on their Savior. It is a period of reflection to show love towards Him, and to grow deeper in faith.”

Hear the Savior is a forty-two-day journey through Lent and Easter that follows Christ on his way to his death and resurrection. Daily devotional readings examine the words of Christ, from his first recorded words in ministry to his last. A companion book to Savor the Savior, this devotional draws the reader closer to the Christ of Calvary and the empty tomb through his spoken words and inspirational stories from real life. Questions for reflection, classic quotations, and a daily prayer designed to focus attention on the Savior add to the devotional experience.

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Kristin Saatzer is an author and speaker and the founder of Purposeful Encouragement Ministry, a ministry that encourages others to live on purpose and for a purpose. Also, the author of Savor the Savior, Kristin speaks to women’s gatherings and mother’s groups, and blogs about purpose, living with intention, and spiritual growth at kristinsaatzer.com. She loves books, the beach, chocolate, cheering on her Padres and Chargers, and spending time with family and friends. Kristin and her husband Dan have four adult sons and one daughter-in-law and live in Southern California with their dogs Princess Leia and Nando.

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