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you don't know just how i feel

You Don’t Know Just How I Feel #1 New Release for 7 Straight Days

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Gwendolyn O. Burton presents her newest book, You Don’t Know Just How I Feel: Hope for the Grieving Heart.

In You Don’t Know Just How I Feel, Gwendolyn Odom Burton seeks to connect with readers in a way that offers hope, inspiration, and courage after the loss of a loved one.

After three miscarriages, Gwendolyn Odom Burton thought she knew how to navigate grief. But when her adult son dies from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), grief takes her down a different path. You Don’t Know Just How I Feel offers gentle validation, highlights common grief experiences rarely discussed and often minimized, and provides insight for fostering sympathetic and empathetic dialogue for the bereaved and those in supporting roles.

Gwendolyn O. Burton’s You Don’t know Just How I Feel will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (6/21/2022–6/25/2022). Click here to view. You Don’t Know Just How I feel is rated a 5.0 by those who have purchased the book. Here’s what some of the reviewers have said (copied directly from Amazon):

Ann Hayes

5.0 out of 5 stars Practical advice, expert opinions, and empowering content. Bravo to Author Gwendolyn Burton!

Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2022

Verified Purchase
Chapter 4 is a great tool for people who are supporting the bereaved. Often times, people say the wrong things in a time of loss. The intent comes from a great place, however, the impact can be damaging for the griever. I love how author Gwendolyn Burton, gives practical advice on phrases that can be used when speaking with someone who is mourning. This book is such an easy read, although the topic is heavy. Gwendolyn has found a way to weave in practical examples, expert opinions, and personal stories to give readers quite a toolbox for not only going through the process of grief but also supporting those close to them who may be going through it. I am very thankful that this content has awakened the desire for me to “return back to a place of emotional and physical calm” as I am on my grief journey.
Nancy Jamerson

5.0 out of 5 stars Important information regarding grief.

Reviewed in the United States on June 15, 2022

Verified Purchase
I liked the sensitive candor the author used through out the book. Loved, loved, loved the “moving forward” component part of the book. Plus, how impacting grief can be to our faith walk. The title gets your attention by giving you something to think about. I used the book for a tool how it speaks to the realness of my own loss of a child, parents, and love ones., and for professional and ministry use. The book will definitely be a part of my grief tool kit.

For More Information: For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact Gwendolyn Burton at 303-913-8577 or movingforwardwithgb@gmail.com.

About the Author
After three miscarriages and an adult son who passed away from sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP), Gwendolyn Burton is uniquely qualified to help others navigate their grief journey by discussing common challenges and misconceptions. She studied with grief expert David Kessler, founded Sisters in Solace (SiS), a support group for mothers of child loss, and is a Certified Grief Educator. Gwendolyn enjoys physical fitness and lives in Aurora, Colorado, with her husband, son, and three dogs.

Suggested Interview Questions

  1. Your book offers a unique perspective for people who are experiencing grief. What is the hardest piece about the grieving process?
  2. Would you share your own grief experience with us?
  3. How often or how long do the bereaved receive grief support from others?
  4. It’s understandable that some people have a hard time with tears and emotional pain. What are some ways to best support someone who has lost a loved one?
  5. Sometimes conversation can be challenging, and even though you mention some examples in your book, what is a common misconception about conversations after loss?
  6. What are some questions appropriate to ask the bereaved?
  7. In your book you mention different methods of self-care. Why is this important?
  8. If someone needed your grief support or needed to support someone grieving, what would you share with them?


The Christians Merging Together Ministry

Pastors and Leaders Unity Day announced for July 30

FAITH NEWS SERVICEDaytona Beach, Florida, 21 April, 2022 – The Christians Merging Together Ministry (CMTM) and Volusia County have proclaimed July 30, 2022, to be Pastors and Leaders Unity Day. It is a time to come together as one people under God with the shared goal to reduce violence and let God in.

The in-person event will be held at Chuck Lennon Park, 5000 Greenfield Dairy Road, Deleon Springs, Florida. There will be speakers, singers and prayers, as well as food trucks and “love gift” give-aways. Live broadcast of Unity Day will be broadcast by Zoom across the country.

Over 100 pastors are expected to participate locally, and over 100 pastors from across the country plan to participate virtually.

“God said that this is the time for the people of our nation humble themselves,” said Pastor Sammy L. Jackson, Minister of CMTM. “Ask him for corrections, because correction is not rejection. But correction will make you a better person.”

With high-tension political friction across the country, Jackson believes it is time for people to return to their roots. He reminds Americans that their forefather founded the country on trust in God, and that the country can regain its strength by putting its trust back into the hands of God once again.

“It’s time to be about the business of our Father’s Kingdom, so I say to you today: follow God’s vision and accept his invitation let him in,” said Jackson. “Prayers matters – and your prayers matter – because when you stand fast and wait on God, your prayers will make change happen.”

CMTM urges an end to violence, which stems from divisions in society. The focus is on helping young people turn issues over to God rather than to violently take matters into their own hands. Community prayer can bring neighbors back closer together, so that people can become “our brother’s keeper” and bless each other daily.

Anybody with prayer requests is asked to send them to Pastor Sammy L. Jackson, Post Office Box. 10782, Daytona Beach, Florida, 32120 or to sammy050657@aol.com.

Participants are encouraged to bring fold up lawn chairs and wear their church’s logo tee shirts.

CMTM are now airing on Preach The Word Worldwide Network TV, All Nations TV and The NOW Television Network. Over the past weeks the Christian Television Network broadcast CMTM’s “Vision of God’s Invitation” to audiences in 83 countries. Any other broadcasters who want to bring the CMTM message to their audiences is invited to contact Minister Sammy Jackson

Sammy L. Jackson
Christian’s Merging Together Ministry Foundation
P.O. Box  10782
Daytona  Beach, Florida  32120


the last sunset

Fascinating new books portray journey of young man caught in the end times of our world

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – It is hard, even for the strongest of Christians, to comprehend that, even when we are simply “sitting on the couch”, there is a battle raging for our souls. Our fight is a spiritual one, and we are all engaged in it, whether we like it or not.

The Last Sunset and its sequel, The Last Sunset Afterlife, are both entertaining stories written by talented New Zealand author Reece Hewitt that take the reader on the journey of a young man caught in the end times of our world.

In this two-part series, Zack and his friends must fight for their lives against a truly evil enemy as the armies of hell are unleashed upon the globe and civilization as we know it is shattered. Faith becomes the only thing that can keep them alive. The elderly Bishop Kephas is one of the few surviving members of an ancient Holy Order dedicated to ensuring the survival of humankind. He must find a way to keep his flock safe from all those determined on their destruction. This action-packed tale of survival reveals if prayer and blade can defeat tooth and claw.

Author Reece Hewitt told me he was inspired to write the series as a way of showing the spiritual realm in a physical and tangible way. “I have found it hard sometimes when God, faith and prayer are all things that cannot be seen or touched,” Reece said.

“The Bible can be difficult to understand, and the book of Revelation is mysterious to say the least. So, I decided to craft a story, which combines my interest of end-times and studies. In this way I hope to have made something that the reader could relate to.

“Despite being surrounded in the physical world, I think it is important to remember we are in this world but not of the world. Even when we are relaxing on the couch there is a battle raging for our souls.”

Many years after the initial idea for his novel, Reece moved to Auckland to study. After several jobs, he found himself with a long train ride each day that would enable him to finally have the time to write his story. On yet another long commute into work, he pulled his phone from his pocket and began tapping. Several months later – and several commutes on – he had drafted 80,000 words of his first novel.

While Christians understand the importance of both end times and Revelation in their faith, most struggle to comprehend it. Reece’s powerful books help the reader to understand the end times story in an action packed, palatable way. Reece has also included hand-picked scriptures throughout the story, which both the characters and readers can use across a range of situations.

In closing, Reece told me: “I hope that readers of this book pick up some lessons of faith as they follow the characters on their journey. If a single soul turns closer to God due to these books, then they have been worth writing.”

The Last Sunset and The Last Sunset Afterlife are now both available globally.



New Redemption Press book tackles freedom from addiction

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than twenty million Americans, ages twelve and older, suffered from a substance use disorder related to their use of alcohol or illicit drugs in 2018. Tens of thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups meet every day worldwide.** Recovery from any substance is often sought but hard to achieve and maintain.

As Mark Twain once quipped about the difficulty of stopping cigarettes, “It’s easy. Done it thousands of times.”

After a traumatic experience with family member, Britni Boyce promised herself she would steer clear from illicit drugs. At age fourteen, however, she began smoking marijuana, which was the launching point of a ten-year drug addiction. Boyce advanced to stronger drugs and found herself in bondage to opiates and other substances before hitting rock bottom and deciding to stop. She wrote Recovery in Jesus’s Hands to encourage others struggling with addiction.

“My own testimony shows that true freedom from addiction is given through the grace of God; He is the provider of true freedom,” Boyce said. “I want readers to know they are worthy of a new life free from addiction and that God will take them to higher levels in life than they ever dreamed.”

Boyce has remained clean from drugs since she decided to give her life over to the Lord. With the help of Jesus, she reinvented herself—entered rehab, moved to a new state, and earned multiple degrees with honors. Recovery in Jesus’s Hands outlines the steps to living in freedom versus living in sobriety and uses the Bible as a blueprint.

“The most well-known recovery path teaches abstinence and sobriety and living consciously sober day by day, which is a miserable place to be,” Boyce said. “Freedom means we can live fully recovered, never thinking about resuming drugs and alcohol again.”

Recovery in Jesus’s Hands is directed to those in active addiction or recovery. 

* https://nsduhweb.rti.org/respweb/homepage.cfm

** https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/science-choice/201702/10-patterns-addictive-behavior


Britni Boyce is a recovery advocate and works with multiple non-profits throughout Arkansas, sharing her expertise as well as her own personal story of addiction, recovery, and freedom. Passionate about recovery, she previously worked as a recovery coach before going back to graduate school, where she is now completing a master’s degree in social work from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from John Brown University.. Britni enjoys new experiences and keeping her life as one big adventure—eyes continually focused on the Lord.

For review copies and media interviews, contact:

Britni Boyce
Email: BritniBoyceRecovery@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/recoveryinjesushands

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recoveryinjesushands/



Debut novelist wins national contest for spiritual warfare teen book

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Jill K. Willis couldn’t find quality young adult fiction for her two teens that didn’t involve witches, vampires, or werewolves, so she accepted a friend’s challenge to write an alternative. She sold her public relations firm and devoted herself to writing her first novel.

“I wanted to give my kids a clean read,” Jill says. “Something with a touch of paranormal but biblically based. After all, God works supernatural miracles every day.”

Teens today are drawn to the supernatural, which made sense to Jill since it’s an imaginative escape from a mundane high school day. But instead of immersing readers in fantasy worlds, she wanted to offer engaging stories grounded in the true spiritual battles taking place around them.

In The Demons Among Us, siblings Joy and Daniel McLain cope with the constant pressure to excel. Joy is gunning for valedictorian. Daniel has his heart set on leading the JV soccer team to victory. They’re on course to rack up honors and trophies. Nothing can deter them.

But when a messenger angel visits them with a warning, they are forced to confront spiritual realities they didn’t know existed. Seemingly harmless teenage activities turn into a high-stakes battle for their lives and souls. Joy, Daniel, and their friends must learn the power of prayer, truth, and the One who lives within them to beat back their very real demons.

This fast-paced novel, winner of the American Christian Fiction Writers’ 2020 Genesis Contest in the young adult category, offers teen readers adventure and suspense, teaching them to stay alert for deception. Not everything is as it seems, and it takes courage to face the truth.


Jill K. Willis is a former journalist and public relations specialist turned fiction author. She is a founding member of the Storyteller Squad, a blog for teens who love to read and write. As a mom of two grown children and as a senior-high Sunday school teacher, she knows the struggles teens encounter. She wants to point them to the love of God and the truth of His Word. Jill lives in northern Georgia with her husband and a one-eyed cat.

For review copies and media interviews, contact: jill@jillkwillis.com.

Connect with Jill at:
Website and blog — https://jillkwillis.com
Goodreads — https://www.goodreads.com/jill_willis
Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/jillkwillis.writer
Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/jillkwillis/

Christian Apologist, David Wilber, Defends “Biblical Marriage” Against Modern Polygamy Advocates

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – David Wilber, an author and Christian apologist, has recently released two videos confronting the arguments of modern polygamy advocates.

Be sure to check out his point-by-point defense of monogamy as “God’s creational ideal” here.

Also see his video unpacking Leviticus 18:18, where he argues that the Torah prohibits not only sororal polygyny but polygamy generally.

David Wilber has authored several books, including his latest work, Is God a Misogynist?: Understanding the Bible’s Difficult Passages Concerning Women. Ever since he became a Christian as a teenager, David has had a passion for the Scriptures and apologetics. He speaks at churches and conferences across the nation and has contributed theological articles to various Christian newsletter publications and websites. He became interested in the topic of biblical marriage after encountering some modern polygamy advocates online.

“I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of material addressing this topic from a Christian perspective,” Wilber said. “Frankly, most Christians don’t know how deal with the passages in the Bible that seemingly approve of polygamy. I hope to educate Christians on what the Bible really says about God’s will for marriage. The Scriptures are clear that God does not endorse polygamy.”

In addition to his most recent videos and articles detailing the biblical arguments for monogamy and against polygamy, David has written and produced content on numerous biblical topics, including the Sabbath, submission in marriage, Christology, abortion, and how to make sense of the slavery regulations found in the Bible.

His articles and videos can be seen at DavidWilber.com.

‘God’s ad-man’ overcomes failure and depression to help many Christian groups

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Is the advertising industry a tough place for a Christian to work?

Not for a sixteen-year-old Tom Glynn who joined a Sydney advertising agency and later worked for top advertising agencies in Sydney, Singapore and London.

Tom tells his extraordinary life story in his biography, “God’s Ad-Man” released in August 2021.

The son of an illegal SP bookmaker and a failure at school, Tom became a Christian in his late teens. He believed the principles of advertising could be applied to Christian organizations to improve their communications and fundraising.

In 1974 he started Tom Glynn Advertising with two clients, Anglican Home Mission Society (now Anglicare) and Scripture Union.

“We also attracted commercial clients to keep up to date and provide income,” Glynn said.

Despite his success and the ground-breaking work, he did to make

Christian ministry more visible and effective, Glynn had his own battles to fight.

“During this time, I was suffering from clinical depression which was only diagnosed years later when I was thinking of committing suicide. I wrongly believed it was a mid-life crisis.”

God’s Ad-Man is a story of success and failure, commitment and hope, in business as well as personal life. It also paints a picture of how Christian organizations were able to begin telling their stories in effective, relatable ways.

Tom published Which Christian Guides (Mission, College and School) for fifteen years.

“As well as understanding something of the challenges of the era, a reader will be encouraged to walk their own journey of fulfillment, courage and commitment, in the life God has called them to,” Glynn concluded.

God’s Ad-Man is available worldwide and from Koorong.

The Pastor with the Cure: How to Bring God into Creating a Healthy Life

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Dr. Lord, a naturopath in Queens, NY, is tired of the man-made virus, the demon called Covid 19. She says it’s important to not only rebuke the virus back to hell but also to rebuke its evil manipulating, money loving creators.

The pastor continues on by saying that the vaccine will leave a mark on the shoulders of everyone who takes it. Many innocent people and not so innocent ones too will carry around the mark of the deadly demon released to dominate the world.

Dr. Lord maintains that her research, but more importantly, intel from the Holy Spirit, shines light on some traits of the virus. She compares it to a mind disease, when people are fearful of it, it draws them in, but when you are not afraid of it and not consumed by it, when you rebuke it and send it back to hell by the blood of the lamb it doesn’t bother you much.

When you are unnerved by your ill health, or stressed out by life or from grief, or worried that you will surely get sick, the virus finds a foothold to invade your system.

However, when you go about your business, taking good care of your body, your mind, your family and your home, the virus is starved.

By your faith you shall be healed. When we put aside the rich unhealthy foods, the soda, the pork, the shrimp, the lobster, the cake, the red meat and drink more water, consume more veggies, more salads, more legumes, more vitamins, more minerals, herbal teas, freshly pressed juices and more of the Word of God, then we shall be spared, in the name of Jesus. Daniel knew a thing or two about not eating the oppressor’s food. (See Daniel 1)

Too much of anything is no good. Everything should be consumed in moderation. That means less of our comfort foods, like white bread, pasta, roti, liquor, red meat and fried chicken, even though we all need more comforting right now.

Indigestion, panic attacks, dehydration, high blood pressure, cancer, kidney failure and more can be lessened by oxygenating our blood. Fresh air is key to healthy respiratory systems, and the benefits of deep breathing to exhale the toxins that poison our blood and system are understated. What that means is go to a park or mountain and meditate on the goodness of God as you follow the techniques for deep breathing. Inhaling through your nostrils and letting it out at least 12 times will improve your health tremendously.

The eternal benefits of taking daily walks, or a daily or weekly swim, drinking eight glasses of water daily, eating more veggies and getting adequate sleep are profound and necessary for healing. The virus reminds us that life is short and we must take it easy instead of rushing around like a hamster on a wheel.

Olive leaf tea, whose very leaves have been used for over 5000 years, puts us back to the time that Jesus walked on the earth. Most likely Jesus himself was given olive leaf tea to drink by his Most Blessed Mother. Noah knew about the olive leaf branch, as a symbol of peace and deliverance, a new start, a rebirth.

At this time we need the olive branch all over the world, because the whole world is in chaos. The olive leaf is also a symbol of prosperity, used by the Olympic Games and its sacred olive oil used as anointing oil all over the world.

The bible says as many that believe shall be healed. Just like in Noah’s time, as many as believed were saved. The rest drowned.

It’s time to believe and trust God as we rebuke Covid. We declare and decree that the coronavirus evaporates and is no more. I plead the blood of Jesus over our health and that of our family’s health. We can rebuild a better more loving world together.

True children of God, I implore you to keep standing by faith, just like David stood against Goliath and toppled Him by faith.

Therefore, take up the armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes you will be able to stand your ground, and having done everything to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. Put on the breastplate of righteousness, shod your feet with the readiness of the gospel of peace. In addition to all this take up the shield of faith, to extinguish all the fiery arrows of the evil one. Put on the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. Ephesians 6:13. We have the victory through Christ Jesus.

Dr. Lord is the senior pastor at Inspire New York, Church & Wellness Center in Jamaica, NY. She is also a naturopathic doctor and author. You can find some of her books on Amazon.com, like her latest book, “Beyond Organic, a Guide to Food & Plants as Medicine.” Dr. Lord was board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board.

‘Prevention and Redemption’: Evangelical Council on Abuse Prevention to Hold Inaugural National Conference

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Jacksonville, FLA – The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention (ECAP) — a new organization aimed at helping evangelical organizations and ministries prevent and respond to abuse — will hold its inaugural national conference on June 17, 2021 at Nashville First Baptist Church.

The conference theme is “Prevention and Redemption,” and will equip attendees to effectively prevent abuse in the organizations they serve and be agents of redemption when abuse has occurred. Both prevention and redemption “demonstrate the heart of God in his care for his people,” according to the ECAP website.

“My hope is that people will leave this conference reminded anew that all people — including the vulnerable and weak for whom God cares so deeply — bear the image of God,” said Jeff Dalrymple, Executive Director of ECAP. “Caring for children in our churches and ministries is a weighty stewardship, one that should motivate us to do all we can to protect and care for these image bearers.”

The conference will feature keynote speakers, such as Dr. Crawford Loritts, Valerie Bell, Julius Kim, and more. There is also a full slate of breakout sessions addressing a wide variety of practical issues that will be of help to anyone interested in preventing abuse. Attendees can hear from lawyers, authors, pastors, professors, and child safety professionals.

“The work that ECAP is doing is ground-breaking and extremely important for churches and other ministries,“ said Sally Wagenmaker, an attorney serving as general counsel for ECAP and one of the breakout speakers at the conference. “Ministries will benefit tremendously through this upcoming national conference.”

While the conference is happening in Nashville, those who are unable to attend can register for the livestream option. Further details and information on the conference — in addition to general information about ECAP, its child safety standards, and other resources — can be found at ecap.net.

The Evangelical Council for Abuse Prevention was formed as a national organization in June 2019 in response to a growing awareness of the problem of sexual abuse within evangelical churches and ministries. ECAP seeks to offer a proactive, comprehensive solution for protecting children and the vulnerable from abuse within evangelical ministries.

ECAP will offer accreditation to ministries that commit to operate according to recently released standards for addressing and preventing abuse of children in their care.

The market place is our ministry, but how do we actually share our faith?

Not too many years ago, Christians looked to their church for all the answers regarding the salvation of mankind. The goal was to bring unsaved people to church and then let the church – and the pastor – do the rest. As time has progressed, however, and there has been more teaching on Christians being the ‘arms and legs’ of the church, Christians are more aware of the role that they play in being a witness for God in their workplaces and communities.

The challenge is that many Christians simply don’t know how to effectively share their faith. Ross Walker is one man who does not fit into this category. Sharing the Gospel comes easy to him, and rather than keep his secrets to himself, he has released a new book, which helps Christians reach out to the unsaved people in their worlds.

Market Place Ministry is a book that all Christians should read, especially in an age where getting people to church is becoming increasingly difficult to do. Yet, these same people are interested in God and faith – but perhaps do not want to hear about God inside the church.

Ross Walker has been involved in market place ministry for almost 40 years and has made the observation that Christians who are unable to confidently share their faith will often remain silent at a time when “the rocks and stones are wanting to cry out that Jesus Christ is Lord”. (Luke 19:40)

“My personal observation over many years is that many Christians are reluctant to share their faith in the wider community outside the bounds of their church community and close friends,” Ross stated.

“While there may be many reasons for this, it is most probably due to the lack of priority that has been attached by church leaders to the training and equipping of Christian believers to share their faith. I had an encounter with God at age 22 and became a Christian. It was a life changing experience.

“Immediately after this, I had a burning desire to share the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with the people I would meet from all walks of life and I began to do so soon after my encounter with God.”

Many Christians feel that their role is to defend their faith. Ross believes that the evidence of true discipleship includes always being ready to give an account of our faith; and that your testimony and reason for our faith is the key to sharing Christ with other people.

“This book is basically a series of snapshots of my life as I have sought to find effective ways to share my faith in keeping with every believers responsibility to take part in the Great Commission,” Ross said. “Jesus committed this ministry to Christian believers, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to change their world and we all have a role to play.

“The teaching and testimonies contained in this book are meant to be an encouragement to every Christian believer to step into the greater purposes of God for their lives, which includes being “the light of the world” and the “salt of the earth” people whose faith shines through their everyday lives.”

Born in North Queensland, Australia, Ross is a successful businessman and a current company director. Graduating from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, he worked in the the Queensland State Government, before commencing work within thr private sector. He also graduated from Strikeforce Ministry Training Institute in 1997 with a Diploma in Christian Ministry.

Ross is currently the Principal of the Roscar Group of Companies, which has been highly successful in the project management of major event transport. He also has a successful technology business and a management consulting business.

“God called me into the market place back in the early 1980’s and I have witnessed the power of God touching lives in some of the most remarkable ways, a number of which could easily qualify for the Book of Acts,” he said. “I was an ordinary person who had a life-changing encounter with God and from Day 1, I chose to take the Great Commission seriously.

“God blessed me greatly in my state government roles and I had six promotions in seven years – being one of the fastest promoted in the history of the Department of Transport. Over the last 40 plus years, I have had extensive church leadership involvement including being an Assistant Pastor, several Eldership and Board positions, as well as Life Group Leader and Carer roles; plus many other aspects of church leadership. I love the opportunity to serve God.

“However, I agree with Bill Johnson, where he says in his book, ‘Walking in the Spirit’, that “Jesus did not go through what he went through so we could do church”. There is a much greater purpose!”

Market Place Ministry has teaching chapters interlaced with testimonials, describing market place situations where the principles being taught are then demonstrated, as people are led into an encounter with Jesus Christ. The book includes specific teaching on the principles and some proven techniques on how to share your faith in real life situations. The principles used have all been derived from the gospels of Jesus Christ and His Apostles, as well as many great soul winners for Christ.

Finally, the book describes many real life situations in market places, churches and other locations where all nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit have been used with miracles, signs and wonders following. These things are what Jesus said would follow when believers go into all the world and preach the good news!

“Many churches (including some whole denominations) have struggled with declining church attendances for years,” Ross continued. “How to present a never changing God to an ever changing world has become one of the most serious challenges for the church of Jesus Christ.

“However, if church leaders continue presenting the gospel in the same manner year after year and get the same results (including declining attendances), there is clearly something wrong. Within the church community there is tremendous benefit to be derived from modernising the message without compromising God’s Word or His ways and churches that have embraced this principle have experienced great rewards.

“However, for serious church growth to occur, believers need to be trained and equipped to share their faith by church leaders. The law of seedtime and harvest applies to every area of our lives, including church growth. If you don’t plant seed, then don’t expect a crop.

“It was not by coincidence that the sower was the very first parable Jesus taught and it appeared in all three of the Synoptic gospels. The underlying message is that the Word of God needs to be sown into the crowds of people we come in contact with on a daily basis. The fields are actually very ripe, ready for harvest.

“If this is not happening, then church growth will typically only occur when the more evangelical orientated believers within existing congregations invite their friends or through advertising campaigns, special events, and so on. When the church of Jesus Christ seriously recognises that it has a part to play in the Great Commission and trains, equips and empowers its people to share their faith and reach out to people ‘outside the church’, then it is the beginning of the pathway to growth.”

Market Place Ministry offers many practical examples on how to reach out beyond the church walls. This book is also being offered as an assistance to church leaders with their role of training and equipping the saints for works of service. It is effective for both the church leaders, as well as Christians wanting to make a difference.

Market Place Ministry is full of suggestions and advice on how to evangelize practically. Ross suggests that the number one ingredient is for Christians to have their personal testimony ready (as to how they encountered God) and then be prepared to share this when the opportunity arises.

“Pray and ask God to prepare the way for an encounter with someone in need of God in their life,” Ross suggested. ”When the point of encounter happens, look for the leading of the Holy Spirit in what to say and how to say it and you are on your way.

“For some people, their heart can open within a few moments of conversation. With others it may take years, but keep sowing faithfully into their lives until the seed takes root. Every person you meet is on their own journey through life. God treats them all as individuals, so recognize this and let your light shine through good works, genuine love, mercy, compassion and being there for people when they need a friend.

“Be ready to step into the shoes of the Good Samaritan whenever the need arises and you have the potential to change the lives of the people in your world – as God touches their lives through you.”

Market Place Ministry, published by Ark House, is now available globally.


Calvary Chapel Old Bridge to Host Answers in Genesis Creation Conference

Dr. Terry Mortenson to Speak at Two-Day Conference 

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Old Bridge, NJ: Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, a non-denominational Christian church will be hosting a Creation Conference with Dr. Terry Mortenson of Answers in Genesis on February 20-22. The conference will take place during regular weekend church services as well as special evening sessions and will explore biblical answers to the problems America is facing today.

Dr. Mortenson holds a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Philosophy in the history of geology and has lectured in 35 countries. He has served for 26 years with Campus Crusade for Christ in the United States and Eastern Europe and now serves as an author, speaker and researcher with Answers in Genesis.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry dedicated to equipping Christians to defend their faith and proclaim the gospel effectively. The organization focuses on providing answers to questions about the Bible, particularly in the book of Genesis regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.

Among the lectures Dr. Mortenson will be teaching are, “Creation, Evolution and Our Cultural Moment,” “Origin of Species: was Darwin right?,” “Ape-men, Adam & the Gospel,” “Millions of Years: The Idea’s Unscientific Origin and Catastrophic Consequences,” “Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years.”

In his lectures Dr. Terry Mortenson will be discussing foundational causes for the moral crisis America is facing. With no absolute morals, how do we address pornography, abortion, suicide, gender issues and homosexual “marriage”?  Why is America becoming less and less Christian, even anti-Christian, everyday, although we are the country with the greatest number of Christian resources?  Dr. Mortenson will show over the course of the conference that the more the church has ignored or rejected Genesis, the more we have seen the church and the culture of the once-Christian west reject other doctrines as well.

The Answers in Genesis Creation Conference is a free event. All are welcome. For service times and lecture schedule visit www.ccob.org.

Debbie Biskey
Communications and Events Manager
Calvary Chapel Old Bridge


Following the Firstborn – a multi-layered panorama that leads us towards the Celestial City

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – In this most unusual of years, where we have all spent a lot more time at home and in isolation than usual, Jim Ward found that he finally had the time to stop and review his creative writing folder, which contained a number of poems that he had written over the last fifty years.

As Jim reread them together as a whole – perhaps for the very first time – it suddenly became clear that there was a definite sequence of faith challenges embedded in the verse. Thinking that his collection may be of assistance to others, especially those starting their journey of faith, or just considering what it is like to walk alongside Jesus, Jim then made the final revisions of a small ‘ten steps of faith’ anthology and has now published his first book, Following the Firstborn.

“Poetry is not read widely these days, but because it can be performed, like the Psalms, it is a wonderful medium for conveying memorable thoughts and deep emotions,” Jim said. “The connotations of well-chosen words are very powerful. As I edited the poems, I became very conscious of God’s guiding Spirit helping me to get the language working well to focus on our great need to have Jesus as our friend and find that He can release us from the anxiety of the woes of the world – even in a year of debilitating Pandemic virus.”

Getting excited at the prospect of seeing 50 years of hard work start to come to fruition, Jim had the idea of using some of his travel photographs to pick up and expand the symbolism of the poetry so that it would appeal to as wide a range of readers as possible. Following this came the thought of adding a reflection guide for both individuals and groups to use. This focuses on crucial questions and starter resources to take every reader much further in considering and preparing for the great challenge of a lifetime “pilgrim’s progress”.

“The photograph essays connected to each poem establish vibrant symbols that reinforce the powerful life challenges of the poems,” Jim continued. “Wisdom, which perhaps is only glimpsed enticingly in the poetry, is brought into satisfying focus that provokes deep personal thought and application. This is both confronting and exciting. The book pinpoints and illuminates ten key questions about our faith and life following the Firstborn – Jesus.

“The audience is not left to flounder in the wake of daunting questions, however. A detailed reflection guide underlines disparate aspects of the questions to explore further. Together with some starter “backpack resources” for this great heavenly hike, the tribulations facing every pilgrim can be prepared for and overcome.

“Another refreshing feature of this work is its lifetime panorama, derived from its contextual origins in Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. The poetry and questions build a rhythm of life towards eternity and present a big picture framework with which to put our journey into perspective. This makes good sense of our toils and troubles and builds hope and resilience.”

Jim Ward was born to missionary parents in Hong Kong in 1953 and a few weeks later, settled with them in East Malaysia, where the Sandakan death march ended just 8 years earlier, with only 6 survivors out of 1787 Australians. He told me that he has always been thankful that he was not born into that generation and has been challenged constantly not to waste his chance at life that these people never had.

On his family’s return to reside in Australia, they moved to the southern city of Melbourne, then settling in Townsville, Northern Queensland as his father became the inaugural Professor of Physics at James Cook University. Jim also ended up working in education and after a long career, he took up a deputy position at the new Thomas Hassall Anglican College in the western suburbs of Sydney, where he continues to work today.

Jim’s lifetime of work has a key mission for its readers: to tune in to the key faith navigation way points that are essential if we are going to complete our ‘mission impossible’ and experience the joy that the ‘Firstborn from the dead’ has prepared for His wonderful family.

“And so God has blessed this little book and thankfully moved the Ark House publishing company to produce it tastefully and get it printed in a convenient format,” Jim stated. “I believe that, although the concept of this book is unusual and multi-modal, that God will use it to lead others to faith in Him. Hopefully many will be encouraged on the great mission that is quite possible – that of Following the Firstborn home to an eternity of joy and secure peace, from which all evil has been banished forever.

“Much contemporary Christian literature is so issues-based that it must fixate on the treacherous track of the moment, as it traverses the enemy occupied territory of a world bent out of its beautiful shape by evil. Alert for every dangerous slip or slide in the mud, our eyes, quite rightfully, focus invariably on our boots. Following the Firstborn gives us some luxurious rest from this, so that we can look at the view of crucial route waypoints behind and ahead and check our progress. Our soul is fed and we can rise above the mire as an eagle soaring home by faith.”

Following the Firstborn is now available globally.

New Devotional Offers Daily Help for Christians in Difficult Relationships

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Yorba Linda, November 9, 2020 — When Karla Downing, a Christian marriage & family therapist, was looking for a daily devotional to help her navigate difficult relationships in her life, she couldn’t find one based on biblical truths. Downing knew the need for resources for Christians in difficult relationships and dedicated her life’s work to writing and teaching. Downing’s ministry is motivated by the conflicts she sees between the guidance found in Christian relationship books and what the Bible says.

Downing’s new devotional, Change My Relationship: 365 Daily Devotions for Christians in Difficult Relationships (ChangeMyRelationship, 2020), is her fourth book. The devotional includes the 10 Relationship-Changing Principles she teaches in her books and classes, as well as recovery slogans, the correction of common biblical misunderstandings, and many additional practical tools. It is helpful for any difficult relationship including marriage, parents, children, ex-spouses, co-workers, friends and more. There is a topical index so that readers can also search for the specific guidance they need to read on any particular day.

“God has given her the gift of insight, and she uses it to apply Scripture to real-life situations. Her professional and personal experience give her the ability to understand and empathize deeply with people,” say Don and Alexandra Flecky, authors of Couple Talk and Shepherds of Marriage and Relationships at Fullerton Free Church.

Karla Downing is the author of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association 2004 Silver Medallion Award winner, 10 Lifesaving Principles for Women in Difficult Marriages. Her second book, When Love Hurts: 10 Principles to Transform Difficult Relationships, applies the same principles to all family members. Her third book, The Truth in the Mirror: A Guide to Healthy Self-Image, offers a unique and life-changing approach to looking at self-image. She is the author of several eBooks and hundreds of articles on relationship issues, including LifeWay International articles focused on training women’s ministry leaders to help women struggling in difficult relationships. She is also a contributor for A Wife Like Me. She lives in Southern California with her husband of over 40 years. Together, they have three children.

Change My Relationship: 365 Daily Devotions for Christians in Difficult Relationships will be available on December 1, 2020 on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

ChangeMyRelationship/ December 1, 2020 / Paperback, E-book / $16.99 / ISBN 978-1-7352459-0-4

For more information, please contact Karla Downing: karla@changemyrelationship.com.

Zoe Records: Celebrating 20 Years in UK Gospel Music Industry

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Isaac Odeniran tells the story of the inception of Zoe Records in reflection of ’20 years of small beginnings and strong foundations’.

“It almost seems like yesterday, yet it’s been 20 years since Zoe Records was incorporated. Zoe Records began as a vision given from above, but one could not have imagined at the time the wide-reaching effects of answering a call to carry out this assignment. Did I ever imagine when I stepped out

in 1999 that by 2019 Zoe Records would have released 50 albums..” With over 15 awards & nominations, 120 artists, over 100 live performances, and 21+ international tours,
we look back at the achievements and projects organized by Zoe Records.

Read the full report on Issuu – https://issuu.com/zoerecordsuk/docs/zr_new_2706_d5

Website: www.zoerecords.co.uk

Social Media Handle: @ZoeRecordsUK

Sisters Speak Godly Truth in a New Unfiltered Television Show

Two pairs of sisters are not holding anything back on their TV show called Outspoken: A Sisterhood of Faith! Ann Barrovecchio, Jeanne Hester, Brittany Hollis, and Lauren Smack are on a mission to let the world know about Jesus through connective and candid conversations with women all over the world.

The Outspoken hosts speak about real, thought-provoking topics. From motherhood, friendship, comparison, politics, and everything in between, these girls talk about the things that MATTER. Every season is full of laughter, stories, meaningful discussions, recipes, and sharing favorite products, tips, and tricks that make life a bit simpler and more enjoyable!

The producers of Outspoken have lined up amazing guests to join the conversation. Recently, the Outspoken girls interviewed Star Parker, Conservative Commentator, and Founder of UrbanCURE. In this particular episode, Star encourages viewers and listeners to vote Christian values and consider the facts before going into the 2020 Presidential Election voting booth. Other guests on the show include Bevelyn Beaty and Edmee Chavannes, Conservative Pro-Life advocates, and Instagram phenoms.

Outspoken is a must-watch for any woman looking for unfiltered, uplifting conversation. So, join the Sisterhood! Outspoken is currently in Season 2. New episodes of Outspoken debut on www.FISM.tv/outspoken every Monday at 8pm ET. (Outspoken also airs on The Dove TV on the United States West Coast and on Shine TV in New Zealand.)

Ann Barrovecchio, Jeanne Hester, Brittany Hollis, and Lauren Smack are available for interviews. For media inquiries, please contact us at outspoken@fism.tv. To learn more about the show, check out the pages linked below.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/HemUdVRjep4

Website: www.FISM.tv/outspoken

Instagram: www.instagram.com/outspoken.tv

Youtube: https://rb.gy/9rpghl

ABOUT OUTSPOKEN: Outspoken hosts Jeanne Hester, Ann Barrovecchio, Lauren Smack, and Brittany Hollis believe that motherhood and sisterhood are best when done together! So, Outspoken was born. Outspoken is a television show and podcast established in 2019 out of a desire to speak Godly truth in love in order to unite women and mothers into a sisterhood of faith. Further, Outspoken aims to normalize and encourage each other throughout the immense joys and difficulties of motherhood. Stay tuned for more!

ABOUT FiSM.TV: FiSM.TV is a Streaming Television Network of new, edgy and informative Christian television programming. In a cable cutting world, we intend to lead the way by providing biblically sound TV content for viewers of all ages. At FISM TV we are striving to expose Jesus for who He is, what He means and what He can do.

FISM TV network influences culture with our 24/7 broadcast of unique Christian television programming. Tune in anytime on Roku and Amazon FireTV.


Through the changing face of worship services

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – As a whole, most of us do not like change and that also includes the church. But because of Covid-19, churches have had to change to adapt to this pandemic. No longer being able to meet in person has changed how they provide church services. But this negative has been turned into a positive because now through technology (Youtube, streaming, podcasts etc), the church is now able to spread the message of Jesus Christ through technology to those outside of their congregation.

Now that we have realized that the use of modern technology can be used to provide church services, we need to consider how technology can also enhance our worship services.

There is no denying that our culture today is dominated by images in our everyday life. And like the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Because images are part of our everyday life and they can convey a message better than words, we need to explore more possible ways to affect a person’s understanding of the gospel and God’s love through how we worship.

One of the ways to present a more effective worship service, is to consider using more visualization. By using the visual arts alongside our worship songs, we are able to connect the message of the song more effectively. The use of the visual arts with a worship song is often referred to as “Visual Worship

I saw this explanation of visual worship on the internet and I think it sums it up beautifully “Visual worship is not about what your eyes see, it is about how our mind and heart and spirit connect with and respond to God through those things our eyes see.”

Worshiplibrary.com had this to say about visual worship “Christian worship is an inherently visual event. Both the setting and the actions of worship need to be seen as well as heard. Contemporary North American culture is becoming image dominated. Television, film, photography, advertising, and computerized graphics are shifting the balance of communicative power between word and image. The visual arts in worship can not be avoided or ignored in the present age. They are an important means of communication with God for artist and participant, drawing worshipers into the story of faith in effective and spiritual ways.”

Because of the changing times and the fact that some people are unable to understand or connect to a worship song, I believe our churches need to consider using visual worship as a way to spread the message of the gospel.

I created a website called www.visual-worship.com that uses carefully crafted images and videos along with worship songs. By creating these worship music videos, I am giving churches a way to apply visual worship to their worship service.

If you think your church could benefit from the use of visual worship, please visit www.visual-worship.com.


About the writer: Terrie Carothers is a 62 year old Christian woman who loves the Lord. She lives outside of Huntsville, AL in a small rural community. She is the owner of a small real estate appraisal company and has been doing real estate appraising for over 25 years.

In August 2020, she created a web site called www.visual-worship.com. She also has a Christian Facebook fan page that has over 10,000 followers. Her Facebook page is www.facebook.com/theveilislifted and was created January 2020.

LA, California Superior Court – County of Los Angeles vs Grace Community Church – John MacArthur (Pastor)

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Last week, a hearing was held in the courtroom of Judge Gregory W. Alarcon regarding an ex-parte application for contempt and for sanctions against Grace Community Church of the Valley specifically naming John MacArthur as the defendant. The County of Los Angeles gave the church a one day notice to appear in court regarding the filing of contempt and request for sanctions against the church and pastor John MacArthur.

Appearing for the defense was Charles Limandri and Jenna Ellis. The County’s attorney Amnon Siegel argued that the church was violating the Sept. 4th preliminary injunction court order by continuing to hold services in excess of 3000 people, not wearing masks, or practicing social distancing. The hearing began with confusion because new judge Alarcon asked why the case was moved to his court from the courtroom of Judge Mitchell Beckloff. There was an hour and a half delay in the proceedings while the County prepared a reason for the change of venue.

The County explained that the new court was assigned because the case may be heard there and was available. Attorney Siegel stated that the church was in violation of Judge Beckloff’s order and that indirect contempt proceedings were appropriate. He said the church was committing a willful violation and announced their intentions to violate the order on TV, radio, and social media. He said the defendants were defying the health department order by Munto Davis, M.D., and the 18 page preliminary injunction court order of Judge Beckloff.

The defense argued that the church and pastor were exercising their 1st Amendment rights under the US Constitution and by the authority of God. Attorney Limandri said the church was entitled to a full hearing with witnesses, discovery, a jury, and a full trial on the merits due to the serious nature of the allegations. Limandri said your chances were greater of dying in an accident on the way to church instead of dying from the Corona Virus. He cited statistics regarding the “flattening of the curve” and that no one at Grace Community Church has died because of the virus despite 9 consecutive church services held there.

Limandri stated “As far as we’re concerned this is all political. Never in the history of the US has anyone asked the court to ban church services.” He also argued that the County was retaliating against the church by ending their parking lease with the county who didn’t deny that was the reason. He also lambasted the LA County Board of Supervisors stating they made a ludicrous argument for closing down the church.

County Attorney Siegel responded by stating that Grace Community Church has fulfilled the four elements of contempt; first by knowledge of the order, ability to comply, failure to comply, and open defiance of the court. He said the church does not get to violate the order simply because they think its erroneous. Defense attorney Limandri further responded by saying the rules on shutdowns had become a moving target constantly changing week by week with some businesses open such as gyms, strip clubs, and nail salons, while attempting to keep the church closed.

He also asked why local protests had not been shut down but instead encouraged by the Board of Supervisors. Attorney Jenna Ellis ended the church’s argument by stating “The Constitution is not a side show.” Attorney Siegel then stated that her statement was a mischaracterization of his argument. Judge Alarcon ended the hearing with “I will get a ruling out soon.” Status of the case is pending as of 4:00 p.m. today.

By Larry Fenton – Independent reporter based in Los Angeles, CA

How you can ensure you’re one of Life’s Winners.. and not one of the Few Losers.

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Most of us have had a few losses in life and need to find our ‘mojo’ to once again have the courage to get up and have another try. It’s unfortunately a part of growing up and becoming an adult.

We dream big, we try the impossible… and sadly, many times, things do not work out the way we plan them. At least, that is the case the first time around, and as many successful people will tell you, it is often on the second, third, fourth… even fifth attempt that, with all of the knowledge and experience of what went wrong the previous times, you can finally see breakthrough.

Ray Keipert is an Australian author who, from a young boy, has always had an interest in creative writing. In his new book, Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, the theme for the book was developed as he drafted stories over a period of about three years. As Ray told me, he cast his mind back to people he’d met and places he’d been to, not to mention challenges he had met in his own life.

With age comes wisdom and Ray has taken the time to look back on a range of people – some massively successful, while others not so much – to find out what it is that makes people tick.

“I always loved writing, even as a young boy at primary school,” Ray said. Sometimes, interested teachers would get me to read my school compositions out to the class, so that was some affirmation of my writing. However, once I was in the workforce as a teacher of modern languages, I rarely seemed to have the free time necessary to concentrate on writing. One exception was in the mid-1970s, when I was teaching in England and had time to write during a winter vacation.

I completed a short novel (still stored in the bottom drawer of a garage cabinet). I did send it to a couple of British publishers, but they felt it needed much more work – no doubt it did – and I left it alone. Now that I am retired and have joined a University of the Third Age writing group, I feel much more motivated and have more time to write.”

Most of the stories inside Ray’s inspiring book are based to some extent on true situations, with names and places changed to keep the subjects of the stories anonymous. “In terms of the stories enclosed, there is a thread of truth in most of them,” Ray said. “It could be someone I’d met and quite often, places I have visited. As an example of a minor victory, the ‘Halls of Justice’ story represents me being vindicated in court when I contested a parking fine which I felt was unjustified.

“’Christmas Lunch’ was based on a real event, where a teenage girl was accidentally killed by a wayward golf shot hit by her best friend. The parents of the dead girl reacted magnificently to the girl who caused the death, doing much the same as the reaction in my story.

“As another example, ‘Five and a Half Centimetres’ is, as you see in the book’s final acknowledgement, a depiction of a real event that happened in 1963. Why did I write the story? Well, I remembered when that dramatic escape took place in 1963, recalling that the escapees had used a cut-down sports car. Having substantially written the story, I checked the events on the Internet, yes, there it was, complete with the names. Thus it was fitting to write an acknowledgement.”

So just what is it that makes someone continue through to see their dreams come to life, when others give up, not able to handle the emotional roller coaster? In the words of Ray Keipert: “I think it is strength of purpose that enables some to have success and others not; the ability to persevere in the face of discouragement. I equate it to taking a yacht through often stormy seas: you keep the bow pointing upwards so the waves don’t swamp it. Have Christian faith and pray to the Lord for strength  – I would urge everyone to do so.

“Another key ingredient is strength of character. You need to have that ‘stickability’ in your nature to not be put off by discouragement. Education, devoting time to your craft, surrounding yourself with those who offer encouragement, being reliable and trustworthy, honest in your dealings… all these positive virtues are essential to ensure you emerge as one of life’s winners.”

As a Christian author, Ray stated the importance of having a Christian faith as the base line for a successful life. “On top of this, one must resist fear and panic,” he said. “Everyone should keep company with positive people. Negative people engender fear, which is destructive. Finally, do some uplifting and motivational reading. I do hope that my book provides that and sets people on a pathway to be one of life’s winners.

“While it is easy to make the assumption that this book is for high-achieving Christians, I hope that it motivates people who have had a few losses to find their way back. I trust that they will be inspired to try again when they see ‘ordinary people’ responding to sudden challenges.

“I also deliberately included ‘minor’ matters such as the parking fine and the ‘resistance’ man who refused to pay for his radio and TV licence (abolished in Australia in the 1970s) to indicate that sometimes, minor concerns can become too big in people’s minds. They just have to come to see their problems in proportion and not blow the issue into something that it is not.

“Successful people are good at this. As the old saying goes, they don’t ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’. They don’t over-emphasize their challenges and so, with a calm head, plus prayer and faith, they can work clear pathways to get beyond the challenges they face.”

Life’s Winners … and a Few Losers, published by Ark House, is now available globally.

Dr. Carla D. Lewis Launches ‘Prayers That Will Transform Your Life’

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Jump start your day with Prayer and the Word of God. This daily devotional book adds faith and power to your ministry tool box. With each page, you will be edified, encouraged, stirred, and ignited with faith charges! Transform your life with accelerated prayers that bridge the gap between heaven and earth.

Prayers That Will Transform Your Life can be purchased from www.amazon.com or from www.cdlewisbooks.com (ISBN-13: 979-8666469507) Trade Paper, $12.95; 86 pages, from Amazon www.amazon.com, and is also available from www.cdlewisbooks.com

About the Author

Dr. Carla D Lewis is the Vice President of Christian Bible Institute & Seminary and is an anointed psalmist leading praise and worship in the Lord’s church. As Assistant Pastor of the Dwelling Place of God Christian Fellowship Church located in Houston, Texas, Dr. Lewis serves faithful with her husband, Dr. Tony V. Lewis, who is the Senior Pastor. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Ministry and an Honorary Doctor of Sacred Music degree. Dr. Lewis is also a Certified Christian Counselor, Christian Life Coach and a Certified Christian Chaplain.

About the Publisher

Vision Publishing www.booksbyvision.org is a Christian publishing company helping authors edit their manuscripts, publish, print and successfully market their books nationwide.

Dr. Carla D. Lewis

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Breaks Christian Crowdfunding Records For Children’s Fiction

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Ontario, Canada— July 30, 2020— Lithos Kids is pleased to announce that Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey has raised more than triple its funding goal and is the highest funded Christian book project for kids’ fiction in the history of crowdfunding.

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey features 226 pages of beautiful artwork and faithfully adapts the Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, which is the most printed and translated book of all time, second only to the Bible.

Pilgrim’s Progress was the first book I read as a young Christian,” said author Tyler Van Halteren, a Canadian missionary currently serving in Cambodia. “When I looked for a version for my kids, I found there were none that combined engaging full-color illustrations with simplified language for children. I hope this version will inspire my two sons and many other children to believe the King’s Word, follow the King’s Path, and seek the King’s City.”

Andy Naselli, Associate Professor at Bethlehem College & Seminary, described the book as, “Excellent. Equally engaging for a 3-year-old and 11-year-old. My four girls loved it!”

A Kickstarter success, this project reached its original funding goal in only 6 hours. Additionally, Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey is gaining enthusiastic praise and reviews by a number of Christian authors and teachers.

“This child-friendly rendition of Pilgrim’s Progress provides high quality pictures along with an understandable, shortened story format for kids, all without losing the meaning of the allegory,” said Peter Goeman, Professor at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary.

“Here is a wonderful visual telling of The Pilgrim’s Progress for young readers,” said M. Scott Bashoor, Faculty Associate at The Master’s Seminary, and Co-Pastor at Community Bible Church Anaheim. “Beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully worded, it guides youngsters through the rich allegories in Bunyan’s work. This is a valuable resource for kids, families, and churches.”

On August 6, the Kickstarter pre-order campaign will end and production for the books will begin. Delivery of the book is scheduled for this October, along with coloring books, ebooks, and audiobook versions. In November, Van Halteren will donate over 150 copies to a Cambodian school through the Christian mission organization, Action International.

Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey and its extra items can be pre-ordered now, worldwide on Kickstarter.


About the Author: Tyler Van Halteren is from Ontario, Canada. He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary. Today he serves as a missionary in Cambodia with his wife and two children. He has been developing Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey for more than a year and wants this timeless tale to inspire the next generation to seek the Celestial City. He created Lithos Kids with a desire to publish gospel-centered children’s books. His sincere hope is that these books are treasured by Christian families for years to come. More information can be found at www.lithoskids.com.

Media Contact:
Jeff Lai
Marketing, Lithos Kids

Cecil B. Demille’s legendary epic arrives in a spectacular Blu-Ray Digibook perfect for Easter gift-giving

Debuting March 10, 2020, Special Collector’s Edition Includes Both the 1923 and 1956 Films, Plus a 16-Page Booklet with Rare Photos and Background About Both Movies

For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few motion pictures can claim to equal the splendor of renowned director Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 epic THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Arriving in time for Easter gift-giving, the beloved masterpiece will be presented in a new Blu-ray Digibook on
March 10, 2020 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

This spectacular release features three Blu-ray Discs and includes not only the fully restored 1956 version of the film, but also DeMille’s original 1923 silent version, as well as a 16-page booklet featuring rare photos and historical facts about both productions. The set also includes an in-depth, 73-minute documentary entitled “The Ten Commandments: Making Miracles,” commentary on the 1956 film by Katherine Orrison, author of “Written in Stone: Making Cecil B. DeMille’s Epic, The Ten Commandments,” newsreel footage of the film’s New York premiere, theatrical trailers, hand-tinted footage of the Exodus and Parting of the Red Sea sequence from the 1923 version, a two-color Technicolor segment, and photo galleries.

DeMille’s last motion picture made Charlton Heston a superstar and remains a cinematic triumph and perennial fan-favorite. Filmed in Egypt and the Sinai with one of the biggest sets ever constructed for a motion picture, THE TEN COMMANDMENTS tells the story of the life of Moses (Heston). Once favored in the Pharaoh’s (Yul Brynner) household, Moses turned his back on a privileged life to lead his people to freedom.

# # #

About Paramount Home Entertainment

Paramount Home Entertainment (PHE) is part of Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment. PPC is a unit of ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC; VIACA), a leading content company with prominent and respected film, television and digital entertainment brands. The PHE division oversees PPC’s home entertainment and transactional digital distribution activities worldwide. The division is responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of home entertainment content on behalf of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Animation, Paramount Television, Paramount Players, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and CBS and applicable licensing and servicing of certain DreamWorks Animation titles. PHE additionally manages global licensing of studio content and transactional distribution across worldwide digital distribution platforms including online, mobile and portable devices and emerging technologies.

National worship gathering ‘Sing Over America’ to be held May 7-8

On May 7-8, 2020, Terry MacAlmon is organizing his first national worship gathering, called ‘Sing Over America‘, which will take place in the Comerica Center (the former Dr. Pepper Arena) in Frisco, TX (Dallas area). He will be joined by Don Moen, Paul Wilbur, Gateway Worship, Nathaniel Bassey, Vocal Majority and Joni Lamb & The Daystar Singers.

MacAlmon is known for writing the popular song ‘I Sing Praises’, that has been a Top 40 Christian song around the world and is still regularly sung in many churches. The song was published by Integrity Music in 1989 and is included in many modern hymnals.

MacAlmon: “Earlier this year I was seeking the Lord about our own nation. I’ve traveled all over the world in worship ministry, but I’ve had a burden for our own nation and I believe the Lord instructed me to gather the worshipers from coast to coast, to come together in Dallas, Texas, which is the center point of our country, and to sing over America.”

In a statement on the Sing Over America website it says that while singing over the various regions of America, principalities and powers will be destroyed and the intensity of the Holy Spirit will increase to unprecedented levels.

MacAlmon: “This is a big event that I believe is going to change the spiritual tone of our country.”


Even though the lineup of participants is impressive, MacAlmon states, “It’s really about the people worshiping and lifting Jesus up over our land, just as Jehoshaphat sent the musicians and singers out in front of the army, we’re going to go before and we’re just going to exalt and acknowledge Jesus at the most critical time in our nation’s history.”

Tickets are available for $29.00 (for both days) at TicketMaster.com.

More info about the event can be found at www.SingOverAmerica.us.

New group launches to support Christian women in business

A new group has been launched in an effort to support the growing number of Christian women and stay-at-home moms venturing out into their own businesses.

Christian Woman & Co is the brainchild of Nicole Danswan, who along with her husband, are the owners and founders of the global media group, Initiate Media.

CW&Co has been launched with a vision of connecting mompreneurs and Christian women in business who want to combine work and faith in a new digital era,” Nicole stated.

As the workforce changes dramatically and we are seeing the rise of the gig economy, where more and more jobs are becoming part-time, casual, and in many cases, cut all together, Nicole felt compelled to launch a support group so that Christian women are not left behind.

“As both a Christian woman and a Christian woman in business, I can very clearly see how quickly employment is changing. So many jobs are going offshore, automation is changing so many industries and thus gobbling up many of the part time jobs that were once available for us moms, and so I really felt led to create a product that ensures my Christian sisters are not left behind.

“My vision is to provide content, which will then lead into workshops and retreats, where we can teach women the aspects of running a business. For most, this isn’t something they are doing as a hobby. Many families need additional income to survive, and so a support group that can adequately educate women in starting and running a business is in fact a necessary ministry.”

Initiate Media purchased the Hillsong Business Directory some ten or so years ago and already serves Christian owned businesses with web development, app development, creative services, and much more.

“We already own Christian Woman, and so we have an amazing platform from which to launch with,” Nicole said. “As a company, we already provide a myriad of services for businesses. From web development, to branding, PR and printing, we are already heavily invested in this space.

“Only a very small percentage of people are called into ‘official’ ministry, and so for the rest of us, our businesses and workplaces are one of the best, most influential, ministries we have.

“Doing work with excellence really makes people stand up and take notice. I’m excited to see what Christian women from all around the world are going to achieve in the years to come and feel so honored to lead CW&Co.”

To learn more visit https://christianwomanandco.com.

For media inquires please contact enquiries@initiatemedia.net. 

New book aims to ‘revolutionize Christian theology regarding creation and all things cosmic’

Just when you decide to forget about it, along comes Terry McIntosh. He’s not a recognized name in the world of quantum physics but his exciting conclusions might change that. His theory of time and things mysterious may be destined to revolutionize Christian theology regarding creation and all things cosmic.

His book, The Time Particle, delves into spooky things that Christians often wonder about but fail to explain when others ask about it. There’s things like prophecy, time loops, time travel, aliens, predestination or free will questions that stump a lot of us because we don’t know how to answer it satisfactorily. That leaves a void that needs be filled. How does it work? The Time Particle brings clarity to it all.

According to Terry, things Christians can’t explain are explained with revelation of the pseudoscience Time Particle. “It’s a new approach to all things cosmic,” he says. “Nobody really knows what time is until now. It’s much more than a measurement of movement. It’s a real thing. Among other things, it’s God’s memory book.”

Science may or may not adopt his conclusions but Terry believes he’s on target because it’s rooted in known science at quantum levels. “Time will tell the tale,” he says, and jokingly adds, “no pun intended.” The hypothesis covers events from before, during, and after creation week.

Terry isn’t a stranger to controversial subjects. He is CEO of the Jesus Christ Embassy Palestine, which is a Christian organization promoting reconciliation of Jews and Palestinians. He previously authored, “I Shall for the sake of my holy name” which, he says, upset some peers. “Truth is a tough pill to swallow but God’s truth finds it way into the hearts of his saints.”

Regarding the Time Particle, Terry has already been hammered hard by atheists who oppose anything God related. “God haters attacked the hypothesis in a public forum without even knowing its content. Maybe it frightens them? I expect them to organize bad reviews to diminish its value to potential readers once it goes live. Closed minds impede progress.”

Terry was introduced to the subject in a dream that led him to the exciting new concept of time, why it exists, and how it works. He says, “We live in an age where knowledge abounds, and so much of it is contrary to God’s truth. Science offers answers to legitimate questions whether right or wrong. If Christians can’t give the right answers, it’s expected that others will adopt the godless explanation. The questions posed are the same ones that people of faith are confronted with. Someone will say that imparted faith is all that’s required and that’s enough. True, God imparts faith but he also gave us a mind to reason with. He said as much in Isaiah 1:18.”

Terry goes on to say, “All we need to know Christ and live good, godly lives is in the Bible but we want to know more and that’s okay, I’m excited that the Lord is giving us a glimpse into his handiwork. It has a divine purpose. The revelation of how time works and it’s eternal significance is imparted first for edification of the church. Secondly, perhaps it will eventually serve science as well. It needs a new concept of time and this is it. It’s not mandatory to understand the mysteries of God to be saved, but it’s very helpful in bearing witness of a living God who created time. It’s for those with inquiring minds,” he says with a smile.

The book is a short read but you’ll likely read it more than once. It goes live on November 1. The retail price is $6.95 for the e-book version and $11.95 paperback. You can pre-order the e-book for $4.95 and save a couple of bucks. You can reserve your copy at The Time Particle.

Contact info
Terry McIntosh Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 766, Paducah, KY 42002
Phone 270-217-0132.

Building God’s Way Seminars show ministry leaders how to create an “Embedded Church” Facility

For immediate release: August 15, 2019

Building God’s Way (BGW), an organization that provides a network of services to support faith-based organizations, will be hosting seminars in 10 cities this fall. The events will focus on effective strategies for churches to maximize the use of their buildings in order to offset overhead costs and meet community needs 7 days a week. Seminar stops include Modesto, CA; Oceanside, CA; Lincolnshire, IL; Janesville, WI; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Louisville, KY; Middleburg, OH; Spokane, WA and Richmond, VA.

Experts in church architecture, construction, church leadership and funding will share how ministries can reduce the cost of their next facility expansion or remodel project by up to 30%. BGW Principal Architect Don Mahoney will share some key design principles for churches to consider for their new or existing facility that will help bring people to their campus who may not be looking for Jesus, but who might later realize that Jesus is looking for them. “In order for churches to thrive in the 21st century, we believe they must be willing to put their community first. Strategic master planning and design can help optimize community impact – 7 days a week!”, Mahoney said.

Matt Roberts, Senior Pastor of The Genesis Project Church and CEO of The Genesis Fund National Church Planting Network, will share some keys from his book, The God of New Beginnings, that can help churches create a culture that allows people to belong before they believe. “Community doesn’t just happen by accident”, said Roberts. “We must break ground and cultivate a culture that invites people in. We must come to a place where we truly believe there is no “us and them”, there is just…us”.

Church facilities have traditionally been among the least utilized buildings in America, sitting empty throughout most of the week. Derek Bartlett, Director of Mission-Based Sustainable Solutions, will share how churches can build financially sustainable forms of ministry that allow them to invest more of their resources into their actual mission, while creating a catalyst for ministry growth.

“Great information and exactly what our Church needed as we navigate through the complicated process of expanding our Ministry Center. A no nonsense approach towards becoming an embedded church in our community along with an in-depth look at how to move through the process of building, with an emphasis on integrity and accountability at every phase.” – Bill Meadows, Farmdale Church of the Nazarene, Louisville, KY

For more information, visit bgwservices.com/seminar or call 800-752-7910.

Building God’s Way (BGW) is an organization that was founded with the mission to transform the “world’s way” of design & construction by delivering the best possible stewardship of ministry resources. An industry leader in church architecture, BGW Architects has designed more than 850 ministry buildings throughout the U.S. Over the years, BGW has continued to expand beyond architecture into a network of kingdom building solutions to meet a wide range of ministry needs, with strategic partners in the areas of construction, building supply, funding & financial services, for-profit integration, strategic planning and more.



Bridgefest celebrates 15 years with concert featuring Big Daddy Weave


For Immediate Release

FAITH NEWSWIRE – OLD BRIDGE, NJ – Join The Bridge Christian Radio as they present Bridgefest 2019 with musical guests Big Daddy Weave and Matt Schuler in concert on Saturday, June 22nd in beautiful Ocean Grove, NJ. Pastor Lloyd Pulley of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge will be hosting the event and Pastor Pancho Juarez from Calvary Chapel Montebello, California will be sharing the gospel message at the concert. Pastor Lloyd and Pastor Pancho can both be heard daily on The Bridge Radio.

Bridgefest, the annual outreach event of The Bridge Christian Radio Network, consistently draws thousands to Ocean Grove, NJ each summer. Now in its 15th year, Bridgefest remains the largest and longest running Christian Summer festival of its kind to be held on the Jersey Shore.

Bridgefest’s theme for 2019 “Calm in the Storm” is especially significant with the 150th Anniversary of Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association taking place this year. Ocean Grove has survived many storms in its long history most recently Hurricane Sandy. “In today’s world and in this life of uncertainty, with events and political turmoil rocking our lives, there is only one that has the ability to calm the storm. We must look to Him in the midst of the storm,” said Pastor Lloyd Pulley.

The all-day Summer festival is filled with great teaching, faith and fun for the whole family! Events throughout the day include teachings from Bridge Radio On-Air Pastors, a Youth Rally, several Q&A Pastor Panels, a surf clinic, boardwalk games, kid’s activities, food trucks, ministry and business vendors/sponsors, and a beach baptism. The highly anticipated Christian Festival caps the day with a night-time concert featuring Big Daddy Weave and Matt Schuler, one of the top finalists of The Voice – Season 5.

The evening concert will be the second time Big Daddy Weave will perform at Bridgefest. “We are looking forward to returning to Bridgefest! We’ve always had a great time with the people of New Jersey and can’t wait to see you all soon!” said Mike Weaver of Big Daddy Weave.

The Bridge Radio is a ministry of Calvary Old Bridge and is dedicated to sound Bible teaching.

“There are some wonderful Christian music stations in the area, but the Bridge fills a much-needed void. We focus on the straightforward teaching of the Bible, featuring some of the best teachers and communicators in the country,” said Lloyd Pulley, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge, co-founder of The Bridge, and featured teacher on the station. “Great teachers, musicians and listeners all come together at Bridgefest to celebrate our common delight in God and His Word and enjoy the company of thousands who do as well.”

General admission and reserved seating tickets are available starting at $20. For more information about Bridgefest, and to purchase your tickets to the concert, go to bridgefest.org or call 888-861-6100.

The Bridge is heard worldwide on TuneIn and bridgeradio.org. Locally, it is heard on 89.7FM in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ; 91.9FM in Southern Middlesex & Northern Monmouth Counties, NJ; 95.1FM New York City; 99.7FM in NY’s Sullivan County; 103.1FM in Northern Jersey & NYC; and 106.9FM in Poughkeepsie, NY.

CONTACT: Catia Trooskin