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Rachel Saunders Plakon

Florida House of Representatives Honors Petra and Welcomes them to Florida April 18th-21st

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – We may be in the heat of the political season and tensions are high all around, but here is one thing both sides of the aisle can agree on! PETRA is awesome! The Florida House of Representatives has issued an official tribute to PETRA congratulating them on 50 years of music and ministry and officially welcomed them to Florida this April 18th-21st for their 2024 Best for Last Tour.

This tribute will be presented to PETRA by Representative Rachel Plakon of District 36 at their event in Sanford Florida on April 18th. Petra is touring all over the US and Canada, with additional dates in Mexico, Brazil, Germany and Norway. Full details can be found at https://petrareunion.com

Petra Tribute – Florida House Bill 91914

WHEREAS, in 1972 Bob Hartman, John DeGroff, Greg Hough, and Bill Glover formed the band Petra, which is considered a pioneer of the Christian rock and contemporary Christian music genres and, for many years, was hailed as the world’s most popular Christian rock band, and

WHEREAS, Petra has released 20 studio albums, two Spanish-language albums, and two live albums, selling nearly 10 million copies around the world, and

WHEREAS, Petra has won four Grammy Awards and 10 Dove Awards and had their song “The Coloring Song” reach the number one spot on three Christian radio charts simultaneously, and

WHEREAS, Petra was the first rock band inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and was the first Christian band whose memorabilia was included in a Hard Rock Café, and

WHEREAS, over the course of the band’s long and storied career, Petra has reached millions of people with their message of hope and faith through their ever-changing rock music, and

WHEREAS, Petra is embarking on its 50th Anniversary 2024 Reunion Tour with its original band members and new members Bob Hartman, John Schlitt formerly of Head East, John Lawry, Greg Bailey and Cristian Borneo, with their first stop in Sanford on April 18th -21st, with additional Florida stops in Fort Myers, Tampa, and Jacksonville, NOW, THEREFORE,

BE IT RESPECTFULLY PROCLAIMED that Petra is congratulated on a successful 50-year career of spreading faith, love, and rock and roll to people across the world and that sincere best wishes are extended for a successful 50th Anniversary 2024 Reunion Tour the details of which may be found at petrareunion.com.

Rachel Saunders Plakon
Representative, District 36