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#1 New Release in Religious Faith “Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” by Laura Woodworth

FAITH NEWS SERVICEThe new devotional book, “Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” by Christian author Laura Woodworth inspires healing for those who grieve and renewed momentum for those who have lost their vision and purpose.

Kansas City, MO (April 4, 2023) —With emotional health a growing concern in our nation, the new devotional book, “Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” by Laura Woodworth offers a path towards healing, spiritual wellness and renewed momentum into the good future promised in God’s word. Published by Family Christian Publishing, the book is the #1 New Release in the Religious Faith category on Amazon. It is available at BarnesandNoble.com, ChristianBook.com and Amazon.com.

“Even years out from the pandemic, many people are still trying to get their bearings,” shares Laura Woodworth. “‘Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God’ offers a compassionate hand up or a friendly push to get your life back in gear with renewed vision.”

With a missions and ministry background, Woodworth is an award winning screenwriter-producer-director, script consultant, and development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles. Her inspirational writings are finding a strong readership on FamilyChristian.com, iDisciple, and Pure Flix Insider, and she has over 200K subscribers to her YouVersion devotional plans.

Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” is endorsed by Hollywood executives as well as ministry leaders. Media executive Phil Cooke, who has worked with many of the most respected churches and ministries in the world, says, “Laura Woodworth has her finger on the pulse of where our culture is right now. If you’re ready to move your life forward, I can’t think of a better start than this devotional.”

“A GET THROUGH IT devotion… I believe the lost DREAM will be revived by the spirit of the Lord as you walk through this devotional,” comments Barb Rudoski, co-pastor of Faith Alive Family Church in Canada.

Co-founder of iHope Ministries, Karen Bejjani shares, “If you’re stuck in a hopeless spot, Laura Woodworth compassionately meets you there and guides you back to Truth. A great resource for our times.”

“If you’re ready to move out of your valley and into God’s future, this book is for you,” adds Laura Woodworth.

Order now from Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Through-Valley-Move-Your-Forward/dp/B0BL89JMFP

Find out more about the devotional at https://throughthevalleydevotional.com

For interviews with the author, contact the author directly at laura@laurawoodworth.com

Booksellers can purchase “Through the Valley—Move Your Life Forward in God” through Anchor Distributors here: https://www.anchordistributors.com/.

About Laura Woodworth
Laura Woodworth is a development executive for Cooke Media Group in Los Angeles, freelance writer-producer-director, and script consultant for Stage 32, the largest online platform for screenwriters in the world. With a B.A. in Ministerial Studies and graduate work in UCLA’s Professional Program in Producing, film awards include Most Inspirational Short Film (ICFF) for “In Tune” and the Telly Award-winning documentary “Asia: The Great Wall and Beyond” produced for TBN. Her articles have been carried by FamilyChristian.com, iDisciple, PureFlix Insider, CharismaMagazine.com and CreativeScreenwriting.com and she has over 200K subscribers to her YouVersion devotional plans. She has spoken at Christian gatherings and media/film conferences including NRB. Find out more at LauraWoodworth.com


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Poetry: The Reflection of God 

FAITH NEWSWIRE – The author, Dr Edwin Yip has composed some very meaningful poems in his book ‘Glorifying God Centred in Christ’. The purpose, he maintains, is to glorify God, through meditation on the poetry. Dr Edwin Yip’s goal is to help Christians grow in faith and to understand what it means to be a Christian.

But why poetry? “If you are a Christian, it does not really matter whether you like poetry or not,” the author explains. “For example, even if you do not like the literary styles in the book of Psalms, you can still study and learn from it. Of course, if you enjoy poetry then that’s a bonus. This book is more than a collection of poems. It has reflective questions and my own comments besides each poem. In other words, its main value is as a devotional tool.” 

Why the author decided to write down his inspiration for these poems is because he was sharing a personal poem he had written in front of others. He realised he wanted to share all his poetry and bring joy to his readers.

Dr Yip gives an overview of the time in his life when he felt he wanted to write his poetry. “Although I have written a few poems relating to my faith in the past, it was not enough to form a collection. During my brief missional trip to Tonga in 2016, I had the opportunity to share a personal poem I had written with other believers, and I was encouraged by the responses of those who heard it. 

“At the same time, I was inspired by one of the sisters who travelled with me. Her main role during the trip was to impart knowledge and wisdom and encouragement to caregivers and families looking after children with autism. This is made possible through her experience in bringing up her youngest child with autism. She also went on to write a book called ‘Mikey & Me’ which shares her personal journey. Her story has become a source of hope and blessing to others.

“I also wanted to write something that can inspire and help others, to cultivate and strengthen their spiritual growth. As I thought about what my spiritual gift(s) are and what I can do for Christ, the idea of writing and publishing a poetry collection was born.”

So how does the author believe his collection of poems can glorify God? “It’s personal,” he declares. “It’s a reflection of my gratitude to God and what he has done in my life. I hope others can appreciate what I have written even if they are not into poetry. Furthermore, I hope they are inspired to focus on their own gifts and passions to glorify God.” 

Editor’s Note: this article may be re-produced, without requiring permission.