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Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World

New Title from Thomas M. Stallter: Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World: A Journey in the Purposes and Providence of God

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – We have been brought up to see things in a particular way—to interpret our experience and respond to events, people, and even to God in cultural and personal ways. This has given us a frame of reference that undergirds all else we know, trust, and love in life, as well as all we question, distrust, and hate.

But we live in a broken world, and it has influenced us more than we know; we wonder why we are unable to experience the freedom and peace Jesus talks about. But things are not always what they seem; we need to see them as they are, not as other influences have shaped them. It is time we let God speak for himself on the matter.

Finding Freedom and Grace in a Broken World: A Journey in the Purposes and Providence of God turns our minds to trust and freedom in our walk with God. It leads us to know God’s grace, providence, and purposes in a way that changes our lives and experiences in this broken world from this day on.


This book “invites the reader to examine implicit values shaped in the soul by cultural assumptions of Western Christianity. The book stretches us to move beyond a performance-based Christianity to a deeply trust-based relationship with God himself. This multifaceted book with various entries covers well the gamut of the Christian life, written from the heart of a seasoned coach and a caring soul mentor.” –Christy Hill, professor of spiritual formation and women’s ministry, Grace College and Seminary

This book “is a comprehensive, exhaustive exploration, a deep dive into the world of knowing and trusting the God of Scripture. It examines divine grace from every imaginable perspective through 234 brief, easily digestible essays.” –Michael Card, author of Inexpressible: Hesed and the Mystery of God’s Lovingkindness

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Thomas M. Stallter is professor of intercultural studies at Grace Theological Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, where he has taught for twenty-five years. He previously spent eighteen years teaching in the Central African Republic and Chad. He is the author of The Gap between God and Christianity: The Turbulence of Western Culture (Wipf & Stock, 2022).

Thomas M. Stallter,