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New book seeks to preserve American liberties for posterity

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – The struggle for freedom in prerevolutionary Boston—by real people with hopes, dreams, and families—is eerily similar to what Americans have faced in the opening decades of the twenty-first century.

For historical fiction readers and lovers of American liberty, author Cam Molineux presents a fascinating tale of a nearly forgotten historical figure. Her distant rabble-rousing relative William Molineux fought for patriotic freedom even before the Revolutionary War began.

“Between 1768 and 1774, Molineux was behind only Samuel Adams in importance as a Boston organizer.” ‒J. L. Bell, Boston historian, boston1775.blogspot.com

“With the exception of Samuel Adams, no name is oftener found, in connection with the public acts of the day, than that of William Molineux, and his death . . . was a great loss to the patriot cause.” ‒Francis S. Drake, nineteenth-century historian

After years of research at more than fifty repositories in multiple colonial states and across the Big Pond, Cam Molineux began to understand the significant role her ancestors played in American history. As a result, and coupled with her concern for mounting attacks on American freedoms, she wanted to use stories to remind others what the Founding Fathers believed was worth fighting for.

The Spirit of a Revolution is the only novel about Samuel Adams’s right-hand man, William Molineux, written from a family-friendly perspective. Through the eyes of this little-known patriot in America’s founding history, readers will learn the importance of taking control of their own destiny.


Award-winning author and speaker Cam Molineux wants to help Americans understand and fall in love with their history. With genealogical ties to and a shared patriotic spirit with The Spirit of a Revolution’s protagonist, she is uniquely qualified to tell his story. Her articles have appeared in an international publication for those with ties to the Molineux family tree. Learn more at www.cammolineux.com.

For review copies and media interviews, contact cam@cammolineux.com.