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ignite the dynamite

Inspirational book helps believers release the dynamic power of God in their lives as the Australian author, pastor, and global speaker applies scriptural principles

FAITH NEWS SERVICEIgnite The Dynamite – the inspirational book by Australian author, pastor, global speaker, and musician Daniel Hagen – has topped Amazon Australia’s Christian ministry best seller list.

The 206-page book unpacks how everyday believers can activate their faith to ignite the dynamic power of God in their lives.

“We’re not living a natural life; we’re living a supernatural life,” Hagen says. “We’ve been born again and now have this supernatural substance that dwells within us. It’s the power that we received when the Holy Spirit came upon us.”

Ignite The Dynamite takes readers through Daniel Hagen’s personal journey from salvation to global speaker.

The part-memoir, part-manual delves into Scripture helping guide believers to a greater depth in their lives and ministries.

Daniel writes with conviction and authority having led street-evangelism teams, becoming a church planter overseeing several Fire Church ministries throughout Queensland and Victoria, plus being a director of Awakening Australia.

It’s a word in season from the heart of God for the hour we’re living in today.

Ignite The Dynamite is available in hardcopy from danielhagenministries.com and Amazon, plus digitally from key online retailers including Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Google.

Audiobook – read by Daniel Hagen – is available on Audible and other platforms from September.

Daniel Hagen is available for interviews.

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