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fountains and secrets

New Redemption Press release welcomes readers to a world where Nancy meets Ancient Rome

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In ancient Roman culture, few women challenged the status quo. So imagine when adventurous, spunky, headstrong Livia dives right into a swamp of danger after learning that her new husband’s mentor has been murdered.

As Livia uncovers clues in secret, she discovers injustice toward other women and the nasty web of affluent men behind it all. And in the throes of a young marriage, Avitus and Livia come head to head. Avitus doesn’t want his wife to be in danger, and Livia wants to prove to her husband that she’s capable of solving the disastrous crimes. Their lack of mutual trust and respect turns into a bitter test of wills—and they discover that their assumptions were more harmful than they realized.

In book 2 of Livia Aemilia Mysteries, Lisa E. Betz draws inspiration from thirty-five years leading Bible studies to create entertaining mysteries set in the early church era that include eccentric characters, independent females, and an occasional sausage-snatching cat. “I have always been drawn to books that were different than what everyone else was reading,” she says. Her imperfect, unconventional characters “live with authenticity despite the challenges they face for daring to be different.”

For readers who enjoy mysteries and historical fiction with a touch of humor, Fountains and Secrets is an engaging tale of identity, purpose, and hope.

An engineer-turned-mystery-writer, Lisa E. Betz infuses her novels with authentic characters who thrive on solving tricky problems. Her debut novel, Death and a Crocodile, won several awards, including Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (2021). Lisa combines her love of research with her quirky imagination to bring the world of the early church to life. She and her husband reside outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Scallywag, their rambunctious cat—the inspiration for Nemesis, resident mischief maker in the Livia Aemilia Mysteries. Lisa directs church dramas, eats too much chocolate, and experiments with ancient Roman recipes. Visit www.lisaebetz.com.

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