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unwanted no more

New Release Shows the Power of Redeeming Love to Transform an Ugly Past

FAITH NEWS SERVICE – Enumclaw, Wash.—A preteen shattered by a sexually abusive father and an absent mother, B.J. Garrett was left unprotected, and unloved. Unwanted by the people who should have loved her most, she found herself wanted by the wrong people for the worst reasons.

In Unwanted No More: From Exploited to Embraced by God (Redemption Press), author B.J. Garrett vulnerably shares her search for self-worth that led to sexual promiscuity and unplanned pregnancies, and a trail of broken relationships. After losing everything in a house fire, B.J. turned toward God. With the shadow of shame lifted by her newfound faith, B.J. made a startling discovery—she’d been wanted all along.

B.J. Garrett tells her story with soul-searching vulnerability and transparency. In full-time ministry since 2004, she is the executive director of Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education (CARE) in Tyler, Texas, where she had been a client herself in need of post-abortion healing. Garrett says, “Regardless of what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, there is hope and redemption in a relationship with Jesus.”

Unwanted No More reminds readers they can experience unconditional, love, and a life of purpose. B.J. Garrett says, “I need women hurting from their past to understand they are not alone, and that there is nothing too ugly for them to overcome. Their life matters.”

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For more information, contact author BJ Garrett: me@bjgarrett.com, phone 903-360-4093.
Web: bjgarrett.com

Author Bio
B.J. Garrett is a fun and energetic speaker and author. Full of joy and passionate about helping others, B.J. has served on numerous non-profit boards of directors and administrative teams and has served in full-time ministry since 2004. Student ministry, women’s ministry, missions, and abortion recovery are closest to her heart. BJ has been involved with Christ-centered Abortion Recovery & Education (CARE) since the spring of 2012, and has served as the executive director since June 2016, initially becoming involved with this ministry as a client in need of post-abortion healing.

BJ is a graduate of the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary in Jacksonville, Texas, loves to teach Bible studies, and welcomes any opportunity to share her personal testimony of redemption from a childhood full of abuse, teen pregnancy, working as an exotic dancer, and overcoming the wounds caused by her two abortions. Passionate about serving in missions, she has been able to share her testimony of restoration and abortion recovery as far as Uganda and Cuba.