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New book unlocks Spiritual growth; explores 6 extraordinary Old Testament men

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – We know that Adam was made in the image and likeness of God, but how is he a type of the Messiah, and why is this significant?

What does Noah’s Ark, Moses’ Tabernacle and the Temple of Solomon all have in common with each other, which profoundly relates directly to Jesus as the Messiah?

Has your interest ever been sparked by the similarities between Joseph and Jesus? There are many similarities here to unearth, but which other Bible great also has similarities to Joseph?

Did Jesus deliberately mastermind His ministry to mirror all the Old Testament greats, or, did the Old Testament greats play out prophecy in anticipation of the coming of Jesus?

When we lay Christians read the Bible, there is so much that we do not know. Ian Kuhlmann’s new book, Unless Two Agree, however, helps Christians get a much better understanding and is designed to be a strategic companion to your Bible, providing useful insights that gives a depth to the Word that any Believer will appreciate.

“Initially, I had no intentions of writing this book,” said Ian. “This actually began as a collection of individual studies of various prominent people of the Bible. It was only afterwards when a few family and friends had a read of these studies that they encouraged me to take this study more seriously and to find a publisher. At first I thought nothing of their comments. I disregarded them, but family and friends persisted.

“This is not a type of book that one would normally read from front cover to back cover. Whilst it can be read this way, being a collection of six individual studies into the lives and ministries of six Old Testament heroes and how their lives “parallel” that of the life and ministry of Jesus, the reader can pick up the story line wherever they choose.

“I have found over the years in my travels that there is a growing disconnect that Christians have with the Old Testament. I have also noticed that this aspect hinders their spiritual growth. This book is more like a Bible study resource, a companion to everyone’s Bible. My aim in writing this book is to help Christians to improve their Bible literacy, to help them see the Bible stories through a Hebrew lens; that hopefully will bring a greater revelation to the reader of the Bible itself.

“Another aim is to assist and equip the reader with the right tools so they too can go on their own journey of discovery into the inexhaustible richness and depth that the Bible conceals.”

Being the youngest of three sons to Lutheran farmers in South Australia, Ian grew up loving the wide-open spaces and the pleasurable farm lifestyle. Ingrained into he and his three brothers was a high level work ethic that has served him well over the years. “Born again at age 14, I remember in those early years asking questions about the Bible that was ahead of my years,” he commented. “Even going to the extent of literally counting how many chapters and verses that there are in the Bible as no one I asked knew. Since then, a keen sense of exploration into many subjects of the Bible was developed that ebbed and flowed over the next three decades.

“In 1992 I undertook full time studies in Theology and Ministry at Christian Outreach Centre, passing with distinction. Since then, my involvement has been with several churches, participating within the various ministry groups that these churches offered. My passion is to share the richness and the depth of the Scriptures with other like-minded Christians, allowing the God given gifts to operate and to enrich the lives of those who come in contact with me.”

Unless Two Agree is very reader-friendly. It can be used as a personal devotional study companion with the Bible as well as for Bible study groups. Each study has various points of interest that will encourage the reader or Bible study group to investigate further, or bring about further meaningful discussions. It is ideal for new Christians as it looks at many aspects of the Bible through a Hebrew lens, tracing some points of interest back to the Jewish origins.

The book’s focus is upon a subject that gets very little recognition, but is integral in revealing the Divine authorship of the Bible.

So come and take an epic journey of discovery into the lives of six extraordinary great men of God. Here we shall examine a host of intriguing and surprising events and characteristics that occurred in their lives, and see how these events and characteristics are mirrored in the life and ministry of Jesus. This shall then reveal an amazing Biblical pattern that has significant ramifications upon the design and the writing of the very Scriptures themselves.

Unless Two Agree, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

Anglican Schools in Belize Blessed with Bible Study Media’s Hearts Alive Children’s Curriculum

Houston, Texas, Release: Friday, March 12, 2021. For immediate release

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – [Bible Study Media, http://www.biblestudymedia.com] a Christian curriculum publishing ministry and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is thrilled to announce their new partnership with the Anglican Diocese in Belize. Thanks to the collaborative effort of Deacon Johnny Clark and The Rev. Charles Holt (President and Founder of Bible Study Media), this relationship between the Anglican Diocese of Belize and Bible Study Media has emerged. At this point, twenty schools throughout Belize have been provided with free subscriptions to the Hearts Alive children’s curriculum published by Bible Study Media.

Jeremy Cayetano, General Manager of Anglican Schools in Belize shared that “the Anglican Managements of schools, have recently been introduced to the Heart’s Alive Children’s Sunday School Lessons.” Cayetano went on to say that “these are well thought out lessons that will bring the Bible alive for children, and this program has the added benefit of following the Lectionary cycle of the Anglican Church. These lessons ensure that the children become familiar with Bible stories as well as the lessons behind the stories.”

When asked about the future use of Hearts Alive throughout the Anglican Schools in Belize, Cayetano went on to say that, “the [Hearts Alive] program is definitely a program that Belize would use to teach our children the fundamentals of the Bible in a manner that children would enjoy. The only obstacle that would have prevented us in Belize from adopting the Heart’s Alive program was the cost. Last week, Deacon John Clark, of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, notified us that due to a generous grant provided by The Stoller Foundation, Bible Study Media will scholarship the first-year costs, and No One Hungry will pay for years two and three. What a blessing!”

“As a management, we express heartfelt appreciation to Deacon Johnny of No One Hungry and Fr. Charlie Holt of Bible Study Media. Sincerely, we thank you,” wrote Cayetano.

This three-year course of study covers the entire Bible and mirrors the liturgical cycles of the Revised Common Lectionary (Cycles A, B, & C). The goal of the Hearts Alive curriculum is to introduce children to God through his Word with a strong overview of the story of salvation and how it ties to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Bible Study Media recognizes that today’s children grow up in a sophisticated world of stimulation and entertainment. In our society today, keeping children connected and engaged can be a challenge, and new approaches are constantly necessary. Hearts Alive delivers captivating content and provides a wide variety of activities that seek to engage a child’s emotions and imagination.

Bible Study Media has also provided Campaign Kits of the Christian Life Trilogy to the Anglican Diocese of Belize. The Christian Life Trilogy is a series of three Bible studies that together make 20 weeks of in-depth study to learn what it means to live the Christian life in today’s world. Representatives from the Diocesan committee are currently reviewing those materials to determine how to implement them into their local parishes.

The goal of Bible Study Media is to end biblical illiteracy within the United States and throughout the world. Working with the Anglican Diocese in Belize is one step closer to reaching that audacious goal!

Full details about Bible Study Media and their complete library of resources can be found at: https://biblestudymedia.com

Contact info:
Contact Person: Christine O’Brien
Company: Bible Study Media
Email Address: Christine@biblestudymedia.com
Phone: (832) 582-4253


About Bible Study Media

Bible Study Media, a registered 501(c)(3), believes in building up the Church through a fresh discovery of God’s Word and Spirit. We produce resources to shape hearts and minds around the patterns of Christ while strengthening Christian community. Our Biblical Literacy Project seeks to introduce adults, youth, and children to the transforming power of God’s Word through curriculum built around the three-year Revised Common Lectionary and the Christian Church year. Our small group studies invite participants to journey together through the Scriptures in the rhythms of the Church year. We invite you to explore Bible Study Media—Igniting Hearts and Engaging Minds. To learn more please visit: www.biblestudymedia.com

London’s Abundant Life Housing Services brings impact and change to the homeless

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Abundant Life Housing Services (ALHS) is a not for profit housing and property management company in east London ‘changing addresses from homeless to home’.

After nearly three decades of providing housing and tenancy-management services to marginalised communities across London, ALHS reports on the changing housing landscape, achievements, and their successful outreach and community programmes.

Full annual report on Issuu – https://issuu.com/zoerecordsuk/docs/alhs_ar_2018_-_final

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020 8534 2194