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Money Is Easy – New Biblical-based picture book for kids available for pre-order

FAITH NEWS SERVICECan I get a bike? No. Can I get an old bike? No. Can I get some candy? No. Can I get some ice cream? No. Can I geta …? NO! What do you think, child? Money grows on trees?

Sound familiar? Parental guidance has provided a misconception that money, in general, is difficult, or in some way impossible, or out of reach. Conversations about money seemed taboo and only caused arguments between adults. The term invest was way out there in outer space for rich people, and the words tithe and give were for preachers trying to get money.  Schools did not teach money management, and society preached go to school, get an education, but go into debt doing it, then intern, then work years and years to pay off your debts.

The Church preached money is evil and skipped over talking about finances, as not to seem like they were trying to steal from people. It’s a never-ending cycle that millions believe and have been sucked into.  The world’s system is designed to lure individuals into debt and hyper-consumption; hence good and hardworking people look unto to man, the government, and loans from banks as their ‘source.’ Although some of those things can be great bridges, it should not ultimately be a final destination. Sadly, it is safe to say that when you are born in the US, you are born into trillions of dollars of debt. It’s time to uproot such ingrained ideologies. Therefore, meet Money Mike, a super cool animated tree with hidden messages on his money leaves that reveal Biblical secrets to success.

MONEY IS EASY, the first of the four-book series is a bright and engaging Christian-based illustrated children’s rhyming book that debuts Money Mike branching out with the message, “Money is as easy as counting one, two, three!” Money Mike interacts with a young boy and girl, showing them his money leaves that have unique lessons and values of how to TITHE, SAVE, INVEST, GIVE, and stay out of bad debt. He explains three easy steps that reveal secrets to success to making money grow, like the leaves on his tree, and involves the kids to do what he teaches. Added features include a glossary of finance terms and scripture references to engage families in becoming familiar with financial vocabulary and learning more about scriptures that back up money prospering principles.

The lack of teaching and discussing finances, especially in the Church, is the driving force behind Charles and Angela Todd, the creators of Money Mike & the Gang.  As prayer team leaders who have had their 501c3 ministry since 2006, Todd WorldWide Ministries, the two biggest prayer requests in the Church the Todd’s continually experience are for health and finances. Furthermore, secular news has published articles that have headlined, “75 percent of Americans are winging it when it comes to their financial future.” It is the Todd’s passion to correct a very big problem that kids and parents need help with today.

Charles Todd, states, “While teaching ten-week financial courses on money management, all I kept hearing in the beginning from our students was that money was so hard. And it isn’t! Once we got a hold of the simple principles Money Mike teaches, we started to prosper more and more in our later adult living and were livid that we didn’t have this knowledge as kids! Hence the title Money Is Easy because it really is easy once you implement the simple steps.” Angela Todd adds, “Adding a supernatural Biblical base to just basic natural principles that govern market increase enables the door to open to be a blessing to your children’s children. It’s time to break the cycle of kids having to take care of their parents.  It’s the job of the parents to leave an inheritance for their children’s children.  And that is Bible!” The Todd’s practice what they preach.  Not only are they a living testimony of God’s faithfulness from once being bankrupt, but also have amazing testimonies from their students and those they’ve prayed with that have had miracles, breakthroughs, and abundance changing the course of their financial future.  In closing, the Todd’s both proclaim, “To God be the Glory!”

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