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Larry the Christmas Caterpillar

New Release Uses a Caterpillar’s Transformation to Illustrate Gospel Truths for Kids

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – “When Jesus taught His first disciples, He used things they were familiar with, like sheep, fish and bread,” says Alvin Gan of Disciplr in an article entitled “5 Fun Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids.”[1]

Author and graphic designer Jill C. Cox uses the story of a caterpillar who became a house guest in their home in Larry, the Christmas Caterpillar (Redemption Press) to share the gospel truth that we can become new creatures in Christ.

The story was inspired after Cox’s young son Joshua brought a caterpillar into the house, placed him in a jar with a twig to climb on and leaves to eat, and named him Larry. But when his sister enlarged the holes in the plastic atop the jar, Larry inched his way out and found a new home as a Christmas tree ornament on the little tree in their kitchen.

Transforming before their eyes into a green, then black cocoon, Larry emerged into a brand-new creation—a beautiful monarch butterfly. Larry was released to live his new life as God had created him to live.

With luminous and vibrant watercolor illustrations and pleasing rhyming prose, Larry, the Christmas Caterpillar reaffirms the message of 2 Corinthians 5:17, which tells us that when we trust Christ, “old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (KJV). In the story, the young boy even changed Larry’s name to Jerry because he wasn’t the same anymore.

This is Jill C. Cox’s second children’s picture book; the first, If You Give a Rat a Mushroom, was published in 2018. The homeschooling mom of six is a California transplant to a lakeside in Tennessee.

Jill Cox is an author, graphic designer, editor, marketer, and website developer, and she has been an assistant to Brannon Howse of WVW Broadcast Network for ten years. Her first book, If You Give a Rat a Mushroom, was published in 2018. Married to her college sweetheart, Jeff, for almost forty years, Jill has homeschooled their six children since 1996, with one left to graduate in 2028. The Cox family moved from Southern California to Tennessee in 2021, where they have fallen in love with southern life on a lake and enjoy the fellowship and teaching at a local church.

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[1] Alvin Gan, “5 Fun Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids,” www.disciplr.com.

our creative father

New Picture Book Teaches Children About God Our Creative Father

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Long before today’s society began touting the importance of creation care, the Bible proclaimed the value of the natural world. “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it,” declares Psalm 24:1.

Very young children can learn to value God’s good creation and not take it for granted. In addition to taking their children out into nature, parents, other caregivers, and educators can share with them books that demonstrate the diversity and beauty of God’s world.

Tiffany Molden’s Our Creative Father (Redemption Press) seeks to encourage children to explore creation and points them with gratitude toward God as its imaginative maker.

“I always get mesmerized when I take a look around and notice how creative God’s mind really is,” says Molden, a Kansas-based surgical technologist. Through Emerald, her book’s narrator, Molden hopes to prompt in children “an awareness of and insight into things we may take for granted every day.”

On her grandparents’ farm, Emerald discovers so much to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Puffy clouds, juicy fruit, dancing daisies, and playful puppies fill her day. And everything has been made by God, our creative Father. Even a sudden shower can’t put a damper on creation when it’s followed by a glorious rainbow!

Because Our Creative Father is the one who made the heavens and the earth . . . and each of us too. With its inviting voice and colorful illustrations, Molden’s book will help the youngest generation grow into faithful and appreciative stewards of God’s good creation.


A surgical technologist, Tiffany Molden lives in Grandview, Missouri and loves travel, singing, and kids. She volunteers as a praise and worship leader and assists with the children’s choir at her church. Her goal is to point people toward God through her singing, writing, and lifestyle.


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