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motivate 23

YOU’RE INVITED: ‘Motivate 2023’ Event Streaming Free on 9/30/2023

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – MESA, Az. September 1, 2023 /Press Release/ — Whether you have been bothered by the wildfires that swept through Maui killing hundreds, or whether you have been bothered by politics or even deaths occurring because of fentanyl, we know it’s hard for you to see a reason to rejoice in this modern day and age.

We know with everyone the situations around us may cause fear, worry, care, anxiety, and concern, but we are inviting you to come join us for a very special event, Motivate 2023.

On Saturday September 30, 2023, we hope you will gather on your cellphone, computer, or tablet to understand why this year’s theme is “Rejoice”. “This year has been quit a year in our society,” said M.King (Marcus King) Founder & President of the board at M.King Media.

From wildfires to political indictments to drug epidemics, it can be tough to see the Lord in our day and age, but we must also realize that those in the times of Jesus, had it tough like us, if not worse and still managed to find Jesus, even if that meant crawling on the ground through a crowd of people.”

The event will be less than an hour and hosted by M.King. The event will feature worship, a great teaching from the Bible on how to overcome to rejoice and much more. Motivate 2023 will be broadcast online via mkingmedia.com and their You Tube page.

“We hope people will join us and take a break from the noise around them to worship, be taught from the word and be encouraged to share their faith with the community around them in unique ways.” said M.King

Motivate 2023 will take place on Saturday September 30,2023 at 10AM , streaming free on M.King Media.com and their You Tube page.

About M.King Media
Founded in 2013, M.King Media INC. is a faith-focused non-profit based in Mesa, AZ. M.King Media has created more than 271 faith-based media projects and distributed them all over the world.

M.King Media’s mission statement is “To Make Creative Christian Media That Points People to Jesus Christ.” For more info go to mkingmedia.com/aboutus

the gap between god and christianity

‘The Gap Between God and Christianity: The Turbulence of Western Culture’ a penetrating book for thinking Christians

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – When people move from one cultural system to another, they get caught in the dissonance created by the collision of the two systems for survival. Many are not aware of what is happening.

They have brought their own culture to the host situation, and it is not working for them. The host people wonder why they are so strange. Culture shock is a real possibility for these sojourners in a foreign land. But awareness can change all this.

A similar problem confronts Christians when they read the Bible or implement its teachings in their own culture. They do not realize the powerful influence of the original culture on the words and then of their own on their observations of the text or its application to their lives.

The results create a gap between God and their expression of Christianity. This is the crux of the discussion in this book. The journey may cause discomfort for some. It is a sensitive topic to talk about one’s own culture and its influence on us when all along, we thought we were in charge of our lives and preferences. It may give us a sort of reverse culture shock.

Western culture is one of the most challenging perspectives from which to see and grasp the intent of biblical truths. Its search for logical information, institutional survival, and Christian celebrities does not lend itself to trusting relationships central to the biblical message.

The English language, shaped by this culture, is highly in contrast to Middle Eastern ways of thinking, reasons for communication, and views of people. The typical reader does not allow the text to change their individualist view of themselves but rather reads it through individualist eyes that often filter out what God intends for them.

The result is a highly developed superficial Western Christianity with what is believed to be the information but often misses the meaning and personal engagement with God intended. That leaves a Gap Between God and Christianity.

Author’s Perspective:

The Gap Between God and Christianity comes out of decades of observing Western Christianity in the United States and Europe and non-Western Christianity in Africa, Korea, and Native America and years of teaching applied cultural anthropology and intercultural communication. Through it all, I became deeply concerned for today’s churches, Christian schools, and mission agencies.

We have ignored this enormous influence of culture, and ours has played tricks on us, invading our way of thinking about God, godliness, and ministry. It is time to close the gap.

This book speaks to the interference of our Western culture in reading and responding to God’s Word. Until recent times, Christians have not paid attention to the effects of culture on people, especially their own on them.

But this has been our error and weakness as Western people in understanding ourselves and others in the world around us. A further result is that we have neglected to see that reading the Bible is a cross-cultural experience, and we are ill-prepared for it. The Gap Between God and Christianity opens our understanding of the influence of our culture when we read the Bible.

We have a Western prescription in our cultural lenses, helping us interpret our experience and communication in our own situation but distorting the meaning of experience and communication in other cultures, including the Bible. If we let it, it creates a gap between us and God’s intentions for us in His Word. Although it is a sort of high treason to talk about culture’s influence on us individualists, it is time we met God on his own terms and let him speak for himself.

The Gap Between God and Christianity helps us cross the chasm.


“Because all ministry is intercultural, The Gap Between God and Christianity has a foundational and fundamental message for all Christian workers at home and abroad: know first who you are. Why? So that you don’t superimpose your culture on the Biblical cultures or the host culture. Forged out of the crucible of cross-cultural ministry in numerous cultures, the reader can expect to find informed ways to ‘let God be God.’ Don’t overlook this jewel.”   —Tom Steffen, Biola University, emeritus.

“This book is a rich and needed cultural critique of American conservative Christianity, by a lifelong member of that community who has served half of his life as a foreign missionary, and the other half as a seminary professor. . . . Stallter concludes that cultural expectations, theological systems, and personal needs filter American views of Scripture and God, with the result that we ‘know a lot about self-assertion but little about humility and, therefore, little of the fear of God.”   —Sherwood G. Lingenfelter, Fuller Theological Seminary, emeritus.

“Tom Stallter has faithfully and pointedly served those of us who comprise his Euro-North American audience. Building on his extensive international experience and painstaking scholarly pursuits, Stallter offers here not only a penetrating critique of our enslaving Western individualism but—perhaps even more importantly—constructive pointers toward living freely as followers of Jesus Christ. Stallter’s analysis of our skewed notion of ‘conscience’ is only one of several enlightening discussions that push us to ‘let God be God.’”   —J. Nelson Jennings, Mission Pastor, Onnuri Church, S. Korea

“Thomas Stallter has provided the church an extremely valuable tool to help understand the role culture has played in the initial giving of God’s revelation, the subsequent understanding of that revelation throughout the ages, and the communication of that revelation by Christians across cultures. This understanding enables us to “let God be God within our cultural frame of reference’ and avoid the ‘intrusion of self between God and us.’”   —John R. Lillis, Pacific Theological Seminary

this wondrous life

The Girl Next Door Does Christianity in a Post Modern World

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – That’s how the author of exciting new book, This Wondrous Life, describes her book in one sentence.

Andrina Rijken views herself as a regular girl who grew up in suburban Australia. Saved at a young age, she has passionately followed Jesus all her life. Everything seemed just the way it should. Yet despite all this, she began grappling with where she belonged in a rapidly changing society that felt ever at war with her Christian values.

Andrina found herself asking so many questions. “What is this all for? How do I keep my faith alive when progressive ideologies want to snuff it out? How can I, one person, have any impact or make a difference? Why would anyone want to listen to a seemingly ordinary person like me?” The only thing that felt certain was the knowledge that God was with her every step of the way.

Turning to Him, Andrina began pressing into God more than ever before, leaning on His Word for daily encouragement. As she did this, God began to speak to her and the words He spoke seemed to burn within.

“I started to write and a dream was birthed,” she said. “Maybe, just maybe, others feel this way too. Maybe what God is revealing to me can help others?”

Andrina’s book is honest and relatable, recognising that when faced with the daily grind, it can be easy to believe our life has little significance. We can assume that just because we don’t have a platform, or large social media following of thousands, that we have no influence. Different seasons in life cause us to reflect and re-evaluate, but sometimes leave us more uncertain and lacking direction.

Busyness, getting older, unexpected changes, disappointment and the ever-changing world around that is so contrary to the Christian’s core values and beliefs can make one feel like they have no voice, leaving them with an overwhelming sense of redundancy.

Thankfully, God’s ways are not determined by our circumstances, position in life, platform or scope of influence. He longs for us to experience the extraordinary – even when we think our lives are ordinary and average. In a world that is so often driving humanity to constantly achieve, strive, compare and compete, This Wondrous Life points the reader back to the still, small voice; to the seemingly mundane or ordinary that when lived abiding with God, ultimately is extraordinary.

Andrina is able to draw fresh insight from scripture and apply it honestly and openly to her life. Her message is timely and extremely important – a message for generations. She openly invites the reader into her story, providing immense encouragement through her own lived experiences and practical examples of seeing even the smallest details in life through God’s Word.

This Wondrous Life will encourage, uplift and inspire. It aims to help uncover the wonder of living a life with Jesus through the various seasons and experiences we face. By drawing upon powerful Biblical truths, Andrina demonstrates how to apply the Word and find fulfilment and purpose, regardless of the circumstances we face. She shares her personal testimony and discusses her faith in relation to topics such as perfectionism, worship, being a “Wonder Woman” in a dark world, how to be an intentional influencer, dealing with disappointment, and how to laugh at the future.

If you want to be encouraged in living a righteous, disciplined and truly wondrous life abiding in His presence daily, then this book is a must-read for you. This Wondrous Life, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

About the author

Andrina Rijken is passionate about being an extravagant worshiper and learning all she can about the Word of God. She desires to inspire others to experience a deep and wonderful relationship with their Saviour Jesus in their everyday lives. Growing up as a pastor’s daughter, she has been involved in many different aspects of ministry, including church planting, pastoral care, worship, youth work and children’s ministry. Andrina lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband and children. She has a Bachelor of Speech Pathology with over twenty years of experience in this field. Andrina has recently completed a Masters of Arts majoring in Christian Studies at Alphacrucis University College.

Jesus Global Youth Day

For Immediate Release
Diane Morrow
Jesus Global Youth Day

Inaugural Gathering Aims to Shape the Trajectory of Christianity for the Next Generation

Manila, Philippines – Research continues to suggest that there is an ever-widening gap between the Church and today’s youth. With an exponentially rapid rate of change underway, young people are submerged in a tidal wave of technology and moral revolution sure to make the smart phone and social media craze of today appear as a mud puddle in comparison. As a result, many leaders have grave concern over the growing competition for the hearts and minds of young people and are finding it increasingly difficult to reach the younger generation for Christ.

Sensing that it is time for significant change, steering committees in 45 nations have come together to create and facilitate Jesus Global Youth Day (JGYD), August 8-10, 2019 at the Mall of Asia Arena, Manila, Philippines, and coinciding with the United Nations International Youth Day. A number of denominational heads from around the world, along with international organizations such as Empowered 21, have also joined together to form a JGYD global advisory council aimed at uniting church leaders and encouraging them to focus on the next generation.

Bishop Ef Tendero, secretary general of the World Evangelical Alliance and co-chair of JGYD states, “We are gathering youth from all over the world to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus, to declare the commitment and the desire to follow Him all of their lives. We truly believe that this will be a historic event.”

JGYD 2019 will be streamed live to 1,000 locations, partnering with 10,000 churches with the potential of reaching up to one million Filipino youth alone. And for the very first time, on the night of August 10, another 100,000 churches filled with young people from all over the world will join a global broadcast that will unite millions of youth in the name of Christ.

The three life-changing days will include a Global Pastors Congress on the Next Generation, a Global Youth Leader Congress, and evening celebrations led by internationally acclaimed speakers, worship bands, and artists. The global broadcast finale on Saturday evening is designed not only for Christian young people but will also target non-Christian youth as well with a fresh, relatable presentation of the Gospel that will enable them to stand firm amidst today’s deceptive culture.

“We are not out to reinvent the wheel,” states Ron Luce, co-chairman and director of JGYD and president of Generation Next. “We are gathering some of the leading minds who have already proven to be effective and asking them to share best practices with those in attendance. We are simply acting as curators of what they have already learned. In doing so, we hope to encourage other leaders with the success they have achieved in spite of the cultural challenges they face. Christianity is losing ground worldwide, so it is vital that the Church remains relevant and exponentially effective in reaching our youth. We must ride the crest of the wave, or we will be crushed by it. We believe that JGYD will be instrumental in achieving that goal.”

Church leaders are also invited to bring their young people a week early, July 31- August 7, for a mission and outreach experience in the Greater Manila Area where youth from all around the world will live out their faith by sharing the good news about Christ with Filipino youth and children. Churches and organizations in the Greater Manila Area will host these groups and lead them in the one-week outreach effort. Churches outside Metro Manila and elsewhere in the world may design and host their own youth conference in their own community and will be provided with sample programs, activities, and JGYD materials such as event logos and brochures.

It is important to note that the vision of JGYD extends far beyond the August event. Their goal is to not only learn over their 3 days together, but to create a global network of church leaders that are committed to reaching and discipling the next generation and extending the kingdom of God globally through their united efforts.

Bishop Tendero and Ron Luce are available for interviews and media appearances.

Watch Jesus Global Youth Day Shout Outs at https://youtu.be/ZhWjw2jGzy8

For more information on JGYD and its programs, visit Jesus Global Youth Day and

follow JGYD on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.