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Charity Fundraising Single “Like Grace” by country-artist Jamie Trent

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “Like Grace” comes to us from the seasoned country artist, Jamie Trent, with all proceeds going to the Be Like Grace Foundation. Trent’s poignant song carries on the legacy of 15-year-old Grace Schell after her accidental death, and poetically prompts listeners around the globe to #BeLikeGrace in their everyday lives.


Co-written with Marla Rubenstein and Scott Barrier, this tender ballad hits all the right moments and compels the listener to tap into the genuine love and contagious joy of this young girl. Carrying the spirit of a stripped-down, all-American tune, it floats with a buoyant reminder of the importance and brevity of our days on earth.  As seen in the YouTube video linked above, Trent tapped into the devastating, but the uplifting story as told by Grace’s parents and close friends to create this tender commemorative melody. The song was personally presented to the Schell family and they loved it. “The faith this family has had, and continues to have, is remarkable.”

Trent, a long-time singer-songwriter, hailing from Virginia, was drawn to this story via a mutual acquaintance.  Initially wondering if he was capable to render such an emotional song, he explains the immeasurable blessing he has felt in writing this song. “I didn’t think I had it in me to go that deep and write something that purpose-driven. This song and this family have done so much more for me than money could ever do.” 


PRESS: Esquire’s 15 Best Country Songs Of 2018 Bullet Holes In the Sky #11 by Mary Gauthier and Jamie Trent “It’s the most visceral cut on an album full of show-stoppers.” – Esquire

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