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Former Beauty Queen’s Life Story Helps Women Discover the True Beauty Within Them

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, September 21, 2021 — Author and inspirational speaker Norma Joyce Dougherty’s life story, Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit, was adapted into the new screenplay, Chasing Eden, which received recognition for Best Screenplay and Best Writer in the 2021 Christian Film Festival Awards.

Norma Joyce Dougherty knows all about the glitz and glamour that many women want. As a former Miss Dominion of Canada and contestant in Miss World, Miss Universe, Queen of the Pacific, and Miss International, beauty represented an escape to a better life. Having faced abuse and heartache as a young girl, Norma Joyce had an identity crisis once the spotlights dimmed on her new life.

“I believe any woman can have a meaningful purpose and an extraordinary life,” says Norma Joyce. “When women pursue perfection in mind and body but neglect their spiritual development, they feel paralyzed because of guilt, shame or failure.”

Norma Joyce understands the issues many women face every day. “Throughout my life, I struggled with many of the same issues that women in crisis deal with every day: belonging, abuse, neglect, abandonment, guilt, shame, and more. I overcame a broken heart, emotional neglect, and the pursuit of perfection to find joy and contentment in God’s purpose for me. I found my value, significance, and beauty in the Lord, and know you can too.”

Actress and screenwriter Sam Sorbo said, “I read Island Girl in about a day! I couldn’t put it down. Norma Joyce’s story resonated with me. I hope the film version can reach the millions of young women drifting in our damaging culture of conflicting messages and help them discover their ultimate worth in Christ.”

Norma Joyce recently unveiled a new website (normajdougherty.com) where women who want to discover the true beauty that lies within them can download a free chapter of her award-winning biography, Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit.

Island Girl: A Triumph of the Spirit is available wherever readers buy Christian books, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBook.com.

About Norma Joyce Dougherty
Norma Joyce Dougherty (pronounced DOCK-ER-TY) is a spirited and commanding speaker with a warm and engaging presence. On stage, she carries listeners over many yellow brick roads to share her fairytale life and spiritual adventures to find the place her heart calls “home.”

Norma Joyce speaks passionately about fostering the total woman’s identity through body, mind, and spiritual development. In a culture where women find themselves overwhelmed with choices and oversold by direct marketing campaigns, Norma Joyce helps women in crisis move past their guilt, shame, and loneliness to find their true identity in Jesus.

Discover Norma’s writing, speaking, and inspiration at NormaJDougherty.com.

Media or podcast guest inquiries are welcome. Contact Norma Joyce at https://www.normajdougherty.com/contact. Connect with her on Facebook at fb.com/NormaJoyceDougherty and Twitter at twitter.com/@NormaJDougherty