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Amazon Best Selling Devotional We Get You! Inspires with Faith & Hope: Free Download Through June 24, Print Copy Now Available

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – United States—Friday, June 23, 2023

Powerful new devotional compilation features relatable stories of faith and hope, maintains Amazon best seller for three consecutive weeks!

Born from a conference known for its impactful connections and valuable training, comes a captivating new devotional! We Get You! 30 Days, 30 Women, 30 Stories, One God has become a beacon of hope for women everywhere! As a compelling thirty-day devotional, the book brings together the heartfelt stories of thirty Christian Communicator Conference attendees and faculty, sharing their personal journeys of faith, hope, and divine grace.

For three consecutive weeks, We Get You! has held its Amazon best seller ranking, demonstrating its profound impact on readers seeking solace and inspiration. Through “real stories that require real faith,” women everywhere can find sound, biblical truths that resonate with their own lives and circumstances.

Each devotion in the compilation presents an encouraging verse, a personal or Bible-based story, and practical applications of truth. Additionally, the unique format offers four simple prompts for readers to respond through purpose, practice, prayer, and promise, allowing them to incorporate these powerful lessons into their daily lives.

We Get You! is available to download for free on Amazon through June 24, 2023, with the print copy now available for purchase. We Get You! continues to receive rave reviews! Here’s what some of the reviewers have said:

5 Stars –  Great read! Perfect gift book!
“At some time in my life, I have experienced the themes for the stories in this devotional. Each one, whether personal or biblical, is relatable because they speak to what we live through on this earth as women who believe in God. I’ve had to learn about grace, unforgiveness, and faithfulness or about perseverance, patience, or truth. I appreciated the application points at the end of each story to give me something to meditate on before rushing to start the day’s To Do list. The beauty of these devotionals is that they pack a punch in a five-minute read. This book will be the perfect gift for busy women who want to stay connected to God daily.”

Debby Burleson
5 Stars – Powerful Devotional
It’s quickly become my favorite daily devotional book! I look forward to each one every morning. Every story and every scripture speaks to me and is very relatable. I will definitely recommend it to all my friends and will probably go through the devotions again when I finish the thirty days.”

About the Author

This thirty-day devotional is a compilation presented by Athena Dean Holtz and Redemption Press with contributions by thirty women who attended the 2022 Christian Communicators Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. From Tammy Whitehurst, Lori Boruff, Carol Kent, to Janet K. Johnson, to Shelly Brown, to Carol Tetzlaff, and many more, these women all have a passion to point people to Jesus through their stories told from the stage, from their writing, and across the table.

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Suggested Interview Questions

  1. How did the idea for this compilation come about?
  2. Tell me more about what the thrust of the Christian Communicators Conference is.
  3. There are a lot of devotionals available, what’s unique about this one?
  4. You have thirty authors in this compilation. Are they all professional speakers? Can you tell me about some of them?
  5. How does someone become a professional Christian speaker?