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down the river

Book two of the Two Rivers Trilogy—Christian native American historical fiction adventure—focuses on spiritual warfare and intercessory prayer

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In Down the River, author Michael W. Henry continues the adventure of book 1, Two Rivers. Down the River sends main characters Allen Hartman and Deacon Abraham on wild journeys as they battle dark forces that include pirates and demonic forces—but not without the help of powerful prayers from the people in their everyday lives.

Allen, missionary to the Arapaho in 1840, finds himself facing disgrace from his denomination, for dressing like the natives and living in their camps. When Allen departs on what should be an uneventful journey to clear his name, he is thrust into a mission to rescue his close friend Deacon Abraham, a former slave who’s been kidnapped by a depraved, vile man. Allen—no stranger to spiritual warfare—will stop at nothing to save his friend, including fending off river pirates out for blood and demonic forces intent on stealing lives.

Pastor to a small church in Ohio, Deacon Abraham risks his life daily to help transport runaway slaves to the next leg of their freedom trek. But it’s more than his life that’s at stake when he’s captured by a minion to a dark, formidable being—it’s his soul. Will the prayer warriors interceding for Deacon Abraham and Allen be enough to defeat the haunting evil, or will two men of God be brought to their knees before an insidious power?

A former missionary to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, if there’s one thing author Michael Henry is familiar with, it’s spiritual warfare and deliverance. “The power of intercessory prayer on behalf of those in spiritual warfare cannot be overstated,” Michael says. “The portrayal of fiction events is a reflection of the real spiritual battles believers encounter.”

Michael takes the reader deep into the heart of a man who trusts his prayers—and those of friends he knows are interceding on his behalf—and God himself above all, even when facing seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Michael W. Henry’s ministry has spanned from serving as a missionary in Mexico, where he encountered intense spiritual warfare, to planting and pastoring churches in Washington state. Now retired, Michael pursues writing, film production, and offers spiritual-life coaching to believers searching for deep faith encounters with Jesus. Michael has long been fascinated by Native American spirituality and culture. He and his wife live in Wenatchee, Washington, and enjoy hunting, hiking, canoeing, and other outdoor activities with their four adult children and grandchildren. He has previously published Two Rivers, book 1 of the Two Rivers Trilogy.

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