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Evangelical online platform Jrevolution.net seeks to reach the lost and serve local churches

FAITH NEWSWIRE Dubai. May 2020. Jrevolution is an evangelism and discipleship ministry which aims at reaching the lost primarily through online and social media channels, but also serves to help Christians reach effective discipleship through their 7 part Jrevolution discipleship program – which is available online (YouTube) or can be completed in face to face sessions in certain cities or via webinar. While the key focus is millennials and younger men and women, people from many different age groups have completed the program and anyone can do it from anywhere.


The program is more than just a Bible study or discipleship program, but the power of this program is the actions that participants are asked to complete for a few minutes a day between the program which will help them effectively study the Word, understand how to hear from God, and grow in spiritual maturity as well as develop habits that they can use throughout their lives in order to continue growing and impacting others for Christ.

Even mature Christians have gone through this program and felt that it was useful in centering themselves back on God and prioritizing their lives around Christ again. While many are in difficult situations be it spiritually emotionally and financially due to the current crisis, we would like to encourage to draw closer to God and find encouragement and comfort in His Word and His promises at this time.

Jrevolution would also like to encourage Christians who maybe feel like God is calling them to disciple others – either one on one or in groups, but are not sure where to start or begin to make use of our content and resources to help them achieve this. There is a facilitators pack available and anyone can email info@jrevolution.net to get the facilitators pack shared with them.

Lastly Jrevolution is actively building partnerships with churches across the nations and is offering to train leaders to run the programs with their members if they don’t have any discipleship programs running – or alternatively run the program with their young adults and youth which is a key focus for Jrevolution. Jrevolution is passionate about evangelizing and discipling and will also come alongside churches where invited, to help them recognize and utilize the evangelism gifts that that exist within their churches. Depending on resources and location Jrevolution will also come in and run the program by invitation with churches. If you are a church and are interested in getting in touch to discuss any of the above, you can email the team on info@jrevolution.net.

Founder & Director, Outreach, Christine Kuun says,’ JRevolution stands for evangelising to change mindsets to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. The online channels we use (namely website, social media channels etc.) will outwardly not look or appear very religious or too “Christian” as a way to grab the attention of those who are lost, desperate, and looking for answers –but would never consider going to a church or religious gathering. We will use various methods online to get their attention and direct them to our online videos, webinars or live broadcasts. Once someone accepts Christ, they will have access to our discipleship program (either face to face and/or workbook) which consists of 7 topics over 7 weeks. This will give them the basic tools they need to start their walk and relationship with God.’

Co-Founder & Director Church Partnerships –Shamon Lortan, adds, ‘Throughout the program we re-iterate the importance of being placed and serving in the local church. Through our church partnerships we will place individuals in churches where they can grow and be fed. The Jrevolution Program is made up of seven Sessions and concludes with reiterating commitment to our Lord and His church either in the body the individual is already placed in or in one that is most accessible to him or her.’

Jrevolution has already conducted training programs in person and online benefitting young and not-so-young disciples who have undertaken the program and have grown into maturity as well as being better placed to serve in the churches they attend.

Director–Operations, Michelle Potgieter says,” We call it a revolution because we want to change the world by the power of the Holy Spirit – to win hearts, minds and souls and open more people to the voice of the Spirit. Jrevolution is looking for church leaders who would like to open their doors to learn and teach the course, receive disciples and lead those who are called to greater service and participation. We are happy to receive content in line with our vision to publish online and to promote interaction in the church community.’

Jrevolution intends to start with administering the discipleship program and continue with Question & Answer Forums, Testimonials, Online Discussion Groups and many more activities to engage the Church Community so that the message of the gospel is heard all over the world.

About Jrevolution: Jrevolution NPC is a ministry registered as a religious non-profit organization (registration number 2018/308330/08) in South Africa. The core vision of Jrevolution is to reach the lost via the internet & online mediums as well as to help equip churches to evangelize and disciple their members (with a special focus on youth and young adults). The leadership team consists of Christine Kuun, Shamon Lortan and Michelle Potgieter and they are joined by likeminded believers from all around the world who subscribe to their vision.

Contact: Christine Kuun, christine@jrevolution.net +971566838044
Media contact: Urvashi Kadam, urvashi@therevelationconsultancy.com ; +971503570206

Jesus Global Youth Day

For Immediate Release
Diane Morrow
Jesus Global Youth Day

Inaugural Gathering Aims to Shape the Trajectory of Christianity for the Next Generation

Manila, Philippines – Research continues to suggest that there is an ever-widening gap between the Church and today’s youth. With an exponentially rapid rate of change underway, young people are submerged in a tidal wave of technology and moral revolution sure to make the smart phone and social media craze of today appear as a mud puddle in comparison. As a result, many leaders have grave concern over the growing competition for the hearts and minds of young people and are finding it increasingly difficult to reach the younger generation for Christ.

Sensing that it is time for significant change, steering committees in 45 nations have come together to create and facilitate Jesus Global Youth Day (JGYD), August 8-10, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines, and coinciding with the United Nations International Youth Day. A number of denominational heads from around the world, along with international organizations such as Empowered 21, have also joined together to form a JGYD global advisory council aimed at uniting church leaders and encouraging them to focus on the next generation.

Bishop Ef Tendero, secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance and co-chair of JGYD states, “We are gathering youth from all over the world to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus, to declare the commitment and the desire to follow Him all of their lives. We truly believe that this will be a historic event.”

JGYD 2019 will be streamed live to 1,000 locations, partnering with 10,000 churches with the potential of reaching up to one million Filipino youth alone. And for the very first time, on the night of August 10, another 100,000 churches filled with young people from all over the world will join a global broadcast that will unite millions of youth in the name of Christ.

The three life-changing days will include a Global Pastors Congress on the Next Generation, a Global Youth Leader Congress, and evening celebrations led by internationally acclaimed speakers, worship bands, and artists. The global broadcast finale on Saturday evening is designed not only for Christian young people but will also target non-Christian youth as well with a fresh, relatable presentation of the Gospel that will enable them to stand firm amidst today’s deceptive culture.

“We are not out to reinvent the wheel,” states Ron Luce, co-chairman and director of JGYD and president of Generation Next. “We are gathering some of the leading minds who have already proven to be effective and asking them to share best practices with those in attendance. We are simply acting as curators of what they have already learned. In doing so, we hope to encourage other leaders with the success they have achieved in spite of the cultural challenges they face. Christianity is losing ground worldwide, so it is vital that the Church remains relevant and exponentially effective in reaching our youth. We must ride the crest of the wave, or we will be crushed by it. We believe that JGYD will be instrumental in achieving that goal.”

Church leaders are also invited to bring their young people a week early, July 31- August 7, for a mission and outreach experience in the Greater Manila Area where youth from all around the world will live out their faith by sharing the good news about Christ with Filipino youth and children. Churches and organizations in the Greater Manila Area will host these groups and lead them in the one-week outreach effort. Churches outside Metro Manila and elsewhere in the world may design and host their own youth conference in their own community and will be provided with sample programs, activities, and JGYD materials such as event logos and brochures.

It is important to note that the vision of JGYD extends far beyond the August event. Their goal is to not only learn over their 3 days together, but to create a global network of church leaders that are committed to reaching and discipling the next generation and extending the kingdom of God globally through their united efforts.

Bishop Tendero and Ron Luce are available for interviews and media appearances.

Watch Jesus Global Youth Day Shout Outs at https://youtu.be/ZhWjw2jGzy8

For more information on JGYD and its programs, visit Jesus Global Youth Day and

follow JGYD on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.



Author puts out a call to evangelism

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Australia has a distinctly Christian heritage, but today, mention Jesus in a Queensland school and you could find yourself in hot water.

And earlier this year, Presbyterian pastor, Campbell Markham, and street preacher, David Gee, were hauled before Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination commissioner for preaching the gospel.

The latest Australian Census data shows a steady decline in the number of people professing a Christian faith and in an increasingly pluralistic society, it’s no wonder Christians are fearful about fulfilling the Great Commission.

Helen Devenish is a Street Evangelist in the same town where Campbell and David are still waiting on the outcome of their court case.  But she’s still reaching dozens of locals every week with the gospel message, simply by starting conversations in her local coffee shop, walking through the mall or while stopping to help a mother struggling with her pram [baby carriage].

Helen is an “evangelism expert” and she’s written a book about it called Let’s Go – Fearless Evangelism. In her book, Helen shares her experience of overcoming “Evangelism Anxiety” and some of the incredible stories of salvations and healings she has witnessed as she ministers to the homeless and the wealthy alike on the streets of Hobart.

In a world that’s increasingly hostile to the gospel, Helen has five tips to help you overcome “Evangelism Anxiety” and answer the call of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20).

1. What will other people think about me? Get over it! That’s fear of man and it’s a trap to stop you from being who God created you to be. You should be much more concerned about what God thinks of you. “The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe” (Proverbs 29:25).

2. What if someone gets angry? It’s actually very rare for someone to get angry if you take a gentle, loving and kind approach. And most importantly, don’t be judgemental.

3. What if I can’t answer their questions? You might be surprised to hear that not knowing all the answers is a good thing! It shows that you’re not proud and arrogant or think you know everything. And it’s a great excuse to follow them up. Just say, “I don’t know the answer to that question. Let me find out and get back to you.”

4. How do I start a conversation with a stranger, without coming across as “weird?”Just be friendly. Say “hi” and ask a general question (ask God to give you a good conversation starter). Then gently, gradually find a way to bring up your faith in a general conversation. Look for a natural segue, rather than getting “straight into it.”

5. Does it matter what I say? Yes, it does. Don’t chase a “quick conversion” from someone who doesn’t really understand what they’re doing. A lot of the younger generation don’t even understand what sin is. Explain sin and explain the remedy — Jesus on the cross. Explain that repentance means turning away from your sin and asking God to help you stop. It’s going to mean change, so explain how good God is and how He can help them through the change.


Note: Helen Devenish is a Pastor, artist, evangelist, author and mother of 9. Find out more at www.lovehobart.com.