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Veteran educator helps young students prepare for the future

FAITH NEWS SERVICEMaybe not the future in terms of schooling, but the future in terms of the eternal.

Cindy Driggers has worked joyfully in elementary school education for over thirty years. From brick-and-mortar school setting to Sunday school, she has been able to reach the hearts of young students and teach them about their faith.

A child’s faith is important, and while most might think that it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their child about faith, the foundation can certainly be guided in Sunday school.

Sunday school is important to a child’s foundation of faith and grows with them whether they realize it or not. Perhaps you may remember Bible verses or Bible stories from when you were in Sunday school, or maybe kids’ songs are rushing to your mind after all these years. No doubt you remember your teachers talking about Jesus.

In her thirty years’ experience, Driggers recalls that “children often ask hard questions about sin and about Jesus.” And often, parents and teachers and educators share the gospel in an abstract way, limiting a child’s understanding of how they can really know Jesus.

The interactive, whimsical but realistic children’s book The Bracelet offers a meaningful connection between children and understanding matters of faith. Children follow the story of two girls, Sara and Grace, who have conversations about Grace’s bracelet and how the different colored beads mean something very special about the faith journey and knowing Jesus.

Children ages five to nine will learn the importance of Bible verses, such as Romans 3:23 and 6:23, 1 John 1:9, and Matthew 28:19–20, in a way that deepens their understanding of a seemingly difficult concept. Driggers breaks it down in the simplest way, by explaining what each colored bead of the bracelet means, and how children can share the gospel with their friends too.

“My desire to spread the gospel of Jesus in a child friendly way, and in a way that would help a child truly understand what sin is and why they need Jesus,” Driggers says.

For parents of young and elementary school children and educators in both school and faith settings, this book brings the gospel alive in a simple, engaging way. Children will also be able to make their own bracelet to wear and share with others.


For over thirty years, author and teacher Cindy Driggers has worked with elementary-aged children, in the classroom, in Sunday school, and as a reading specialist. She understands how children think and what kind of questions they have about deeper topics, like Jesus and the gospel. Currently, she teaches fourth grade Sunday school and enjoys helping children learn and grow. She lives in Columbia, South Carolina, with her husband, Daryl. They have two grown sons. Her hobbies include reading, aerobics, and going on walks with her dogs.

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