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‘So much more than a book’: Anna’s Story inspiring readers to fall in love with God all over again

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – A new book that dissects the story of Anna the Prophetess has received remarkable feedback from readers, with many stating it has dramatically changed their walk with God.

Carol Anderson, who told me she had exceptionally poor English skills before embarking on writing her new book, Anna’s Story – Woman of the Secret Place has achieved something much more remarkable that a book of words.

Instead, Carol has created a book that delves closely into the life of Anna in desperately wanting to know Jesus more closely. Who was Anna? What made her go to the temple? What caused her to come back and stay? What did she experience all those years fasting and praying? What was it that gave her the most incredible relationship with Jesus?

As Carol has shared her book to a wide range of women, they have been overwhelmed with the message inside. In a meeting of Christian women at The Gathering Church in Tweed Heads, Australia, Bev, the host of the meeting, recounted the story of how she shared Anna’s Story with the group.

“The other week, we shared from Anna’s Story,” she recounted. “Oh my goodness; this is not just a book. I’ve read thousands of books in my lifetime and many have impacted me with knowledge – Wow. This tugged at my heart.

“There is such an anointing on this book.  This is so beautiful. It is so inspired by the Holy Spirit. The way the scriptures are weaved in was so clever.  But you could tell it wasn’t just done by a person. It’s amazing. It’s so amazing.”

Bev went on to tell me how it didn’t give her knowledge, but it made her want deeper intimacy with The Lord.

“I just felt myself praying through it all the time,” she said. “It’s remarkable, seriously it’s a remarkable book. As I read it, I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never walked in such depth about this’.  This is remarkable and is a passionate love story that as it unfolds, it seriously inspires you to have a love – a romance with the Lord.”

Anna’s Story is a personal journey, which portrays the timeless plans of God our Father and His Sacrificial love for each and every one of us.

As one reader stated, “As I was reading this book, I quickly discovered it was not just a story but an experience with my heavenly Father. For me it was a journey of His heart drawing me into Him.

“His healing power washing over me as the pages drew out pain that had been hidden deep below. The author of this book is a precious vessel that carries the intimacy of God in her Spirit. That very spirit flows through this book as you read it.”

Anna’s Story, published by Ark House, is now available globally.