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covenant token

First Christian faith-based token launches globally on Easter Sunday

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Covenant Ministry, a non-denominational Christian ‘Crypto-Ministry’, will launch the first mainstream community run, faith-based, Christian cryptocurrency.

Covenant Token is a community run, faith based, token on the BNB Smart Chain. Covenant Token is the first mainstream Christian token with listings on decentralized exchanges, Pancakeswap, Apeswap, Sushiswap, Bakeryswap, and the Dodo Exchange.

10% of the funds raised through Covenant Token’s presale will be donated in
support of the Ukraine. Covenant Ministry will be establishing partnerships with
ministries and charitable organizations globally and has reserved a share of
their token supply to support community development projects globally.

Covenant Ministry is building a Christian cryptocurrency community across
various social networks and, through its token launch, NFT’s, and additional
projects, will help to support international community development and Christian
charities worldwide.

Website: https://www.covenanttoken.org
Email: admin@covenanttoken.org