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Sisters Speak Godly Truth in a New Unfiltered Television Show

Two pairs of sisters are not holding anything back on their TV show called Outspoken: A Sisterhood of Faith! Ann Barrovecchio, Jeanne Hester, Brittany Hollis, and Lauren Smack are on a mission to let the world know about Jesus through connective and candid conversations with women all over the world.

The Outspoken hosts speak about real, thought-provoking topics. From motherhood, friendship, comparison, politics, and everything in between, these girls talk about the things that MATTER. Every season is full of laughter, stories, meaningful discussions, recipes, and sharing favorite products, tips, and tricks that make life a bit simpler and more enjoyable!

The producers of Outspoken have lined up amazing guests to join the conversation. Recently, the Outspoken girls interviewed Star Parker, Conservative Commentator, and Founder of UrbanCURE. In this particular episode, Star encourages viewers and listeners to vote Christian values and consider the facts before going into the 2020 Presidential Election voting booth. Other guests on the show include Bevelyn Beaty and Edmee Chavannes, Conservative Pro-Life advocates, and Instagram phenoms.

Outspoken is a must-watch for any woman looking for unfiltered, uplifting conversation. So, join the Sisterhood! Outspoken is currently in Season 2. New episodes of Outspoken debut on www.FISM.tv/outspoken every Monday at 8pm ET. (Outspoken also airs on The Dove TV on the United States West Coast and on Shine TV in New Zealand.)

Ann Barrovecchio, Jeanne Hester, Brittany Hollis, and Lauren Smack are available for interviews. For media inquiries, please contact us at outspoken@fism.tv. To learn more about the show, check out the pages linked below.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/HemUdVRjep4

Website: www.FISM.tv/outspoken

Instagram: www.instagram.com/outspoken.tv

Youtube: https://rb.gy/9rpghl

ABOUT OUTSPOKEN: Outspoken hosts Jeanne Hester, Ann Barrovecchio, Lauren Smack, and Brittany Hollis believe that motherhood and sisterhood are best when done together! So, Outspoken was born. Outspoken is a television show and podcast established in 2019 out of a desire to speak Godly truth in love in order to unite women and mothers into a sisterhood of faith. Further, Outspoken aims to normalize and encourage each other throughout the immense joys and difficulties of motherhood. Stay tuned for more!

ABOUT FiSM.TV: FiSM.TV is a Streaming Television Network of new, edgy and informative Christian television programming. In a cable cutting world, we intend to lead the way by providing biblically sound TV content for viewers of all ages. At FISM TV we are striving to expose Jesus for who He is, what He means and what He can do.

FISM TV network influences culture with our 24/7 broadcast of unique Christian television programming. Tune in anytime on Roku and Amazon FireTV.