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New Devotional Offers Hope with Perspective

The Yellow Balloons Daily Devotional, available from the inspirational team at yellowballoons.net is a FREE email resource now including audio, and selections via the YouVersion app.

The Yellow Balloons Devotionals are comprised of various practical topics that are found throughout the Yellow Balloons book. The devotionals connect age-old biblical truths with modern-day life in a way that gives guidance for daily living, in a brief, user-friendly format.

“Working with Tim to write the devotionals has helped me to perceive the world around me more clearly,” explains Joey Willis, Content Developer for Yellow Balloons. “It has made me more aware of central themes in Scripture that are vital yet don’t get talked about very often. Themes such as the difference between approval and acceptance, our role as the referee between flesh and spirit, and the valleys/plains/mountains as co-equal arenas of life. The devotions have helped me see each day as an opportunity to take ownership of my perspective rather than blaming everything and everyone around me.”

Grouped by themes, the listener can begin with The First 40 Devotionals, which are an introduction into how to discover and accept reality, choose a true perspective, and make the most of the life God has called us to. Encouraging and insightful, these devotionals, remind the listener that we have a choice to move towards God and to overcome our circumstances. Through Scripture engagement and reflection, the devotionals encourage us to seek God’s truth and His perspective in our lives.

The Yellow Balloons devotionals have also been made available through the popular Bible app, YouVersion. These devotional topics include:

  • The Perspective to See Benefits of Difficulty
  • A Godly Perspective During Personal Tragedies
  • Reality Is an Acquired Taste
  • Perspective in The Valley
  • The Holiness of The Every Day
  • Embrace Your Inner Superhero
  • Perspective on The Mountaintop
  • Soon to be released: The Recipe for Victory

The Yellow Balloons team knows that the Biblical narrative is a guidepost for daily living. The truths found in this narrative invites listeners and readers to be transformed by the choices we make and the God we serve.

All of the devotionals, podcasts, along with the book, are available for FREE at www.yellowballoons.net

These insightful, under two-minute devotionals are available for stations to download for daily airplay. Please contact Tina Jacobson (tina@barnabasagency.com) for more detail.

The Yellow Balloons team is committed to influencing individuals and organizations towards choosing a true perspective. Throughout all the diverse circumstances of life, we have the power to make choices and live life above our circumstances. Yellow Balloons provides free resources such as books, podcasts, and devotionals.

Diane Morrow
The Barnabas Agency
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