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The Change in Us

Compelling new memoir addresses the demons of addiction and abuse, and the healing power of God to change us

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – When it comes to recovering from substance abuse, people who have faith in God may be at an advantage. According to a study* about the effects of spirituality and religious faith on recovery, an increase in coping skills, greater resistance to stress, an optimistic outlook, and a strong support system are factors faith contributes. In her new memoir, Heather Stover demonstrates the truth in this finding.

Years after living through a nightmare, Heather felt God come to her in a dream. He made it clear that He was using everything she had experienced in her young life—drugs, alcohol, and abuse—for a bigger purpose. And the time had come for her to open up about it in the book she’d been wanting to write for thirteen years.

In The Change in Us, Heather reveals the pain of living in a home dominated by the ever-present fear of her father’s alcohol-fueled rage. Her mother, while loving and caring, couldn’t be there for Heather and her brother because she too lived in constant fear. She spent her days bandaging heart wounds induced by the man she had taken vows with.

It’s no surprise that, as Heather got older, her own life became a constant battle against the same demons that haunted her father. Alcohol and drugs became her bedrock—the things she turned to not for the fun of the high but the escape from the pain. The pain that followed her into her marriage and career as a singer who mostly performed in bars. But two key turning points in her life changed her forever. The death of her father awakened a surprising and frightening wonder about where people go after they die. Then marriage and parenthood motivated her to get clean. No more drugs or alcohol, although the struggle with that lifestyle would continue within her marriage.

Miraculously, Heather’s pursuit of the truth about the afterlife led her to find Jesus. The more she grew in her relationship with God and learned what it truly means to be a Christian, the more He changed her. The Change in Us is about how God can change everything if we are obedient and allow Him into our lives. This memoir is the journey of a young girl who grew up angry and scared until God pursued her and freed her from her fears and anxieties as she learned to trust in Him and His plans. It’s about taking a wayward child and making her a child of God.

In the author’s words: “I pray that this memoir will show the hurt, the fears, and the obstacles that I have gone through in my life, but even more, that it will show where God has been in them the whole time, even when I did not recognize Him.”



Heather Stover is a wife, mom, professional singer, worship leader, and now an author. Through her personal struggles with family, addiction, health, and loss, she found faith in Jesus that has carried her through. She makes her home in a small village in Ohio with her husband, Jayson; their daughter, Savannah Love; son, Noah Jay; and a goldendoodle named Evie Blue. When she’s not playing music with her husband, she enjoys riding bikes, taking daily walks, spending hours in bookstores, sipping coffee, and eating all the good treats. Heather and Jayson have learned to make prayer a priority in their home and to keep God at the center of their lives.

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