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Diary of a Good Christian Girl

New book explores Christian girl’s escape from violent abuse through deep faith

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Good Christian girls are friendly. Good Christian girls obey authority. Good Christian girls are happy…

Except when they’re not…

Jules Green had a beautiful upbringing, with a great family, but outside the doors of her home, she suffered abuse at the hands of boyfriends and youth leaders, including enduring dangerous, false teaching and sexism in the church.

Jules Green’s new book, Diary of a Good Christian Girl, tackles such issues as domestic violence, assault, rape and religious abuse in a hopeful tone, filled with raw honesty and humour.

Jules, herself a survivor of horrific intimate partner violence, openly shares her experiences in diary form, ending each section of horrific memory with a statement of hope based on what God says about her – that despite the put downs, lies and manipulations used against her – she is worthy to be loved.

Jules was almost killed by both her ex partners and she shares how she not only got through her traumas through her faith in God, but also how she was, literally, physically saved by Jesus, and has been able to go on to thrive.

Throughout the book, Jules’ memories of abuse are interspersed with fun, positive memories of times with family and friends. Jules is always bringing the reader back to her message of the Christian faith; how it was a constant in her life as a younger woman, and how it continues to help her.

She then shares her recent healing journey, and details how she was pulled through the traumatic memories with the help of therapists, sport, family, friends and faith.

For instance, Jules says of her experiences, “He was the problem, I never was,” and, “It’s time to lay the trauma down and be thankful for who I am; a brave warrior princess.”

Jules has gone on to write several effective letters to politicians, the education department, hospitals and the police, asking for change in these matters, and change was made! Jules’ bravery in both the writing of these letters and in reporting the crimes is an example to others, showing them that they, too, can ask for help and create positive change.

Jules hopes her book will help other young women know how much they are worth, (all priceless), and that it will also show others how to spot predators through a deeper understanding of the signs of abuse.

In short, Jules hopes her story will help others heal.

Jules owns her own art business, selling her published works and her handmade art products. She holds a Diploma of Art, Craft and Design and a Certificate 4 in Small Business Management, and has her art and books in several bookshops and galleries around Tasmania.

Jules has also published a joke book and some poetry, and has won two awards for her poetry writing, one 2nd place in 1999, and one 1st place in 2009.

Diary of a Good Christian Girl, published by Ark House, is now available globally.