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Teens can now bring hope and encouragement of the Gospel to their friends “virtually” through the Life in 6 Words app

Dare 2 Share Ministries’ Life in 6 Words mobile app now allows students to share the Gospel in their own words, from the safety of their own homes.

FAITH NEWSWIRE – Arvada, CO— Much has changed in the past few weeks, leaving, many people’s lives in turmoil and confusion. Remarking on how this pandemic has impacted teenagers, Greg Stier, the founder of Dare 2 Share stated, “We are living at a time where teen anxiety and depression are being accelerated like never before because of the Coronavirus pandemic”

Connection is more important than ever, yet harder and harder to find, leaving many people searching for some kind of comfort. With this in mind, Dare 2 Share Ministries has built an Audio Story function into the Life in 6 Words mobile app, so that teens can engage their friends with the conversation that matters most – the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Armed with a way to share their faith in an audio format, this opens up a world of possibilities for students to bring hope to their friends while getting their minds off of their own situation.

Focusing their attention outward can be extremely healthy for students. Echoing this idea, Greg Stier said, “When the Christian teenagers in our youth groups are mobilized to reach out to their unbelieving friends with the message of Jesus, not only do they bring hope to the hopeless, but they grow spiritually in the process!”

On April 11, 2020, Dare 2 Share released its latest update for the Life in 6 Words mobile app with the Audio Story feature that explains the gospel in their own voice to friends across the street or around the world. This latest feature creates an app that gives believing students the tool to engage in spiritual conversations, pray for unsaved friends and family, and set up groups of like-minded teens who all want to bring the hope of Jesus to this world.

“We wanted to give teens a way to have gospel conversations in the midst of this pandemic, and that’s exactly what this new feature allows.” said Debbie Bresina, President Dare 2 Share.

During this time of unprecedented turmoil, people are more open to the good news of Jesus than any time in recent history. Now with the Life in 6 Words app, students can bring hope and encouragement to their world, without having to leave their homes.

The Life in 6 Words app is free to download and can be found on both Apple’s App Store and Google play.

For more information on the organization of Dare 2 Share, visit dare2share.org.

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