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New book provides an encouraging book of hope, healing, and achievement in the midst of broken relationships

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – This book Jacob, is clearly a Bible commentary. And yet, the author Martin Ellgar has breathed life into the characters in the Jacob narrative giving them heart and soul. The author’s style has made it easier for the reader to relate to the characters in the book, and even to see themselves in the character of Jacob. In places, it reads more like a novel.

There is drama throughout the Jacob narrative, from the womb to the grave. It becomes intense in places, where the author has released the passion from within the text, to immerse the reader in the narrative. The reader will soon notice that the voice of fear leads Jacob into making some bad choices in his life. It leads him into further difficult situations. Twice he had to flee for his life. In his flight from his twin brother Esau, God said to Jacob in a dream, ‘I am with you, and will watch over you wherever you go, …’ (Genesis 28: 15) God by choice becomes Jacob’s travelling companion.

The reader will find it interesting, how Jacob at a low point in his life, made a deal with God, whom he barely knew. It paid off handsomely. There is much for the reader to contemplate in the narrative. There are themes to consider of fear and faith, love and sacrifice, and of course birthright and blessing.

Many readers will find Leah, one of the wives of Jacob an admirable character in the narrative. The author has extolled her virtue of faith. Leah’s faith in God allowed her to be fruitful with many sons. According to Martin Ellgar, ‘They are her sons of consolation.’ Leah’s hope and dream was finally fulfilled, although ironically in the grave.

If you have never read a Bible commentary, then an excellent place to start would be with this book Jacob. Through the Jacob narrative, the reader will be called to reflect upon their own struggles in life, and perhaps even make a deal with God for a better life. Readers of this book will walk away with new understanding and appreciation of God in his relationships with all manner of people. Jacob is now available globally.

About the author
Martin Ellgar is an educator, pastor, master electrician, and currently retired from paid work. He continues to serve the Lord in various callings as a volunteer. He has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, and a Bachelor of Education. He is author of ‘God’s Cry to the Church’ by Austin Macauley Publishers 2020. Martin continues to write in his retirement, and enjoys being a mentor and entertainer to his grandchildren. He can be contacted by email at entergrace2@gmail.com