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Surviving Holidays While Grieving

Surviving the Holidays While Grieving by Janet K. Johnson, Will be Free to Download Tomorrow, November 22, 2022

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Monday, November 21, 2022

Janet Johnson is eager to present the re-launch of her book Surviving the Holidays While Grieving.

Janet wrote Surviving the Holidays While Grieving for both those who have experienced grief and loss and those who know someone who has experienced loss to help them survive the holidays.

Having endured the significant amount of profound loss of love ones, she understands grief brings a multitude of emotions. Each day can be a battle to keep unpredictable emotions under control—especially around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, which can bring losses into full focus. Even simple tasks, such as walking through a store during the holidays, can surface memories that turn on emotions like a light switch.

Janet comes alongside readers who have lost a loved one or are journeying with someone dealing with grief. With tenderness and compassion, she offers ideas for managing emotions, hands-on activities for expressing feelings in tangible ways, and tips for communicating those feelings to others.

Janet K. Johnson’s Surviving the Holidays While Grieving will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days from November 22 through November 26, 2022. Grief: The Unwanted Journey is highly recommended. Here’s what a couple of the reviewers have said:

Rebecca White
5 stars
Easy to read, yet full of wisdom
Reviewed in the United States

“This book is a simple to read book but that is so necessary for those in a state of grief. The ideas to help connect with your loved one as you go through a holiday season without them area simple to do, written with good instructions, and provide an impactful statement. This is especially a great book for families with children that have list someone close and need things to show that the loved one is still a part of the child’s life.”

5 stars
Comfort during special times

“Janet K. Johnson’s book was written from her path through grieving for the loss of a brother, son, and parents. She provides an approach for healing even though “…not completely, but enough to live with joy again, experience new journeys, and find a new normal” in one’s life. I recommend this book if you know anyone who is on the journey of grieving. Ms. Johnson provides helpful advice to remember and celebrate a loved one during special holidays and ideas to create more memories. Although the title suggests a focus on the holidays, the gentle faith-based advice provides helpful ideas to honor your loved one and navigate the journey of grief throughout the year.”

For More Information
For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact Janet K. Johnson at (828) 772-2349 or email joyfilledjan1@gmail.com.

About the Author
Janet Johnson is a pastor, spiritual formation mentor, author, writer, and speaker whose passion is to draw others closer to God in all of life’s situations. She holds a BA, MSW, and MDiv, is an associate member of the Order of St. Luke healing ministry, and has completed the Academy of Spiritual Formation and the Pastors of Excellence Program. She frequently teaches on grief and joy and also writes regularly for a Christian magazine. She and her husband, Richard, live in North Carolina and have four grown children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.