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Pastors Rave about the Most Effective Forgiveness Book that Empowers Even Those Traumatized by 9/11 to Find Inner Peace and Happiness

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif., Sept. 7, 2021 — Dr. Allen Gee, author, clinical psychologist, and spiritual life coach, continues to guide his readers to greater healing, inner peace, and happiness with his latest bestselling book, The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable.

Unlike superficial guides that provide only trite answers, Dr. Allen’s work is a practical roadmap to unraveling the core causes of being unable to forgive. It is a deep multidisciplinary exploration of how faith, spirituality, and the sciences of the human mind intersect at the crossroads of empowering forgiveness.

Barbara Solis, Pastor of Family Counseling at the largest megachurch in Central California, Peoples Church in Fresno, CA, says “This is by far the most effective forgiveness book I have ever read. I give away many copies every week to help those struggling to forgive!”

Pastors and therapists have found The Language of Deep Forgiveness to be an invaluable resource for their churches and clients. It has produced dramatic forgiveness breakthroughs, quickly healing deep hurts and long estranged relationships. Today, Dr. Allen’s groundbreaking work is actively used by over 300 pastors at some of the largest churches in the U.S. and growing rapidly. Although written from a Christian worldview, this book can benefit readers from any background or religious tradition.

In The Language of Deep Forgiveness, Dr. Allen notes that deep forgiveness is often very difficult to achieve. Many people are trapped in their own bitterness and resentment despite having a sincere desire to be free from the bondage of their negative emotions. Dr. Allen helps them overcome common obstacles to forgiveness by answering key underlying questions such as, “How does the precise language you use to think about forgiveness in your mind affect how deeply you actually forgive in your heart?” and “What can you do when forgiveness seems to require you to accept those offenders you consider unacceptable?”

Such offenders would certainly include the terrorists responsible for 9/11. Dr. Allen exposes the “Acceptance Conundrum,” a common block to forgiveness which often keeps people stuck, struggling, unable to accept the unacceptable.

Reviewers describe The Language of Deep Forgiveness as “an interactive and invaluable resource” that changes lives. Unlike other books in the same field, readers are quick to note that Dr. Allen provides sophisticated and effective tools rather than platitudes to empower them to reach the inner peace they desperately seek. His work is truly one-of-a-kind and revolutionary.

Dave Schmelzer, Founding Pastor of Reservoir Church in Cambridge, MA, says “As someone who has taught about forgiveness many times, Dr. Allen Gee gave me tools I’ve never considered to the point that I took several moments to freshly forgive several people. If you feel stuck in moving on from ways you’ve been hurt, or if you teach others how to forgive, I’m confident you’ll find fresh ways forward here.”

Dr. Allen Gee has dedicated his life to helping others reach their spiritual best by embarking on a journey of deep forgiveness to inner peace, happiness, and enlightenment. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Trinity College of Graduate Studies and did his clinical training at Fuller Theological Seminary and Hope International University. Dr. Allen can be found online at ForgiveWell.com. ForgiveWell’s mission is to transform the Church and the world, one forgiver at a time, so that we can all live with inner peace and happiness. Its motto indeed is “Forgive well to live well!”

The Language of Deep Forgiveness: Break Free from Struggling to Accept the Unacceptable is available for purchase on Amazon or wherever books are sold (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735371610/). Sample chapters can be read here. 93% of reviews are 5-star, making it a must-read guide on finding inner peace and happiness.

SOURCE: ForgiveWell
CONTACT: Dr. Allen Gee, dr.allen@forgivewell.com