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New Redemption Press release keeps readers on the edge of their seats

FAITH NEWS SERVICEJust as the world is seeing breakthroughs in COVID-19 vaccines and heading toward normalcy, new release Desperately Mobile enters the pandemic and takes readers on a wild ride in a 1970 GTO–fueled suspense featuring a new artificial intelligent internet that could change users’ lives—or destroy them.

Though Brennan Koenig hangs out with a big-time scientist whose intelligent search engine, BrainTrust, could revive the economy after COVID-19, he’d  rather chat with his ex-girlfriends and tweak his 1970 GTO convertible than do just about anything else. But when he finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is wounded during an attack on the scientist, Brennan and his GTO engage in a desperate race against the clock to take out BrainTrust’s servers before a mysterious group, the Ploughmen, can infiltrate them for their own purposes. Whether this group was also in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if they were firmly planted there, in book 1 of The Ploughmen Series, the stakes are high—and they only go up from there.

“When people are put in situations where they have to reach down into some gritty place for more, it can sometimes be disturbing what they find there,”  says the author, Chuck Knochel. “I often wonder if this lies at the heart of my own PTSD, because it flies in the face of how I want to see myself. The characters in Desperately Mobile face real dilemmas and find themselves making decisions they would have never considered in the previous twenty-four hours.” 


The e-book contains links to the author’s website, which features audio from the characters and three mysterious videos. 


Though not overtly Christian, the story takes place from a Christian worldview, with fallen characters trying to find their way in a new normal. The book touches on Black Lives Matter, tax revolts, and China’s role in technology. 


The story takes place in a day and is book 1 of The Ploughmen Series. 




Chuck Knochel has written articles for small midwestern publications and worked construction in six states, plus the Caribbean, Australia, and Africa. He currently works for a Fortune 250 company doing large-scale environmental cleanups. Chuck has had nearly three decades of counseling for intense dissociative trauma and has counseled others experiencing the same. He also extensively studies the mind and its innate ability to fracture when dealing with the blows of trauma. He’s married to Kimberley, and they split their time between their home in Asheville, North Carolina, and their home in West Lafayette, Indiana. When in Indiana, they enjoy their GTO (featured on the cover of this book at Purdue University’s airport); their pit-bull mix, Honey; and their dream of creating a quite space for trauma survivors to rest and heal.