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New Redemption Press release examines what it mans to be a follower of Jesus

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – A 2018 and 2019, a Pew Research study found that 65 percent of American adults identify themselves as Christian.* Another Pew study broke down practicing Christians versus nonpracticing Christians in western Europe, with the majority calling themselves nonpracticing.**

In response to the study’s breakdown of practicing versus nonpracticing Christians, Baylor seminary student Jaake Raabe said, “Christianity is not a series of beliefs one agrees or disagrees with. It is a vocation. The gospel of Christ is a free gift, but one that demands action in response.”

Three Simple Words author Ed Malone believes that too many people who identify as Christian have a lack of understanding of the commitment Jesus asks for. “Many claiming to be Christians know nothing of Jesus’s teachings, how he lived, or have any desire to live as he lived,” he said. “They think they are saved but are not getting to experience the fullness of life in Christ.”

Malone wrote Three Simple Words to help readers move from mere belief in Jesus to knowing him and experiencing his abundant life. The book provides a synopsis of the life and teachings of Christ, encouraging believers to live out the standards set in Scripture and providing guidance for implementing his life-giving principles.

“I wanted to write this book to point people to what Jesus makes available and to provide an understanding of the pathway to an abundant life, which only God can give,” Malone said. “It is my prayer that readers will go through the narrow gate pursuing what only a few take seriously and find worthy of their life.”

Malone’s background in expository preaching allows him the benefit of sharing the full scope of the biblical text, while his life on a farm as a herdsman provides him with a unique insight into the agricultural word pictures Jesus uses in his teachings.

* https://www.newsweek.com/christianity-decline-americans-religion-unaffiliated-pew-study-1466035



Ed Malone has been serving as a pastor for forty-eight years. Along with being a pastor, he enjoys raising Black Angus cattle, carpentry, and writing. Author of three Christian books, Ed earned a masters of divinity degree from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary after graduating with an electrical engineering degree from the University of Tennessee. He lives out his faith by helping others and works as a lead carpenter for Habitat for Humanity, has been a counselor in a residential home for juvenile offenders, and has fostered children. He is a Vietnam veteran. Ed and his wife of fifty-four years, Gale, live on a farm in Tennessee and have two children and eight grandchildren.

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