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Ezer the Bagel Book Series Launches

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Ezer the Bagel Children’s Book Series has officially launched.

“Ezer the Bagel” is a fun-loving book series that helps children gain understanding of Life Skills that REALLY matter such as:

  • Self-worth and Personal value.
  • Awareness of self and others.
  • Resilience
  • Courage
  • Purpose

Ezer the Bagel: The Rescue is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For more information, or to buy the books, visit www.ezerthebagel.com

About the author
Marisa Nicely has been an Educator for over 30 years, teaching K-12 Spanish and Personal Development. She is passionate about helping kids discover their personal value, strengths, and potential.

She also recognizes that it has become more and more challenging for children to walk in the confidence of who they were created to be and parents need a trustworthy “Village” they can rely on. Her book series is here to be part of that Village.

Marisa is the mom of two adult children, who are her treasure, and also has a Basset/Beagle dog named Ezer. Each day while walking Ezer, she takes notice of just how joyful and loving kids’ reactions are toward him, and vice versa. This has inspired her to write the book series for children Ezer the Bagel!

“The rescue” Is a creative, inspiring, educational children’s book that is sure to add maximum value to your little ones.
Andrew Simila

“The Rescue” provides readers a glimpse into the distressful life of a homeless puppy.   As an educator of 25 years, I see a desperate need for hope and belonging in the hearts of so many children. Marisa Nicely’s beautiful story is an invitation for each reader to not only persevere through the most difficult of trials, but also to understand their incredible worth.   I can’t wait for Ezer’s next adventure!
April Oliva

Marisa Nicely’s heartwarming book, “The Rescue” about Ezer the Bagel rescue dog touched my heart. As an intervention teacher, I see the need daily for students to feel valued and loved. I look forward to using this book in the classroom to encourage my students with Ezer’s story of hope, love, and value.
Kristin J. Lopez

“The Rescue” based on true events, is delightful and the illustrations perfect. Any child who feels alone or inadequate will enjoy this book. It emphasizes the value of each individual as being unique and having something positive to contribute to the welfare of others something sorely needed in today’s culture .
Renita Howat

“The Rescue” by educator Marisa Nicely, is the heartwarming story of Ezer, a rescue dog who is half Basset hound and half Beagle=Ezer the Bagel. With charming illustrations, Ezer tells his story, teaching children that we all have value—whether you are a rescue dog or person. As an elementary teacher, I know students and parents will love Ezer the Bagel. I look forward to the next books in the series.
Lyn Adelstein

“The Rescue” by Marisa Nicely, is the touching and beautifully illustrated  story of when Ezer found his loving forever home. You will smile, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will most definitely fall in love with Ezer the Bagel too!
Michelle Scott

“The Rescue” is a well-illustrated and delightfully touching story that appears to showcase the importance of value, in relation to ourselves and all living things.  Enter the canine character, Ezer, the Bagel, who not only learns so many things about himself that he can value, but what it, also, means to become treated as a ‘someone’ of value no matter what. I highly recommend this exceptional read.
Sashya Sharone Amee

This story is so sweet! Ezer’s rescue offers encouragement and is an excellent reminder to children that they are worth so much! As a mom of two small children, I believe that Ezer sends a message that all children need to know. I’m so excited to read about this darling Bagel’s next adventure!
Nadine Patterson

This book is a beautiful tribute to the amazing relationship between a rescued dog and his human. It is truly needed at this time to help everyone see that they are valued and needed. We all have gifts to give and this book shows the importance of sharing those gifts with those around us.
Rosemary Smallwood

This is an excellent book for all ages; I am going to buy one and share it with my students.
Alba Breitenbucher

What a heartwarming uplifting book that I wish we would have had to read to our son when he was growing up. The theme of bringing a rescue dog into your home to the benefit of all should be a universal one. I love Ezer the Bagel.
Tim Tipping

The Rescue is sure to bring joy to every child and adult who reads the story. In today’s fast-paced and digital world, rescues like Ezer, have brought to light how emotional queues are represented in animal communication. It helps that Ezer has a special bagel way of bringing friends together and loads of laughs, too!
Diane Martin