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I Am Bold And Fearless Woman Magazine

The Second Edition of I Am Bold and Fearless Woman Magazine Highlights Women of Resilience! Embracing and Showcasing Mothers Who Have Gone the Extra Mile

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – May 14, 2023, Barbados— In honor of resilient women and mothers, Kimisha King, founder, and CEO of QueensMindset, is pleased to announce the release of the second edition of the I Am Bold And Fearless Woman Magazine on Mother’s Day.

This year’s magazine cover features professional women from around the world: Dr. Rhonda M. Wood, a mental health advocate; Dr. Theresa A. Moseley, a peace ambassador; Lisa J. Crawford, a leadership coach; Shakera Trotman-Chase, a prophetess; Lotoya Jean, a financial freedom coach; and Dr. Jennifer Jones Bryant, a certified leadership coach.

“We are showcasing women of resilience from multiple backgrounds—women in ministry, women in business, leaders, C-suite executives, and mothers of nations,” Kimisha King said. “Our Six Cover Girls are doing a great work and are also balancing life as mothers. The idea for the magazine came from my love for seeing women win.”

The magazine speaks to strength, boldness, fierceness, and tenacity,” King adds. “The publication aims to encourage the average woman who is struggling to overcome trials and adversity.”

King is also the publisher of I Am Bold And Fearless Woman Magazine. The publication was officially launched in 2022 and is designed to uplift, inspire, and help women build their strength and courage while empowering them to overcome life’s obstacles.

“I am grateful thatI have the ability to leave a positive imprint on women’s lives,” she continues. “The best part of what I do is making and seeing an impact on women. I love to see women who are accomplishing their dreams because I made a brave decision to use my voice.”

About Kimisha King

Kimisha King is a Barbados native and has built her reputation on volunteerism. King is an author, publisher, podcaster, international speaker, content creator, certified master trainer, certified international life purpose coach, visionary strategist, and entrepreneur. She has dedicated her life to facilitating success in women’s and youth’s lives. In her book, “Journey to Thirty: The Naked Truth, I Am You!” King uses her difficult life experiences to inspire other women to dream and reach for their goals.

About QueensMindset

The QueensMindset brand was created in 2017. Kimisha King designed the brand to empower, educate, and encourage women from all backgrounds about their power. She produced several platforms to share her message of hope and faith with QueensMindset YouTube and Real TableTalk Podcast. In 2021, King started a YouTube series called “Battered, Bruised, Not Broken.” She has been featured by over 500 media houses throughout the U.S. and in Nigeria. On her platforms, women are taught to redesign their lives with her framework, reimagine your reality™.

For more information on QueensMindset’s products, events, training, and coaching sessions, visit Facebook (QueensMindset), Instagram (@QueensMindset), and YouTube (QueensMindset).

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Contact Information:

Kimisha King
Founder and CEO
Email: queensmindset.qm@gmail.com

New group launches to support Christian women in business

A new group has been launched in an effort to support the growing number of Christian women and stay-at-home moms venturing out into their own businesses.

Christian Woman & Co is the brainchild of Nicole Danswan, who along with her husband, are the owners and founders of the global media group, Initiate Media.

CW&Co has been launched with a vision of connecting mompreneurs and Christian women in business who want to combine work and faith in a new digital era,” Nicole stated.

As the workforce changes dramatically and we are seeing the rise of the gig economy, where more and more jobs are becoming part-time, casual, and in many cases, cut all together, Nicole felt compelled to launch a support group so that Christian women are not left behind.

“As both a Christian woman and a Christian woman in business, I can very clearly see how quickly employment is changing. So many jobs are going offshore, automation is changing so many industries and thus gobbling up many of the part time jobs that were once available for us moms, and so I really felt led to create a product that ensures my Christian sisters are not left behind.

“My vision is to provide content, which will then lead into workshops and retreats, where we can teach women the aspects of running a business. For most, this isn’t something they are doing as a hobby. Many families need additional income to survive, and so a support group that can adequately educate women in starting and running a business is in fact a necessary ministry.”

Initiate Media purchased the Hillsong Business Directory some ten or so years ago and already serves Christian owned businesses with web development, app development, creative services, and much more.

“We already own Christian Woman, and so we have an amazing platform from which to launch with,” Nicole said. “As a company, we already provide a myriad of services for businesses. From web development, to branding, PR and printing, we are already heavily invested in this space.

“Only a very small percentage of people are called into ‘official’ ministry, and so for the rest of us, our businesses and workplaces are one of the best, most influential, ministries we have.

“Doing work with excellence really makes people stand up and take notice. I’m excited to see what Christian women from all around the world are going to achieve in the years to come and feel so honored to lead CW&Co.”

To learn more visit https://christianwomanandco.com.

For media inquires please contact enquiries@initiatemedia.net.