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New Redemption Press release sheds light on ways to reach homeless youth

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Love is sorely missing in our culture and in society. On any given night, 41,000 teens experience homelessness. Fifty percent of teens have entered the juvenile justice system, and 69 percent report experiencing mental health issues.*

While many factors play into these few statistics from the National Conference of State Legislators, few towns are fully equipped to handle the plethora of homeless youth each year.

Author Joann Wittler grew up with a policeman father, but the tragedies on the streets did not reach Joann’s heart until she was worshiping in church one Sunday morning. “I heard God’s voice, crystal clear, say, ‘You will be the mother to many.’” At fifty-three years old, Wittler felt certain she was too old to answer God’s call, but he had a plan. Part personal story and part ministry memoir, A Woman’s Journey to Becoming Mother 2 Many describes the depths of tenacity, love, and faith Joann and her husband, Steve, navigated to reach the homeless youth in their community near Seattle, Washington.

When asked why she wrote the book, Wittler replied, “I wanted people to see that they could be what God wants them to be. Age is just a number—God can use anyone.” While following Wittler’s saga of learning how to set up a nonprofit, being turned down by the city council multiple times, loving society’s forgotten population, readers will find God’s love and learn they matter to our heavenly father.

* https://www.ncsl.org/research/human-services/homeless-and-runaway-youth.aspx

Joann Wittler loves sunshine but lives in the least sunny part of Washington State. A native of Seattle, Joann grew up in Tacoma and Puyallup, where she met her husband, Steve. They have a blended family, which has taught them the power of unconditional love, especially when raising teenagers. This patience served its purpose when they started Mother 2 Many, a nonprofit outreach for homeless teens, in January 2013. She and her husband travel to local skateparks in their sunshine-yellow, food-laden truck and trailer, to share a ray of hope with the youth. Visit www.mother2many.org for more information.

For interviews, contact info@mother2many.org

Facebook: Mother 2 Many Skate park outreach

Instagram: jowitt57

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Your memoir describes many unloving relationships you experienced. How did you move from feeling unloved to feeling fully loved?
  2. Your memoir shows how you and your husband, Steve, started your nonprofit, but how did it all come together?
  3. You describe the devastation of our youth in America and around the world. What is one missing element in their lives that you believe they need, and why?
  4. It’s awesome that your favorite color is yellow, and that you drive a bus with a big sun on it. Explain how all that happened, and the significance of it.
  5. Ministering to those who feel hopeless, unloved, and forgotten is what your nonprofit, Mother 2 Many, is all about. How do you all stay in business?
  6. Where can people find you if they want to invest or give to Mother 2 Many?




Powerful New Book Discovers, Is Hope and Forgiveness after Loss Even Possible?

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Sherri J. Cullison and her family stood outside in the darkness, a darkness that had never enveloped her as it did that night. Her home and her teenage daughter were now considered a crime scene.

Suicide is the nation’s second leading cause of death in fifteen to twenty-four-year-olds. One in six youth have contemplated suicide, while one in ten have attempted suicide. * Today’s youth are enmeshed in hopeless waters that they don’t see any hope for a cure. And some, if not all, feel unloved. Fourteen-year-old Sarah Cullison had shared her deepest fears and limiting beliefs in a note mailed to a friend—just hours before choosing to end her life.

Sherri says, “I believe suicide is one of the strongest tools yet that the enemy uses to destroy lives. Not just the ones who end their lives, but those left behind. That’s when we need to signal SOS and cry out to God.”

Through their years-long grief journey, Sherri, her husband, Ray, and the remaining children grappled with deep, devastating grief, numbing denial, and hard questions of why Sarah had died. A poem Sarah had written a few months before taking her life, describing what Jesus meant to her, comforted the family that, in spite of suicide, their Sarah was in heaven.

The raw and life-giving stories and Scriptures presented in SOS: A Mother’s Story of Survival, Rescue, and Hope in the Darkness of Teen Suicide describe Cullison’s grief walk, and how feeling disconnected from God can turn into the greatest rescue of all time.

Readers who have suffered loss, whether death or otherwise, and struggled with their faith will see God extend love, provide comfort, and begin to heal the empty places of their grieving hearts.

“This gripping and insightful book will not only arrest your heart, but it will also become a tool to aid you or others you know who are trying to deal with loss, pain, and inconceivable suffering.”
—Jay Lowder, Harvest Ministries

In 1999 Sherri J. Cullison walked the dark path of grief after her teenage daughter chose to end her life. God brought healing to her grieving heart, and she now connects with others individually and with various groups on overcoming devastation and loss. She and her husband, Ray, have counseled teens and families and have spoken internationally on overcoming life’s major storms. For three decades she has led worship teams and taught women’s Bible studies, and she also participates annually in a candlelight ceremony for family losses. She is a contributor for Out of the Overflow and has published various articles and newsletters. She and her family of two children and seven grandchildren live in northwest Arizona. Her hobbies include singing, playing piano, camping, and spending time with family.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sherri.cullison.10
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sherrijcullison/
Twitter https://www.twitter.com/SherriJCullison

For review copies and media interviews, contact Sherri J. Cullison at heart4jc78@gmail.com


Money Is Easy – New Biblical-based picture book for kids available for pre-order

FAITH NEWS SERVICECan I get a bike? No. Can I get an old bike? No. Can I get some candy? No. Can I get some ice cream? No. Can I geta …? NO! What do you think, child? Money grows on trees?

Sound familiar? Parental guidance has provided a misconception that money, in general, is difficult, or in some way impossible, or out of reach. Conversations about money seemed taboo and only caused arguments between adults. The term invest was way out there in outer space for rich people, and the words tithe and give were for preachers trying to get money.  Schools did not teach money management, and society preached go to school, get an education, but go into debt doing it, then intern, then work years and years to pay off your debts.

The Church preached money is evil and skipped over talking about finances, as not to seem like they were trying to steal from people. It’s a never-ending cycle that millions believe and have been sucked into.  The world’s system is designed to lure individuals into debt and hyper-consumption; hence good and hardworking people look unto to man, the government, and loans from banks as their ‘source.’ Although some of those things can be great bridges, it should not ultimately be a final destination. Sadly, it is safe to say that when you are born in the US, you are born into trillions of dollars of debt. It’s time to uproot such ingrained ideologies. Therefore, meet Money Mike, a super cool animated tree with hidden messages on his money leaves that reveal Biblical secrets to success.

MONEY IS EASY, the first of the four-book series is a bright and engaging Christian-based illustrated children’s rhyming book that debuts Money Mike branching out with the message, “Money is as easy as counting one, two, three!” Money Mike interacts with a young boy and girl, showing them his money leaves that have unique lessons and values of how to TITHE, SAVE, INVEST, GIVE, and stay out of bad debt. He explains three easy steps that reveal secrets to success to making money grow, like the leaves on his tree, and involves the kids to do what he teaches. Added features include a glossary of finance terms and scripture references to engage families in becoming familiar with financial vocabulary and learning more about scriptures that back up money prospering principles.

The lack of teaching and discussing finances, especially in the Church, is the driving force behind Charles and Angela Todd, the creators of Money Mike & the Gang.  As prayer team leaders who have had their 501c3 ministry since 2006, Todd WorldWide Ministries, the two biggest prayer requests in the Church the Todd’s continually experience are for health and finances. Furthermore, secular news has published articles that have headlined, “75 percent of Americans are winging it when it comes to their financial future.” It is the Todd’s passion to correct a very big problem that kids and parents need help with today.

Charles Todd, states, “While teaching ten-week financial courses on money management, all I kept hearing in the beginning from our students was that money was so hard. And it isn’t! Once we got a hold of the simple principles Money Mike teaches, we started to prosper more and more in our later adult living and were livid that we didn’t have this knowledge as kids! Hence the title Money Is Easy because it really is easy once you implement the simple steps.” Angela Todd adds, “Adding a supernatural Biblical base to just basic natural principles that govern market increase enables the door to open to be a blessing to your children’s children. It’s time to break the cycle of kids having to take care of their parents.  It’s the job of the parents to leave an inheritance for their children’s children.  And that is Bible!” The Todd’s practice what they preach.  Not only are they a living testimony of God’s faithfulness from once being bankrupt, but also have amazing testimonies from their students and those they’ve prayed with that have had miracles, breakthroughs, and abundance changing the course of their financial future.  In closing, the Todd’s both proclaim, “To God be the Glory!”

For more information on speaking engagements, events, licensing, media opportunities, partnerships, and all things Money Mike & the Gang, contact Todd WorldWide Ministries at connect@toddworldwide.org or info@moneymikeandthegang.com

About the Authors.

Children’s Picture Books / Kids / Non-Fiction / Learning Basic Concepts

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You may have figured out Plan A, but What Is Your Plan B?

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – John Cronshaw is a remarkable man. Having been a Christian since 1960, he is the founding director of a group of tourism companies based in the Blue Mountains of Australia, which was initially established in 1974.

John regards his business as a ministry and part of his business is Christian Fellowship Tours, which takes Christians on vacations and pilgrimages throughout both Australia and the world.

As a coach captain, he has driven coaches Australia wide, including in one twelve month period touring to every Australian Capital city. In training other coach captains in his business, he states that “commentary is meant to educate, inform and entertain”, so research of local geography, history and geology to create an interesting commentary for passengers on tour means the delivered content needs to be easily understood and interesting.

He has taken this principle into his Coach Captain’s Commentary of the Bible in his new book ‘What Is Your Plan B?’ to present a very concise and readable summary of the story of the Bible from the beginning and leading to Jesus’ Crucifixion.

While his book is a great read for Christians, it is also ideal for a person who is interested in the Bible and is yet to decide whether “the Lord He is God”, or for people who need to get an understanding of how the parts of the Bible all fit together. Far from a heavy academic, theological style of book, it is instead a readable summary of what God’s Plan A was intended to be.

What is Your Plan B? was birthed in a small church in Melbourne where we were chatting about the time in the Garden of Gethsemane and Jesus found the disciples asleep ‘exhausted from sorrow,’” John stated. “Why were they exhausted from sorrow when the real drama was still to unfold with Jesus’ trial and crucifixion?

“The events of the few weeks prior must have had some major impact on them. So what were the events preceding the crucifixion? Where does the investigation end? Back in time I went in writing this book to Jesus’ birth. Why? Through the prophets. Why? And then back past the Exodus to Abraham.

“Just what is God’s Plan A? And for many of us, our plan A normally does not include God. A Coach captain’s Commentary of the Bible was born, in simple, non-technical jargon.”

Originally trained as a secondary school teacher responsible for teaching agriculture and biology, what was a hobby taking kids on school excursions grew into something bigger. After teaching for 11 years, John, along with a few other families, bought an old, run down tourist coach business in the Blue Mountains in 1974.

The business is still trading and has three parts to it: a secular coach arm called Fantastic Aussie Tours; a Double Decker fleet of buses that operate a hop-on-hop-off service in the Blue Mountains region, and an organized touring programme of Australian and international tours called Christian Fellowship Tours. John has been actively involved in this business since 1974 and to this day, he still conducts tours for Christian Fellowship Tours.

“The strength of my life is its ordinariness,” John stated. However, one thing is clear: he has a love for God and the Bible. “I qualified as a teacher, have a certificate in theology that does not accrue any university points, have driven coaches for the greater part of my life while also running the business, and have been an active lay person in my church and some other Christian and secular organizations.

“God’s Plan A as revealed in Jesus is something that existed before creation. This in itself is an amazing concept. To many, the Bible is complex because it is not a book you can read like a novel, and linking the bits and pieces together is something that is also seen as hard to undertake. In simple terms, I link the narrative together, outlining God’s Plan A, the pathway through the prophets to Jesus’ time on earth and then look into the Rest of Time.

“While some Bible references are listed, important passages are printed in the text so there is no need to go scrambling or putting off reading them because they are important things to read.

“The key selling feature is its readability. For someone interested in the deeper treatment and the theology of the Bible, this is not your book. It is instead designed for a Christian person who wants to get a good overview, or a non-Christian person who is interested in looking at what the Bible says about the Christian faith. I start with the premise ‘The Bible is what it says it is, and God is who He says he is in the Bible’. That’s a good starting point.”

This is not John’s first book. He has also written ‘Coached by God’, helping the successful Christian examine the conflict between the success manuals of the world with the text of Scripture. In this, he asks if Christianity and success are compatible?

‘Buspa’s Corner’ is a series of devotions styled from the devotions conduct while on tours, and ‘The Land of the Bible’ is a guide book useful for taking on tour when visiting Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

What Is Your Plan B?’ is now available globally.

New Book Looks at How Modern Science Can Help Our Understanding of the Book of Genesis

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – According to Christian scientist Neville Piper, the findings of modern science appear to contradict some of the stories found in Genesis, so much so that even some Christian leaders question whether Genesis should still be regarded as part of God’s revelation of himself and his plan for humankind. He discusses this in his highly anticipated new book, Science and Genesis.

Who better to discuss science and genesis than an experienced scientist himself. With Masters degrees in Science and Business Administration, Neville worked at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission (now called the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) and in industry, publishing ten papers in Chemistry.

However, let’s wind the clock back a long way. For ten year-old Neville, his future career was settled on the day his school teacher explained to the class that water was made when two atoms of hydrogen combined with an atom of oxygen. This was the most interesting thing that he had learned in six years of schooling and he decided at that moment that he was going to become a scientist.

He never deviated from that intention so that, early in his final year of high school, his future was all set – he would go to university to study science as a first step towards winning the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and he would play rugby union for the university.

But during that same year. one of his school friends kept inviting him to “religious” meetings. When he had finally run out of excuses, he agreed to attend one. That night he heard and understood the Gospel message for the first time and gladly yielded his life to Jesus Christ, the son of God. Accordingly, his life was changed irrevocably. In his own words, he stated, “Since that time I have studied the Bible alongside mankind’s growing knowledge in every branch of science in order to understand the fullness of God’s power and wisdom in his creation as well as in the revelation of himself through his Word.”

But studying the Bible alongside his science subjects made him conscious of a number of disturbing issues. “There was no doubting the reality of my continuing experience of God, but I was also being taught that the Bible was the literal Word of God revealed to humankind, written by men, inspired by the Holy Spirit of God and protected from error,” he said. “I soon found myself being confronted with accepted scientific facts and theories that called into question many things written in Genesis.

“As a Christian, was I obliged to take literally all that I read in Genesis? If so, how much reliance could I place on the Bible as a whole since every apparent error in Genesis implied that any apparent errors elsewhere in the Bible could throw into doubt the truth and relevance of the whole Bible? On the other hand, if it is not to be taken literally in every respect, where do we draw the line between literalism and symbolism in understanding Genesis?”

For many years, Neville has researched these issues, including discussions with both scientists and theologians. In response to questions and concerns expressed by lay persons and students, he has now published a new book titled Science and Genesis with the byline “What science can tell us about the first book in the Bible”, published and released globally by Ark House.

While Neville acknowledges that a number of books already address some of the issues covered in his book, he believes many of these knowingly misrepresent scientific theories and discoveries in order to support the author’s conclusions. In his own book, however, the intention is to help the reader to better understand the meaning and purpose of Genesis.

In his book, he uses current scientific knowledge in fields as diverse as cosmology, biochemistry, geophysics, archaeology, palaeontology and linguistics to discriminate between mythology and the possible historicity of people and events, and also to understand what God is seeking to teach us through both historical fact and symbolism.

In the process, he has found that science is able to clarify our understanding of many stories (such as the Great Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah) and even helps us towards resolving some doctrinal issues (such as free will versus predestination).

Written for the scientific layperson, Neville provides a wealth of scientific knowledge in easy-to-understand explanations and is quick to identify areas of science where scientific research still has a long way to go.

While he has now retired from his day job as a scientist, Neville is still heavily focused on science and its relation to creation. He is now a lay preacher and Bible group leader and lives with his wife on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Science and Genesis is now available globally.

London’s Abundant Life Housing Services brings impact and change to the homeless

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Abundant Life Housing Services (ALHS) is a not for profit housing and property management company in east London ‘changing addresses from homeless to home’.

After nearly three decades of providing housing and tenancy-management services to marginalised communities across London, ALHS reports on the changing housing landscape, achievements, and their successful outreach and community programmes.

Full annual report on Issuu – https://issuu.com/zoerecordsuk/docs/alhs_ar_2018_-_final

Contact Us
020 8534 2194

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee Ignores Victims of Police Brutality

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Thousands of complaints have been filed in the state of Tennessee against law enforcement officers using excessive force, with no end in sight.

On December 30, 2010, Christian missionary George Raudenbush was brutally beaten and barely escaped with his life. The individual responsible for the assault, Brian Millsaps, a City of Tellico Plains Police Officer. According to public records, Mr. Millsaps has a past documented history of using excessive force, having federal complaints filed against him, was charged with theft of city property, as well as reckless operation of a police vehicle. He was discharged from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for violation of department policy. Mr. Millsaps also has had three separate failed marriages during the course of his public rampage of abuse of authority. See release at Christian Newswire.

What happens next is completely shocking. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department hires Brian Millsaps back and gives him a promotion! Mr. Raudenbush, as a result of the malicious attack is permanently physically disabled from head trauma and spinal injury. “I was attacked that night because I was bringing African American Youth Groups into Monroe County to perform mission work in the community, I was told to stop bringing in these groups by sheriff department officials and I didn’t.” See summary brief.

Mr. Raudenbush petitioned Governor Bill Haslam’s office in 2018 about the coverup and abuses in Monroe County Tennessee however, the Tennessee Board of Parole obstructed Mr. Raudenbush’s petition form ever reaching Governor Haslam’s office according to the governor’s former chief legal counsel, Dwight Tarwater.

In August of 2019, Mr. Raudenbush again petitioned the governor’s office asking newly elected Governor Bill Lee, whom Mr. Raudenbush voted for, to hear his petition and conduct an investigation. No such investigation was conducted according to Mr. Raudenbush and reflected by public records and no relief was granted. See summary brief.

Representative Justin Amash of Michigan sent out a letter to his colleagues introducing the Ending Qualified Immunity Act to eliminate qualified immunity and restore Americans’ ability to obtain relief when police officers violate their constitutionally secured rights.

Mr. Raudenbush spends his days in physical therapy under the Americans with Disabilities Act and he continues helping others in his limited capacity.

Investigative Reporter Sharon Rondeau at The Post & Email has extensively covered Mr. Raudenbush’s story since 2010.

CONTACT: George J Raudenbush III