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Redemption Press author provides a beacon of hope and joy for those suffering with health, physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Author, speaker, and health advocate Christine Trimpe knows the struggle with health all too well. A few years ago, she was obese, but then she lost a hundred pounds. And with what started as a way to process her emotions, difficulties, and struggles, Christine began to study the Gospel of Luke. What she found there changed her life forever! Through her blog posts, “Countdown to Christmas through the Book of Luke,” Christine realized she had hit a core need in people struggling to find joy in their circumstances.

The positive responses were overwhelming, and she felt God nudging her to take all she had written and publish a book. Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke is a twenty-five-day Christmas advent devotional beginning December 1, going through the twenty-four chapters of Luke’s gospel, plus an encouraging message from Trimpe on day twenty-five. Her hope is for readers to live in the joy of the Lord despite their circumstances—seek, and you will find. Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke releases October 2021, in time for the Advent season.

Now instead of feeling toxic all the time, Christine describes how her mood changed “from chronic exhaustion to complete joy!”

“Everywhere in every chapter of Luke, I kept running across the word ‘joy’ or forms of it—rejoice, joyful—even during the worst moments of Jesus’s life,” Christine says. “There are so many things to be thankful for, so many joy-filled moments, that I began to understand the joy of the Lord, and I couldn’t keep quiet about this life-changing gift!”

Her joy has proven to be contagious, and now Trimpe serves as a health and wellness coach through her ministry Joy-Fueled Living, helping others heal from obesity and chronic health issues of body, mind, and spirit. “I’m hoping to help anyone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired,” says Trimpe. “I can use my story and experience to show people a better way—a way that actually works, a way where people can feel hope again and experience pure joy!”


Christine Trimpe is an author, speaker, joy seeker, and weight-loss warrior. After losing over a hundred pounds in her joy-filled journey of healing, God instilled a passion within her to inspire, motivate, and encourage women to pursue healthy, holy living— body, mind, and spirit. Christine speaks and writes for women all over the world, sharing the freedom Christ offers when we choose the path of surrender and sacrifice. Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke is Christine’s debut book, a twenty-five-day Christmas advent encouraging readers to live in the joy of the Lord despite their circumstances, realizing that joy can be sought after and found if they just look for it. Her transformation story and Bible and Beans blog can be found at ChristineTrimpe.com, and you can email her at Christine@christinetrimpe.com for speaking inquiries.

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