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ezer the bagel and friends

Ezer and Friends is the perfect follow up to Ezer the Bagel- The Rescue

FAITH NEWS SERVICEEzer and Friends is the perfect follow up to Ezer the Bagel- The Rescue. This second book in Marisa Nicely’s series about Ezer the Basset/Beagle is just as endearing as the first.

Constructive criticism doesn’t always come easy to people, but Ezer shows how to do it in a kind, loving, and productive way. There are insightful lessons showing how children, and adults for that matter, can appreciate the differences in our friends.

These lessons and manners are not just for dogs but easily relate to humans of all ages. Once again, Priya Kakati’s illustrations on each page cleverly depict the messages in a colorful, fun, and humorous way.

“This is definitely a book I will be reading to my students in the coming school year and giving to my grandkids. It should be in every library and home.”
Kristin Lopez

“Ezer, the most darling and humble BAGEL, with help from Mr.Birdie, reminds us that we all need friends! Children will make the wonderful connection that being a “good friend” involves listening, learning, and encouraging one another in good choices; but it’s ok to give wise advice, and that’s called help, when you care about your friends. Bright and whimsical art make these pages come alive!!!!”
Jacqui Anderson

Ezer and Friends is now available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Find out more at www.ezerthebagel.com.