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Christ-focused financial planning: Our identity is not in our purses

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Created: Thursday, 2019-03-14 08:30


Christ-focused financial planning: Our identity is not in our purses

Confused, overwhelmed, or ashamed about your money? Working hard but have no idea how to save and steward money wisely? Worried about your financial legacy?

Many women are worried about day-to-day living. Others wonder how to truly steward money according to Biblical principles.

“As Christians and women of faith, it’s crucial that we are rooted and grounded in the identity of Christ. Our identity is not in our purses,” says Michal Slate, Founder of Christ-Centered Financial Planning, and the author of, The Practical Christian Woman’s Guide to: Christ Focused Financial Planning.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, she helps women save and steward their money God’s Way. Slate has worked in the financial industry for 13 years and is one of the only women in the US with both an MBA and a CFPⓇ.

She encourages Christian women to start financial planning with their testimony and teaches the entire process of creating a Christ-Focused Financial Plan.

Although she’s built up a successful career in the financial sector, financial management wasn’t something she was born knowing and she has personally experienced how our financial situation has weaves itself into our identity.

Michal uses a kind and encouraging approach; like a girlfriend you’d want to sit down and chat with and never makes someone feel guilty about having debt.

“My hope is that women won’t look at their balance sheet and feel shame for past mistakes or compare their financial situation to someone in different circumstances. A traumatic upbringing, a failed marriage, abuse, illness or disability can cause severe financial hardships.”

A few of the topics Michal Slate is available to speak, write, and add commentary on include:

• Helping Christian women master their finances

• Christ-Centered Financial Planning for women

• Conquering Financial Anxiety

• Personal Financial Management for Women

• Budgeting and taxes with Jesus as Lord.

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